Take a BITE – A Review of Bite Beauty

Get excited for the creamiest boldest lipstick brand you’ll ever own. It’s called Bite Beauty (or simply just ‘Bite’). This stuff is an absolute dream for any woman looking for a bold pigmented lip. Not only does the color fill every inch of your lips generously, but the shades are so perfectly picked that I found myself wanting them all. Yes, wanting them ALL. That never happens. Even that orange you think you’ll look dreadful in: I wanted it. I am pretty positive I stood at the Bite counter in Sephora for a good twenty minutes trying to decide on the next shade I wanted to buy.


So without further ado, I decided to try their Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Pêche. These are fairly new products which boast the ideal formula of “matte yet moist.” The Pêche itself is described as a warm peach. I have to admit, the color looks quite good on me being a light orange with just enough pink tint. It’s a stunning color!

This Matte Crème Lip Crayon glides on your lips effortlessly. It’s so creamy but without the shine, which is what makes this lipstick a true matte crème.

IMG_2273 (1)


My other favorite by Bite is the Luminous Crème Lipstick in Kir Royal. This is the most beautiful berry red lipstick I have ever worn in my life. It is heavily pigmented and so striking to look at. I believe I wore this to a few holiday events last year. As with the crayon, the product is also super creamy and eagerly glides on the lips. This one is a bit shiny as it doesn’t have that matte finish.


Word on the street is, Bite has a ‘lip lab’ in New York’s SoHo neighborhood where you can go and create a custom color. You’re taken through the entire process of mixing, creating, melting, and cooling. It’s absolutely free, and you are only charged for the lipstick(s) you walk out with. It sounds like an amazing experience.

What do you think of Bite Beauty? Has anyone or anyone you know been to the lip lab in SoHO?!


Bite Beauty

Check out my Instagram for a video of me wearing Bite Beauty!


    1. You will probably want the matte creme lip crayon in Glacé! It is a beautiful mauve, and I ALMOST bought it but went with the orange.

  1. I have never seen this brand in Sephora or even heard of it before! But you’re right, the colors are stunning. I’ll be in NYC for about two weeks in March, so I might have to make a stop at the lip lab to make my own. That is SO cool! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. You should! I totally want to go to the lip lab! I kind of want to book a trip to NY just to do it haha. I never saw them in Sephora until last fall. Before that they never really popped up, but apparently have been a company since 2010.

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