The Best Countries to Visit if You Love Coffee

Every country has their own history of coffee consumption. Some are more rich in history than others, and some are just on the brim of creating a fantastic coffee culture. If you’re like me, then you appreciate planning a few amazing coffee shops to visit every time you travel. But what countries are the best choices for coffee lovers alike? Here are the best countries to visit if you love coffee.

The Best Countries to Visit if You Love Coffee


When you think coffee, you don’t really think Japanese. But Japan is probably the most remarkable country, because they have really begun to form their own coffee culture. The Japanese coffee scene is cool, effortless, and artistic.

Japan now ranks a mind blowing third in total coffee consumption among importing countries. These guys not only know good coffee, but they have a mean pour as well. The current 2nd place World Barista Champion is from Japan. Another winning barista, Junichi Yamaguchi, does memorizing pours on his Instagram.

The Japanese are also turning heads with their inspiring take on a clean and modern atmosphere. If you’re ever in Kyoto, stopping by the amazing %Arabica coffee is an absolute must. Interior goals for days…

The Best Countries to Visit if You Love Coffee


A country after my own heart, Australia is passionate about their coffee. Emerging as a leader in trendy cafe style, Melbourne has put Australia on the map.

It’s no wonder the idea of ‘Aussie-designed’ cafes are starting to not only exist, but pop up in other countries as well. In Australia getting a cup of coffee isn’t about caffeine, rather it’s about the experience and lifestyle. The Aussies make heading to a cafe a part of every day life on the weekends.

In fact, Independent (and good) coffee culture is so established in Australia, that Starbucks had to almost completely pull out of the country. They just couldn’t hack it with their trendy mates!

For my British readers (because I know there are a lot of you), check out the Australian inspired cafe ‘Kaffeine‘ in London.

The Best Countries to Visit if You Love Coffee


The coffee scene in Portugal is way too fun. If you’ve not sipped an espresso before, then get ready to! The Portuguese love their espresso, and unlike Japan and Australia, they have a rare old world charm.

Portugal doesn’t make a fuss over fancy coffee shops and beautifully crafted lattes. Instead, the slow roasted espresso is the center of attention. Often times you will see lots of people meeting up and chatting in coffee shops over a coffee. Their coffee is so good, and will beat out any Italian espresso any day of the week.

In Portugal, an espresso is called a ‘bica’. Supposedly it stands for “Beba isto com açucar,” or in English, “drink this with sugar.” Let me tell you, you’ll want the sugar…

What makes the Portuguese coffee scene so special? The no frill friendly experience of the baristas. It’s like having a coffee with an old friend.

The Best Countries to Visit if You Love Coffee


France is an elegant choice when it comes to countries to visit if you love coffee. I couldn’t dream of leaving them off this list. However, the coffee typically isn’t as good as the experience.

The café au lait is a staple in France, and often drank with breakfast. Everyone should visit Paris at least once in their life and indulge in a café au lait, and the gritty French coffee scene. In recent years there has been movement in the area of independent coffee shops and latte artistry. It’s not early enough to tell if it will be successful though.

But I think what we love about Paris, are the quaint little coffee shops that you won’t find anywhere else in America. It makes France a classic coffee lovers’ paradise.

We’re practically begging Paris to stay this way.

The Best Countries to Visit if You Love Coffee


Italian coffee culture is very similar to Portuguese coffee culture. Whatever you do, don’t sit down. The Italians (along with the Portuguese) prefer to have their espresso standing at the bar. This is something I very much miss and appreciate about these two countries!

One of my favorite things about coffee in Italy is their ‘caffè sospeso’. It’s when you order two espressos, but only drink one and you leave the other for a stranger out of kindness.

Italy is one of the best places you can go if you love coffee. They also invented the Moka Pot, which you’ll be sure to see in households all over the world. I use it to make my café cubanos at home.

The Italians literally drink coffee all day long. What coffee lover wouldn’t want to visit Italy?

The Best Countries to Visit if You Love Coffee


Turkish coffee will always be known as the “milk of chess players and thinkers.” Coffee is taken very seriously in Turkey, as it has a long and rich history. In fact, it even predates Italian coffee.

On of my favorite things about Turkey are their colorful coffee cups. Check out Sezgin Yilmaz’s coffee adventures in Istnabul.

A Turkish coffee actually refers to the way the coffee is prepared, and it’s a little odd. The grounds are mixed with boiling water, and then they are let to settle at the bottom of the cup. You have to make sure to stir every once in a while, or your coffee will become weak.

The colourful coffee cups, and Turkey’s unique methods, make this a must visit for any coffee lover.

These are the best countries to visit if you love coffee. If you prefer the contemporary coffee scene, then Japan and Australia have you covered. Visit the rest for that classic old world charm. May good coffee continue to make traveling easier.


  1. I’ve hears about Japan’s artisan coffee scene, a lot of people roasting their own beans and doing the process themselves. I definitely think Vietnam should be added to the list!! You can get seriously strong coffee, real cheap, and they used condensed milk in it so it’s super delicious

    The Quirky Queer

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Izzy! I agree that Vietnam is a great place to visit for coffee lovers. Unfortunately I was just trying to keep the post concise. But that will definitely be added should I do another. I love all the condensed milk drinks too! 🙂

  2. This is a post for me! I absolutely love my coffee – in Greece, they have so much variety and that’s where I seem to find the perfect coffee no matter what I’m looking for! Hot or cold – with flavours or without, it’s endless!

    Hope you’re well lovely! 🙂

    Layla xx

    1. Oh that’s great news! I am headed to Greece for the first time in a month. I will definitely be tasting their coffee. 😉

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