Happy September! I refuse to state the obvious about how fast time has been moving. Instead, let’s get straight in to some very exciting news!

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Estrella from La Casabloga. Of course not only yesterday, as we chatted over email for a few weeks to come up with a collective idea. From there we settled on bringing you tips on how to make the most out of your time abroad. Estrella lives in Rome and has some great advice! I think we made an excellent team, so definitely check out our post: How to Fully Enjoy Your Experience Aboard. P.S. Estrella seriously has the most lovely Instagram

Speaking of Instagram, your weekly Instpiration awaits:

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Last weekend my parents came in to town and we all went to breakfast and then to IKEA for the day. Yes we spent nearly the entire day there. Then we headed to In n Out Burger for a much needed lunch break. I got a few random items and some picture frames for my travel wall in my home office. It’s basically a wall dedicated to all the places I’ve been, with various black and white prints. Also you have no idea how freaking hard it is find 5×5 frames (or maybe you do?). I’d like to add ‘decent looking’ to that description too. The hunt continues…

I also added some plants to our front entrance! I still cannot believe the cute pots I found at Home Depot. Of all the places for modern items, I wasn’t expecting that. I guess I am going through a little bit of a home phase. Though I definitely need to start looking at my travel budget again, which I’ve put a little dent in to (oops).

IKEA Home Decor - Coat + Coffee

IKEA Home Decor - Coat + Coffee

What’s up for next week? I have lots of ideas waiting in my back pocket, which has to be the best feeling. I find it’s either writer’s block or writer’s vomit, and there is no in between. Do you feel? Thinking possibly my Dr. Dennis Goss Retinol Eye Cream review and a review on a tea house for all my readers who don’t drink coffee! Finally, right!? But I have a few other ideas as well.

Currently I have a lot of products in rotation for testing. I have been using a sample I got of the Philosophy Miracle Worker Cool Lift & Firm Moisturizer, and I really really like it. It actually has a lot of mixed reviews online, but I find myself loving it. Also using the Embryolisse Lain-Creme Concentre which Sephora is finally carrying. I should probably just do a current products on rotation post! Actually, which would you guys rather have? All the current products I’m using in one post, or more in depth reviews one at a time?

Leave me a comment below and have a fab weekend all!



    1. Great to know Shireen! I will definitely consider it, and I totally agree in that I discover a lot of new products this way as well.

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  1. Such a pleasure coming up with the post with you Em! Can’t wait to see all the amazing ideas you have for your blog and how your home decor is coming along. I really love interior decorating but since I no longer have a permanent home anymore, I have to put that on hold right now, haha. Your inspo picture ideas are all so nice and def your style.

    1. Same Estrella! I have to admit I often have the same feelings towards home decor. We don’t own the place we live, so sometimes it seems sooo pointless in decorating it. And then of course I think about the travel money I could be saving instead! Haha. Oy…

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    1. Thanks Carmen! Right?? I wasn’t expecting that from Home Depot, though I grabbed the very last pot!! They went super fast.

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  2. Your IG roundup is lovely, I really liked the mood of the pictures you shared! Also, I see your decor style is impeccable, I’d love to have such a good sense of interior decor like yours! And I hope you find those 5×5 frames you’re looking for, dear. 😉


    1. Hahaha I do the same thing too! I just like being in the store, I can’t really describe it. Glad I’m not alone! I know most people dread going. ;p

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  3. I always get excited when I see bloggers working together so I’ll be reading that post now! I’ve got it pulled up in a tab next to her Instagram and – yes it’s such a nicely curated feed! Also – those popsicles are really pretty – kind of like a galactic swirl.


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    1. Thanks for the support Monika! Collaborations are really fun to do. I had a lot of fun working with her and getting to know her. And yes, those popsicles are BOMB. So galactic looking. Wish I knew how to make them!

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  4. OO I can’t wait to see what you come up with your collaboration with Estrella. I wish we had IN N Out where I live.. I probably would weigh 200 lbs! I could easily spend the day at Ikea too! I love looking at all the showrooms. I wish I could bring one of the decorators home with me to set up my space!

    xoxo Rina

    1. Thank you Rina! Our collab is already up, so definitely check out her blog. OKay, ending self promotion now (haha)… Hope you have a great weekend lady!

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