Sunday Riley Saturn Acne Treatment Mask

Acne. It sucks. But do you know what sucks even more? Adult acne. At 29-years-old I find that from time to time I still suffer from breakouts, and it’s always a challenge for me to find a product that actually works. When I saw I would be receiving Sunday Riley’s latest addition to the squad, Saturn, an acne fighting sulfur mask, I anxiously waited for the mailman every day. So, let’s get in to it shall we? Here are my thoughts on the Sunday Riley Saturn Acne Treatment Mask.

Sunday Riley Saturn Acne Treatment Mask


I mean. It’s Sunday Riley, so it’s gorgeous. I am still head over heels for their space-themed skin care line. Others include U.F.O. and Martian, which I am huge fans of in terms of product and packaging. In fact, they recently released a bundle of all three called the Warp Speed Kit (so cute) if you are interested in sampling them all. The green packaging makes for great Instagram photos, and, well, I’ll just let the photos do the rest of the talking…


Sulfur is the main acne fighting ingredient in Saturn. While I hadn’t previously tried too many sulfur-based acne products, to me it works similar to benzoyl peroxide. It really helps to dry out the area. If you have sensitive skin, then this will be an excellent alternative to BP. Other notable ingredients are Niacinamide (helps with redness), Zinc PCA (for oil control), tea tree oil, and turmeric. Overall, it’s a nice product list approved for fighting acne without irritating your skin.

Sunday Riley Saturn Acne Treatment Mask

Sunday Riley Saturn Acne Treatment Mask

My Experience

I used this product for a good three weeks before I felt comfortable writing a review for you guys, just in case. But I can happily report, that I could have written this review after only a few uses. This stuff works great! I used it both as a timed mask and as an overnight mask. My final preference is to dab a little bit on the area affected and let it sit overnight, like I would normally do with benzoyl peroxide.

I will note that BP still always works the best for me. It just depends on your skin. For instance, salicylic acid as a spot treatment rarely works for me. It’s just not strong enough. So far, the sulfur mask has been a nice alternative to use when I don’t want anything too harsh, and it still works far better than salicylic acid for me.

This product doesn’t give a description of how much to use when applying the mask. So, I sort of just go for it! I wouldn’t want to use too much though, because you’d empty the tube pretty fast if you were masking with this regularly. I would also only suggest a use of 3 times per week, and then a spot treatment when you need.

Oh, I almost forgot to hit on smell! Okay, this mask totally smells like Home Depot to me. Yup. The plant/outdoor section of Home Depot. Curious to see if anyone else smells the same thing! I think it smells divine, as odd as my description sounds. Mmmmm.

Sunday Riley Saturn Acne Treatment Mask


This retails for $55 on Sephora, and I’ve linked it above in the first paragraph. I really think this is a decent price when you’re considering it’s a mask. However, I am still a human with a 9-5 job first and foremost, and a trendy shopping-loving blogger second. So, I’d love to see this price come down just a bit. $40 would be amazing!

Would I Purchase Again?

Yes, without a doubt. It’s a great addition to any shelf of acne fighting products in your cabinet. I will definitely be reaching for this once a week.

Final Thoughts

If you suffer from acne, then you’ll love this! This works great for any major breakouts, or just little ones that pop up here and there. I love that the mask is so gentle, yet very effective. It’s easy to use and smells great! Sunday Riley is a brand I am consistently impressed with, and I won’t ever be without her products on my shelf. This one is no exception.

Have you tried Saturn yet? Let me know your thoughts and if you will buy it or pass on it, and why!


Sunday Riley


  1. Thankfully I never suffered from acne, I do get the occasional spots but I have a bad habit of picking so the scar stays forever and then more on my face. I still have not tried anything from Sunday Riley, there are a few things in my list but when I will get to them, I have no idea. One face, one small wallet but a wishlist of a billionaire…FML. LOL!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. Hahaha Shireen! Same here! Why can’t we just have an unlimited supply of money for skincare?? Sunday Riley is definitely worth the purchase if you get around to it! I love Luna. 🙂

  2. I prefer BP for dealing with my breakouts as well, though I’ve also had good results with sulfur via Kate Somerville’s acne lotion. The only thing I can’t stand about sulfur is it’s smell…it smells like rotten eggs and the scent lingers all night. The worst was when I had a spot right next to my nose, haha. That’s awesome that the Sunday Riley product doesn’t smell bad at all, I’d take the Home Depot scent any day! 😛

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    1. Haha that’s what I smell at least! I know everyone is so different with smells. Sulfur can definitely smell bad, I agree. And cheers for BP! It is my lifesaver spot treatment.

  3. I am a really big fan of the look and the brand voice of Sunday Riley however I just can’t get over the price.
    It is sooooooo expensive in oz that I really can’t justify it.
    I will look for alternatives for this that include sulfur too!
    Set to Glow

    1. I totally agree! Paying attention is so important. And yes, if it works it works! And I always spend money on things that work. 🙂

  4. There are so many good things I’ve heard about Sunday Riley! I’ve only tried their luna sleeping oil and while I really don’t like that they added dyes to make it blue, I think it minimized some of the little bumps on my skin that have been there since forever.

    LOL, the scent actually sounds like it’d smell so good! I love the scent of wood and grass and dirt, haha. It seems like Sunday Riley is one of those brands that everyone absolutely thinks is worth the price!

    becky @ star violet

  5. Awesome! I still get acne & have ridiculously sensitive skin. I’ve found a lot of success with sulphur products – peroxide and salicylic acid are both too harsh for me! I’m definitely going to try this, it sounds marvelous!

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