San Francisco 2.19.16

Welcome to my Travel Diary! These posts were not intended to be perfectly punctuated. There may be spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and some down right ridiculousness. 

9:30 PM

Writing from my bed in San Francisco. I am so exhausted. I have blisters, a bleeding toe, and every single electronic device I own is charging, zzZzzZZz. Pretty sure I push myself to max every time I’m in SF. There’s no stopping my lightning walk and uncomfortable shoe choice (but at least they were cute).

8:30 AM

This morning my flight got delayed for over an hour. Something having to do with SFO closing a landing strip, so 50 planes were trying to land the same time as us. Needless to say since we hadn’t taken off yet, so they pushed our time back and I sat on the PHX runway for an hour or so. I had planned to hit five coffee shops today, which looking back maybe was slightly ambitious. But I did have a backup plan of ones that I could knock off the list if I didn’t have time. I only made it to three.

When I arrived at The Marker, my room wasn’t ready yet so I headed out asap to Garden Bakery to pick up my beloved pineapple rolls. Seriously, best thing ever. Then I headed over to the Ferry Building to hit the first stop of the day: Blue Bottle. I got an affogato which is a shot of espresso poured over a scoop of ice cream. I walked around a little and attempted to film for the first time which made me feel a little odd. How do vloggers do it?! Do you just eventually get over that fear of people staring at you because you’re talking out loud in to a camera in public? I still feel a little uncomfortable, but it’s kind of fun to get out of my comfort zone and I know I need it.

1:30 PM

After the Ferry Building I hit up Coffee Bar in the Mission. It was so packed! Also, I forgot to mention, by this time it was pouring outside and I had walked what seemed like forever to get there. I stayed pretty dry, but my hair looked like I’d been through a Michael Bay film. Sexy.

I only stayed at Coffee Bar for a few and quickly headed over to Hayes Valley to check out The Mill. I really wanted some time for shopping later (girls gonna girl). However I ended up spending a good 45 minutes at The Mill. I have to say I liked this coffee shop and its atmosphere the best! I sat at the communal table because literally every side table was taken. How do they get those huge a** tables in there anyway? I always wonder that…

I sat by a family who was super nice and we chatted for a bit, and then the guy next to me starting to strike up a conversation. We ended up talking a lot about the definition of happiness and how it related to careers and hobbies. It was nice to have someone to talk to, even if he did make fun of my unhealthy eating habits (I ordered something with sprinkles so sue me).

4:00 PM

My room was finally ready and I grabbed an Uber back. By this time the blisters were setting in. I was upgraded to the junior suite which was nice, and there was a bottle of wine waiting for me in my room. I quickly did a little vlogging and then it was off to Union Square for some shopping. After shopping for an hour or so (for some reason I wasn’t super in to it, which never happens), I headed to my favorite sushi place in the city. Only to find that they were completely full, sigh. I quickly Yelped an Italian place down the street which I settled at for dinner. It as just okay, but for my first actual meal of the day, I wasn’t complaining.

I am so excited to attend the Bloguette’s branding workshop tomorrow! I’m sure I’ll have lots to write then. I also can’t wait to check out Central Kitchen. The decor is so stunning and the food looks even better. Day one in SF complete. Happy Friday, and goodnight.


  1. That was so fun to read! I just got back from SF and my best friend actually lives in the Mission and it felt like I was back there for a second. Can’t wait to read more! (Also, LOVE Blue Bottle! If you get a chance, try Philz. It’s a local chain and it is a UNIQUE experience!)

    1. Aw thank you! That means so much to me! I was just thinking it was such random rambling haha… I LOVE PHILZ!! I didn’t have the change to go this time, but their iced mocha (medium sweet) is the best thing ever. I used to live in the bay, so I went all the time. I miss it sooo much. 🙁

    1. Haha thank you!! It is called Akiko’s Sushi Restaurant and its on Bush and Kearny. I highly recommend it! Freshest sushi and the menu is amazing. It’s very authentic. If you do go, make a reservation ahead of time. The place only fits like 15 people and they are always booked. And they usually won’t let you wait for a table, they just say they are full and you have to leave.

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