Růže Cake House + Teaspressa – Scottsdale, AZ

Edit 1/4/19: Teaspressa is no longer in Ruze Cake House. They now have their very own location that you can check out here!

Okay all my non-coffee drinkers, this post is for you and it’s been a long time coming! This weekend I visited Teaspressa’s very first location with Ruze Cake House in Scottsdale. When I heard about these guys finally opening a location, I couldn’t pass up the chance to take a visit while I had some alone time Saturday morning. A lot of the comments I get from readers are that they don’t drink coffee, but that they wish they did because of the often beautifully designed coffee shops. This place has it all for tea drinkers!


The shop is absolutely stunning. In a way that I wish I could pin the crap out of this place with a few flutters of my eyelashes. Since I am no tea expert, I will mostly be focused on the visual aspect. For all my serious tea drinkers, here is a little bit more information on Teaspressa:

Teaspressa was actually on Shark Tank! I remember watching the episode with my boyfriend before I knew who they were in the local coffee/tea scene. The idea behind their tea is that you make it just like you’d make a coffee drink. The tea is very potent, kind of like what espresso is to coffee (more strong, more potent). It is “tea inspired by coffee,” so you can make lattes, macchiatos , and cappuccinos from it. If you wan’t to find out more, here is a great write up Bustle did of Teaspressa.





I went in on a Saturday morning just after they opened for the day hoping it would be dead so I could grab a few photos. Okay, so I took a million photos actually, and the place already had a few customers! Typical wishful thinking. I ordered a Ruze Latte and it was quite delicious. I just love the idea of feeling like I’m drinking coffee, but I am actually drinking tea. Don’t get me wrong though, I am still a hardcore coffee kinda girl, but this was a lovely change and a take on tea that I’ve never seen before.

Ruze Cake House + Teaspressa is the official store front name, and the two ladies from Ruze and Teaspressa have collaborated to bring to you an absolutely stunning interior. Here you can enjoy sweets and cakes made from Ruze, and then get your tea/coffee fix from Teaspressa all under one roof. I also tried some macarons that were to die for.

Latte at Teaspressa

Latte at Teaspressa

Tea latte Teaspressa

The shop is everything every girl currently wants in life: a crisp white interior with rose gold accents. My favorite part is actually the black menu because it contrasts so well against the rest of the space, and it really pops out at you. A very fantastic design choice! Instagram photos are no problem either. You need not fear getting a to-go cup as their ‘Ces’t La Tea’ phrase makes their cups Instagram worthy. I didn’t have any problem with lighting, though a few shadows seem to leak in from the windows and on to the tables. I just avoided those areas.

coffee accessories

Coffee shop decor Teaspressa

Coffee shop decor Teaspressa

coffee Teaspressa

(that rose gold detail though!)

Everyone working was super friendly and fast to help and recommend drinks. People seemed to genuinely enjoy the establishment, and much to my surprise loved the community table in the center. Super happy I could finally check out a tea place for all my tea drinkers. What do you guys think of this coffee inspired tea place?

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Ruze Cake House


  1. This place sounds amazing, and I’m always opening to checking out new places, not just to hang out (honestly, the aesthetics for this place is on point!) but of course also something good to drink. The whole “tea inspired by coffee” thing is also really cool. Hopefully they’ll open up a location in SoCal; I’d love to try this out!

    Sam | My Beauty Cloud

  2. Wow, this tea shop sounds and looks amazing! First off, I’m a huge fan of Shark Tank, I can’t believe I missed the episode this aired on! Who made an offer, do you remember? Just curious! I love the idea of taking inspiration from classic coffee drinks, using potent tea, it’s genius in my opinion! I’ve never really explored teas, though I’m not opposed to it. I, just like you, tend to prefer coffee. I love the interior design, it’s such a nice fuse of contemporary and modern design, I really love it! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having the best start to your week so far!



    1. They actually didn’t get the deal! They were JUST starting out, so it was understandable. So sad to watch though because they were so great! It really is genius, but also in a way of like “wow why hasn’t anyone ever thought of this before!?” It seems so simple of an idea. Their teas are really really good though. And of course who can avoid an interior like that? Thanks Jalisa!!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Yasmin! The tea totally tastes just like tea. But the idea is that it’s like a ‘tea shot’ instead of an espresso shot. So instead of the whole glass full with tea like a typical tea drink, it’s like a latte with a shot of tea and then the rest is milk. 🙂

    1. Haha yes, please do!! That would be so fun. I think when I went to Paris I LIVED off macarons. My mom was literally disgusted with me… ;p

  3. OMG! The interior is everything! Drop dead gorgeous! I love how fresh and relaxing the colors of white, black and rose gold look against each other. I do drink tea but hot chocolate for me would always win. But if the tea shop looks like that, I would probably go everyday and force myself to drink tea. Haha!

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. Haha thank you!! One of my coworkers today was just telling me that her mom has NEVER had coffee in her entire life. I literally couldn’t believe it. I double checked with her like three times that was a real thing. Crazy!

  4. You drank tea?! I don’t know you anymore, Emily…it’s the end of our relationship. 😛

    Jokes aside, I watch Shark Tank a lot or at least I used to but I don’t recall seeing them. I love the concept though, it’s unique and definitely a place I would love to visit if I’m in the area.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Hahaha I love your humour Shireen. I actually ordered a coffee to go when I was done with my tea! Still got it ;)… They actually didn’t get the offer on Shark Tank so that sucked for them, but it was great exposure for such a new company. I think it was a few years ago now they were on it. Hope you have a great weekend lady!

  5. You seriously have so many nice coffee shops and restaurants in your area! I’m not a coffee lover, nor a tea lover but i tolerate tea a little better. I usually like to throw some ice-cubes in my cup if I’m having one. Loving the decor of this place. How we’re the macarons?

    xoxo Rina

    1. There are a lot of coffee shops out here. We are really starting to get a nice coffee scene going! Finally! The macarons were sooo good. One of them had salted caramel filling in the middle. SO GOOD.

  6. Wow this shop is to die for! You weren’t kidding about pinning this entire shop. I am a hard core coffee drinker myself, but I also do like tea. Such an incredible space and I love that they make their teas like coffee. I definitely need to visit if I am in the area! Thanks for sharing and I also love Shark Tank! xoxo, Christine

    1. Thanks Christine! Glad you liked it. Even though I’ll never give up my coffee for tea, it was a fun change for a day. *goes back to sipping her morning coffee now* 😉

    1. Thanks Josune! I was taking sooo many photos haha. Only a few made the blog because I’m pretty selective, but it’s so easy to photograph!

    1. Isn’t it?! We don’t have too many places like it either. There are a ton of places in LA that have this style! So I’m a little jealous too.

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