The Top 3 Things Millennials Can do to Travel More

Millennials make, on average, $35,592 per year. While we’re still better off than most of the world, it’s safe to assume we’re not staying at the Hilton and yachting around the French Riviera every month. Craving adventure and being able to explore new countries isn’t something that’s new to our generation; it’s a necessity, even over buying a new car or saving up for a home. Of more than 83 million millennials in the U.S., 100% say they have traveled in the past year. Let me say that again: one hundred percent. The statistics are insane, but yet, we’re still struggling to travel more.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes it’s a battle inside. For me, I used to wonder if maybe I was being too greedy. I would think, “Two countries a year? Is that too much? Shouldn’t I feel a little guilty spending that money?” But we shouldn’t feel guilty for making traveling a priority. Most of us want to travel more. So, if you feel like you’re all set and you’re satisfied with where you’ve been able to travel to so far, then move along. This ain’t for you. But, if you want to learn how to travel more as a millennial, then you’re reading the right editorial. Here are the top 3 things millennials can do to travel more.

The Top 3 Things Millennials Can do to Travel More

Deals Deals Deals

I cannot stress enough how important is to find good deals. As millennials, we’re constantly on our phones using social media or checking our imploding inboxes. What’s another email to us, really?

Use Google Flights (it’s the best one I’ve found) to create flight notifications that get sent straight to your email. That way you’re notified when prices drop on flights to a specific destination. Do this early in your planning too. I will create notifications almost a year out to keep track of prices. This is how I was able to score a $430 flight to Iceland during the best month to visit ($400 saved) and a $900 flight to Greece during the height of the summer tourist season ($500 saved). With a total of $900 saved, I can buy two tickets to Cuba right now. Perspective!

The Top 3 Things Millennials Can do to Travel More

Get Rid of Your Takeout Apps

This one hits hard, I know. Grub Hub, UberEats, Postmates, I have them all (which I am totally embarrassed to admit). We millennials love our takeout that we can order straight from our phones. But just think of all the money you spend by ordering through these apps. Heck, think about all those delivery fees and minimums; a thought that’s really guaranteed to make you sick to your stomach.

You can save a ton of money by ditching these apps and eating food at home. In fact, a lot of millennials are already on board with this. In a survey from Topdeck, 60% of millennials say they would sacrifice delivery and takeout food to save up for a trip. So I am not totally crazy you guys! Delete your takeout apps and filter that money into your travel piggy bank.

The Top 3 Things Millennials Can do to Travel More

Get a Side Hustle

I know, the notion of the ‘side hustle’ is getting a little out of control now, so call it what you will. But, if you have a talent, don’t let it go to waste! According to the New York Post, one in two millennials (that’s 50% of millennials for those of you who hate to math) have a side hustle. That’s insane!

You don’t have to work weekends or work yourself to the bone, but freelancing by using the skills you’re already good at is a no-brainer. To find work, try searching around on Facebook for groups that fit your clientele. Request to join those groups and then when someone is asking for advice or help with services, that’s your cue to insert yourself. It’s so easy to find work in Facebook Groups!

Will these three things get you officially ready for the French Riviera? Eh, probably a little too intense, but I like the ambition. However, these three things will certainly get you ready to take multiple trips to Europe every year; every millennial’s dream.


  1. Great tips! Umm! Got to admit, I too have a few takeout apps installed! But unsure if that helps a much! AND yay! I too sometimes get that thought stuck in my mind of traveling abroad twice in a year! It’s of great expense!!!! 🙁

    Xoxo Babita

    1. It really is! I think that’s why I feel guilty about it sometimes. But they do say that buying experiences gives you so much more in return, than buying things.

  2. These are three really nice tips on how to be able to travel more. It is so much fun to see different countries, taste various cuisines & meet new people!

  3. 2 travels a year is not being greedy, love the thought of it and I would exactly do the same if I don’t have little kids to drag along. So do it while you can. I love the idea of ditching the takeaway apps, I don’t use them too.

  4. I love this! It’s kind of hard to travel a lot when you’re in your 20’s and all. Taking advantage of deals is so important – especially when you plan strategically and travel during off-seasons. What if our off-seasons become a busy season?! I agree with the takeout apps! We don’t see the cost adding up – and can get suckered by the free delivery option. Thanks for sharing this! Hehe, I know we can cut cost from avoiding freshly made Starbucks drinks everyday XD.

    Nancy ♥

    1. Haha yes! That’s a big one for me too. Those Starbucks drinks are sooo expensive if you think about it. If you get a fancy one, it’s about $5 a day. That would be like $80 a month! In three months, you could buy a ticket somewhere. Crazy.

  5. We’re definitely of the same train of thought when it comes to travel! I’m always looking for more ways to travel and as painful as it is to do at the time, freelancing has really helped me save for a few trips while we’re in New Zealand!

    Musings & More

    1. Agreed. Freelancing is such a great way to make extra cash. And it’s not like you have to go all out and start a business.

  6. Deals is everywhere when it comes to travelling. I’m always on a lookout for a good travel deal and I’ll definitely sacrifice a takeout for a trip. One of the reasons I started blogging is that I could gain a bit of money to travel and maybe even score a good collaboration offer for it, haha.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  7. YES, Google Trips is my go to for flight deals! I always find a few flight options, track them, and the second they drop I pull the trigger!

    1. Yes!! I actually mislabeled it. I meant Google Flights, but I think that’s what you meant too haha. But I seriously love that thing.

  8. Great tips Emily! I’m pretty good at not using any takeout apps at all but I’m spoiled right now to be living with my mom so she pretty much does all the cooking hehe.
    Multiple trips abroad sounds good to me! Before I would barely manage to afford just one a year.

    1. Haha right? I miss living with my family! The food is always so much better. Are you ever going to head back to Italy? I still need to visit you someday! haha.

  9. This is an exceptional post and I’ve learned a lot reading it, Emily. We definitely shouldn’t feel guilty for making travelling a priority. Life is all about the memories and experiences we make!

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