9 Tips on How to Take Amazing Travel Photos for Instagram

I get asked a lot about travel photos on Instagram, so I decided I wanted to gather a few quick tips for my readers on how to take amazing travel photos for the gram! We all want amazing travel photos, and if we didn’t take the photos, it didn’t happen, right?

It can take months or even years to find the photography and editing style that suits you, while also appealing to other Instagrammers as well. The photos you take aren’t just about you, and they must captivate your audience enough to keep them coming back. In essence, you need a healthy balance. That leads us in to my first tip below!

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Not Every Photo is Good Enough

It just isn’t. No matter how good you think the photos is, you must consider your audience. I would suggest not posting anymore than three photos a day while traveling, so the photos you choose have to be the very best of the best. Try to post photos that are different from each other, so you don’t have a clump of the same church. So that means out of the 30 or so photos you grabbed of the Notre Dame, you have to narrow it down to one. Good luck!


Stick to a Schedule

Posting to Instagram can be quite tricky while traveling because you never know when you’re going to have wifi. On my last trip I stuck to a posting schedule that worked great. I would do all my editing at night when I got home from the day and I would pick out my best three photos. The next day I would wake up maybe five minutes early and post my first photo of the day while I had wifi in the Airbnb. While you’re out and about for the day, stop at a cafe for a midday coffee and post your next photo ( I mean a person’s gotta have their coffee anyway right?). Then in the evening, post your third and final photo and get to editing for the following day!


(I love photographing coffee shops and buildings)

Define What You Like

What do you like to photograph? Ask yourself what people will come to your Instagram for. Will they come to see landscape shots of Scotland? Will they come to see your foodie adventures in Prague? Or will they come to see candid photos of Parisians? Generally speaking, photos with people in them do much better, and especially when it’s a landscape. People can see photos of Paris anywhere, so give them a specific reason to come to your Instagram.


Stick With a Style

Once you’ve defined what you like taking photos of,  it’s important to set an editing style for yourself. Once you’ve found the way you like to edit, stick to that style and don’t diverge. You’ll find that every photo you take won’t necessarily fit with your editing style, and that’s just the reality of it. I’ve spent 20 minutes on a photo trying my hardest to get it just right, and in the end I just couldn’t post it because it wasn’t cohesive enough. I think there are certain exceptions, but if you can’t edit a photo to cohesively fit your grid, then don’t post that photo.

Get Some iPhone Equipment

There are so many sticks and portable tripods out now, and a lot of them are affordable! I would recommend this portable tripod. Also get yourself a good camera remote. There are lots of attachable lenses out on the market that can attach to your iPhone for even more stunning photos.

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Venture Off the Beaten Path

If you really want to capture those interesting and rare photos for your Instagram, I suggest doing a little wandering. As much as people want to see the Eiffel Tower, it’s also something they’ve seen a million times. So give them something different by following those cobblestone streets and photographing that cute cafe tucked away in the corner. I like using Townske to discover neat little places to photograph.

(Psssst, I wrote a guide on Prague here)


(A different perspective of Prague Castle)

Be Different

Search a few hashtags on Instagram, and you’ll likely see the same photos at the same angles and perspectives. A lot of people see things the same way, which is natural. The photo I took above was entering Prague Castle and I really wanted to capture a different angle and vibe. It also has a few people in it which is a double check! And my mom is in the foreground (hey mom!).  Think outside the box for a unique photo. Play with the angles and perspectives and you’ll get something magical and different.


Bad Weather is an Opportunity

Want to really grab that ‘different’ photo? Be sure to see bad weather as a great photo op. Do keep safe obviously and use your best judgment. I personally like checking the weather ahead of time, or heading out when clouds start to roll in just before it rains.


Ask a Friend or Stranger

The classic selfie! Okay, more like a ‘helpie’ (yes that was a really bad joke that I’ve just published). Don’t be afraid to ask someone to grab your photo for you and in a certain way, like if you want your back facing them. If you’re not traveling solo, have a friend do it. These type of photos do really well on Instagram and make for great memories of you on your trip. So it’s a win win! Don’t be embarrassed to ask and be confident.


Hopefully you found some of these tips helpful! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time. Instagram is obviously fun and not to be taken too seriously, but these tips will help take you to the next level if you’re seeking more followers. Find a style that’s right for you and be different.

If you have any questions about your Instagram and what you could be doing differently, leave a comment below! I would be happy to check out your Insta and let you know my honest thoughts. Ready for your next adventure yet?

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  1. I Absolutely loved this post! I will be going on vacation next month and need all the help I can get! I found your tips unique and very useful, especially looking up hashtags to see what other people have photographed and trying to photograph something similar but with a different perspective.

    I’m wondering if you’ll ever share you photo editing apps or filters you use?? I love them too!

    xoxo Rina

    1. Yay, I’m so glad you liked it Rina! I use Afterlight and then finish my editing with some of the Instagram tools. I prefer a lower saturation and high contrast. When I use a filter, I only use one and I usually don’t have it full blast. I don’t like over-editing, so I try and keep it simple. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the tips! I actually sometimes make the mistake of posting a lot of photos when I’m on travel. I guess I get too excited to share them in Instagram. I’m still currently finding the style that will suit my personality best. Will experiment a bit on my next trip. πŸ™‚


    1. Welcome! I used to post a bunch of photos too and all at the end of the day haha. It can be hard work actually putting in the effort to hold back and plan out your posts.

  3. The classic “helpie” joke made me laugh! Can’t believe I haven’t been following you on insta- have to say you have such a unique grid. Love it.

  4. Love your photos. I love trips, but i have no much money and time. I need to support my family by my work. I adore of you, who can go to some places where you wan to go. I just can go to some places with several days every year. Love your lifestyle.


  5. I really struggle to post pictures on IG whenever I am away on a vacation but I love your tips on sticking to a schedule! Taking as many pictures as possible in the day, editing at night when back at hotel an then post it the next day makes so much sense than posting there and then.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Exactly! It definitely takes the ‘nowness’ or ‘insta’ out of Instagram. But I think that’s been long gone haha. It’s all about planning!

    1. Thanks Christina! I just followed you too, yay! It has taken me a long time to ‘stick’ to a theme haha. Even then, some of my photos are still slightly different. It’s so hard because I think creative people understand that every photo sort of has it’s own story and uniqueness. So it’s hard to make everything cohesive and visually appealing! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much! I totally agree that sticking to a style/theme is key. It can be super hard sometimes! We all have those photos we love but just don’t make the cut.

    1. Oh no! It definitely requires some saving and discipline, but there also less glamorous options (like hostels) that can really cut costs. Hope you get to travel again soon!

  6. I really enjoyed reading this. I just set out and am traveling all over Europe so my feed definitely has more of a travel vibe going on. I would love if you could check it out and let me know what you think but I did take away from info from this post that is really helpful!!

    1. I just messaged you back on Insta! I LOVE your feed. I like how dark the blacks are, and how there is this real old world charm to your photos. Definitely like that you don’t over edit. Everything seems very real and your angles are fab. Seriously, you have a great eye!

    1. Yay! So glad you like them Jen, and thank you! Have a fantastic trip with your mom. Mom and daughter trips are always the best. πŸ™‚

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