Trip Planner

Vacation planning stressing you out? It’s definitely not easy to handle all the small details of a trip that make it really remarkable. Your favorite bloggers and Instagrammers make it look so easy too! Say hello to your new trip planner.

What I Offer

A research-less vacation that’s hand picked for you and tailored to your personality, all while hitting the insider spots and avoiding the tourist traps. Basically, you get to experience vacation like a travel blogger!

How It Works

You tell me where you want to go, I do the research based on your interests and likes, and you get to enjoy a unique vacation free of uncertainty! It’s that simple. I will send you a small questionnaire to get started, so I can get to you know everything about you from what you like to eat, to what type of activities you enjoy. This works for solo travelers, families, friends, or couples.

What It Costs

After a lot of thought, I decided it was most efficient to charge per planned day. I charge $29 per day. I can create any perfect day for you, whether it’s only a single day, three days, or your whole trip. This also leaves your trip open for some spontaneity!

Why Trip Planning

With this blog continuing to grow, I started thinking of ways to monetize it. I wanted to avoid advertising at all costs because I value user experience, and frankly, I just don’t prefer looking at ads on blogs. Advertising is typically the next step once you have a successful blog, and while the future is still open, for now it is not for me. Trip planning is a way for me to monetize my blog, without sacrificing the aesthetics for a few advertising dollars. Not too shabby of a plan eh?

Also I am totally weird and love researching and planning people’s trips! It’s sort of a hobby.

A Few Last Things…

I am not a travel agent. I do not book airfare or hotels for you (though I can provide a list of recommended Airbnb’s based on your preferences). What I am is an expert in finding you the perfect spots based on my knowledge of traveling, combined with your likes and wish list. Think of me as a master researcher. I can help you plan the very best vacation based on what you like.

Are you ready to travel like a travel blogger? Contact me at or by using the contact form below. I will return all emails within 24 hours!

Happy Travels!