How to Spend 24 Hours in Copenhagen

Only have 24 hours to spend in the beautiful city of Copenhagen? Then you definitely don’t want to waste your time doing mediocre things. I’ve put together a day’s worth of my very favorite sights and eats in the Denmark capital, that will guarantee the very best experience. Here is how to spend 24 hours in Copenhagen!

How to Spend 24 Hours in Copenhagen


Atelier September

Atelier September is a must stop for a charming Copenhagen breakfast and coffee. The interior will have you feeling warm and cozy, and its perfectly reminiscent of Scandinavian design. They have some of the best avocado toast I’ve ever had, and fresh croissants laid out on the counter each morning. Definitely order a cappuccino and settle in with friends as the locals do. Atelier always gets super packed, so you may have some difficulty finding a seat at prime hours. But it’s well worth the experience!

How to Spend 24 Hours in Copenhagen


The Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens in Copenhagen are quite possibly the prettiest spot to enjoy a lovely spring day. You could spend an hour here wandering around the gardens, which make you appreciate the rarity of a garden in the middle of a city. The greenhouse itself is gorgeous and worth a million photos as well. The garden holds the largest Danish collection of living plants. You won’t regret taking a break from the busy city to escape to this beautiful selection of plants.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Copenhagen



The Glyptoteket, otherwise known by its more ‘pronounceable’ name, The Ny Carlsberg Museum, is a stunningly curated museum. It is built around the personal collection of Carl Jacobsen. Their collection of antiquities is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and you can easily spend a few hours wondering the museum and appreciating the beautiful rooms.

They have a lot of old marble sculptures, and an entire section dedicated to the different ancient marble noses (one of my favorites!). If you appreciate Greek and Roman sculptures, stop here. If you appreciate stunning architecture and design, stop here. You won’t regret it! Aside from The Louvre, this is easily the most stunning museum I have ever been to.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Copenhagen



If you only have 24 hours in Copenhagen, then Väkst is an absolute must stop for lunch or dinner. The planty interior really shines during daylight when the sun comes through the windows, so I prefer it for lunch. Väkst is a modern take on traditional Nordic food. The interior is stunning and perfect for some Scandinavian inspiration. Their food philosophy is centered around seasonally prepared vegetables, and high quality locally sourced meats. Have a glass of wine, and enjoy the huge green house they have inside. You will leave happy, full, and having spent very little.

Tip: Check out my full review on Väkst here.


Illums Bolighus

Interior shopping will never compare after you’ve stepped in to Illums Bolighus. This three floor home goods store is a place you can literally spend hours in browsing the very best in Scandinavian design. If you want an upscale experience, this is the place. The customer service is absolutely unmatched as well. Stop here and get some authentic Scandi gifts for your friends and family, and a little something for yourself too. They have the most impeccable gift wrapping at no extra cost. Words of warning: be careful not to buy the whole store!

How to Spend 24 Hours in Copenhagen


The Round Tower

The Round Tower is right around the corner from Illums Bolighus. This is one of the best places in the city to watch the sunset over Copenhagen. It is exactly what it’s called: a round towner. There is a small entrance fee, and you walk up the tower in a circular formation. A few stairs at the end lead you toward the very top, where you’re greeted with the fresh Copenhagen air and beautiful views. Definitely don’t forget your camera, but also relax and enjoy the moment.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Copenhagen


Cafe Norden

Cafe Norden is within walking distance from both Illums Bolighus and The Round Tower. This restaurant serves delicious food and even better desserts. Cafe Norden gives off a classy and beautiful cafe vibe. It’s definitely one of the prettiest cafes I’ve ever been in. There is a second floor as well, with a beautiful winding staircase that leads you up. Here you can also get great views of Copenhagen.

I suggest ordering their burger, which is to die for. They have a huge menu with lots of other delicious options. This is one of those places that gives you food envy, as your eyes wonder the room to check out what your neighbors have ordered. Seriously, you’ll want to eat it all. Don’t skip dessert, and make sure you order a coffee.

Tip: you need to order at the bar here first, then sit down. They won’t come to your table. I waited for 15 minutes before some nice Danish couple told me.

These are things you absolutely can’t miss seeing or eating in Copenhagen. If you only have 24 hours, make it count and use this list as your guide. Could you see yourself spending a day in Copenhagen?


    1. Ugh it’s so delicious! I didn’t do too much eating there, but I ate at Cafe Norden TWICE. That says something haha.

    1. Oh really?? What didn’t you like about it? I’d be curious to know! I have a few places like that on my list that I wasn’t super impressed by. It’s all pretty subjective though. Certain cities just speak to everyone differently! Have a great time lady!

  1. Your posts always appeal to my traveling dreams! All of these things sound like such cool adventures– Also that is def the prettiest green house I’ve ever seen!
    Lovely post!
    Julia |

  2. Oh I absolutely love this post Emily! I’ve been really into booking flights with long layovers so I get the chance to explore a new city, so this guide will be very handy in case I ever have a layover in Copenhagen. Thank you for sharing!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    1. Thanks Jenny! I love long layovers too. Gives you a chance to explore. I can’t stay in one place for a long time, so I love that option!

  3. The botanical gardens would be right at the top of my list for sightseeing should I find myself in Copenhagen. This post is so dreamy (and white!) and makes me want to head there ASAP to explore 🙂

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