Väkst – The Enchanting Copenhagen Restaurant

There are very few restaurants that aesthetically catch my eye. I have to admit that I’m totally one of those people who believes that a well designed space adds to the dining experience. I can definitely do hole in the wall restaurants, but at the end of the day, I need a little charm. Meet Väkst – the enchanting Copenhagen restaurant. Or so what I’ve been calling it. It was one of the only must eat restaurants on my lists during my visit to Denmark, and you’re about to see why.

Väkst - The Enchanting Copenhagen Restaurant

Väkst is unique. Nearly everything you’ll see inside this restaurant is made from something recycled or re-purposed. However you’d never know that’s the case. Everything from the lush plants to the wood tables are elegant and Nordic looking. This restaurant also has a second story downstairs, which instantly creates a more moody and urban atmosphere. In order to get downstairs, you enter through a greenhouse with plants suspended above your head. The greenhouse also consequently serves the purpose of creating some privacy while dining upstairs, since it splits the room in half.

Väkst - The Enchanting Copenhagen Restaurant

I didn’t get to dine downstairs, as I went for lunch instead and I wanted a warm and sunny space. Upstairs (which is the level you enter on) is perfect for a day date. Even going by myself, the staff were warm and friendly and I never felt awkward. Now, dining alone for a whole week is another story. Nordic touches finish off the rest of the decor. Think string lights, dainty vases, quality wood, and lots of neutral colours.

I actually think I felt my heart skip a beat while reading this quote from the owner, Torben Klitbo:

“It was about designing a restaurant that creates an atmosphere which compliments and enhances the experience of the food we serve.”

This is precisely what I look for when I visit my coffee shops on all my travels. It’s not enough to have a great cup of coffee (unless it’s breakfast in bed). Rather the design should compliment the experience and coffee. I get suggested to visit quite a few coffee shops on the basis of great coffee, but then the aesthetic often just isn’t there. I’ve never quite found an elegant way of putting it, but there you have it! Väkst is certainly complimentary to the wonderful dishes they serve.

Väkst - The Enchanting Copenhagen Restaurant

Väkst - The Enchanting Copenhagen Restaurant

Väkst - The Enchanting Copenhagen Restaurant

Väkst - The Enchanting Copenhagen Restaurant

Väkst - The Enchanting Copenhagen Restaurant

Their main focus is on seasonal vegetables and quality meats. I think we can all agree that most restaurants are moving towards locally sourced food of high quality. At least if they want to attract the trendy millennial crowd, who pretty much invented the term ‘foodie’ (raises hand). I had a go at the veal ribeye, which came with their take on a small salad. It was seriously delicious and very satisfying despite how minimal the plates looked. I paired it with a white wine, and then an apple dessert which consisted of salted caramel, pound cake, and schnapps.

“We wanted to recreate the mood that surrounds a garden party.” – Torben Klitbo

It was a seriously amazing lunch experience. I even admired their carafes, which were the epitome of Scandinavian minimalism for dining. They were stunning. If you’re in the mood to dine at possibly the only restaurant with a green house, then you cannot pass up Väkst. I left full, I spent little (by Copenhagen standards), and I had an amazing dining experience, complimented by the environment.

Väkst - The Enchanting Copenhagen Restaurant

Väkst - The Enchanting Copenhagen Restaurant

Väkst is a great alternative if you cannot afford the option of Noma, one of the world’s best restaurants (literally). My bank account cringed a little, but maybe someday! Väkst will have you wondering how you just ate one of the best meals of your life, for such a great price.

What is your favorite thing about this restaurant? Are ‘planty places’ a thing now? What’s your take?




  1. Yep, it definitely looks like this place nailed it on both aesthetics and the actual food. The atmosphere just seems amazing! Noma sounds rad but that price is crazy! Like you said, maybe someday!

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  2. The food is as gorgeous as the place. I am amazed at how you find all these beautiful places to eat at (especially coffee shops). I’m still too busy to plot my personal coffee shop tour around Manila but I will soon. There are already a couple of coffee shops I’m planning on visiting and I hope they won’t disappoint me. The problem with some coffee shops I’ve previously visited is they have focused more on the aesthetics (usually themed coffee shops) and eventually fails my palate. Glad to know that aside from this being such a beautiful place, the food has also met your expectations. 🙂


    1. Haha thank you Gellie! Lots o research. I agree that’s a bummer when a coffee shop goes over the moon with aesthetic, but then their coffee is lacking. I think there definitely needs to be that balance of both! I didn’t make that very clear, but I totally agree. I definitely don’t want to be drinking coffee grounds or anything haha.

  3. Love the combination of the plants, the rustic wood, and the exposed brick wall!! I love good food but having a complementing interior definitely elevates the dining experience! Plus it makes for great IG photos!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  4. I have to admit that I’m a picky eater so I doubt I’d eat the items you photographed but I love the whole concept of this place. The sustainable emphasis is really cool and I like that they put a lot of thought into the atmosphere they wanted to create around their food.


    Violet Roots || Instagram

    1. Haha I am like the least picky eater! But I totally get it. They really did create a gorgeous atmosphere. It would even be nice to just go for a glass of wine (or three). 😉

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