Relaxing Weekend At The Strawberry Inn

As Phoenix weather began to sore in to the 90’s this month, I was much due for a cool down. Typically us Phoenicians either head North to Flagstaff, or Northeast to Payson and Pine. There the weather can be about 20 degrees cooler. My invite to stay at The Strawberry Inn could literally have not come at a better time! I accepted pretty dang quickly, and on Earth Day, we set off for a relaxing weekend at The Strawberry Inn.

Relaxing Weekend At The Strawberry Inn

Relaxing Weekend At The Strawberry Inn

I am always hesitant to review places and products, because I won’t just work with anyone. Something has to be really spectacular or catch my eye. If I don’t think I can produce great content from it, then I don’t accept just to get something for ‘free’. After I saw The Strawberry Inn’s website and remodel, I was blown away by the interior design. This was the ‘Chip and Joanna Gaines’ shooting opportunity of my dreams.

We started our drive Saturday afternoon to Strawberry, Arizona. Our check in time wasn’t until 4:00pm, so we left Phoenix around 2:30pm. The drive was quick and I was reminded of how incredibly beautiful it was up north. Driving past all the pines was so calming.

By the time we arrived it was around 4:30pm. Check in at The Strawberry Inn was smooth. They send you a code via email for a lock box that contains your room key. This is what millennial dreams are made of, am I right? You don’t have to check in at a desk, or talk to anyone if you don’t want to. It’s so simple! Just check your email. I personally really appreciate convenient touches like this.

Relaxing Weekend At The Strawberry Inn

After we got settled in and I took a million photos of our room, we headed off to dinner at the local restaurant. A grand debate went down 30 minutes before hand on where to eat. We decided to do the restaurant across the street because we could just walk, since we both wanted some drinks. It was okay food, and definitely did the job since we were starving. Next time I’d probably head the five minutes down the road to Pine for food though. Just some advice from a fellow foodie!

This trip wasn’t about food though. It was about all about getting away from the city and relaxing at The Strawberry Inn. We couldn’t have been happier with the modern boho decor, and spacious room. This place reminded me of two things: an Anthropologie merchandise room display, or a Fixer Upper remodel by Chip and Joanna. Seriously, I couldn’t decide which it was more. Maybe it was the gorgeous white shiplap, or the high-end looking bedding and blankets.

Speaking of the bed… this was our favorite part of our stay. My boyfriend actually made me email the owner to ask about what brand of sheets were on the bed. He couldn’t stop talking about how comfortable they were, and neither could I! We laid cozy in the bed that night watching TV and reading books. It was one of the most relaxing nights I’ve had that I can remember. The bed was literally in every way possible, the star of the show. The sheets were like butter. The pillows were plump and not all dodgy like you get in most hotels. They actually had substance.

Relaxing Weekend At The Strawberry Inn

Relaxing Weekend At The Strawberry Inn

Relaxing Weekend At The Strawberry Inn

Another thing that really made us love our room was how clean everything was. You know when you get to a hotel and you do the pat down of the bed before you climb in? You take out all the sheets just to make sure nothing is ‘hiding’ in there? I never once felt the need to do this. Everything was immaculately clean and in great shape. I really hope they keep this up! Since this place only opened about six months ago, we got pretty lucky since everything is brand new. Hopefully they replace things when the time comes, instead of holding on like a lot of other hotels do.

Besides the best bed we’ve ever slept on and everything being super clean, we also fell in love with the interior touches. I would describe them as being modern boho. There was a lovely tapestry on our wall, and a faux cow skull. It felt like we were in nature, but with all the modern luxuries of a hot shower and comfy bed. The floors were a weathered wood with an ashy tint, that contrasted the white shiplap walls beautifully. There was a little seating area which we also enjoyed as a nice touch.

Relaxing Weekend At The Strawberry Inn

The neat thing about The Strawberry Inn is that there are only right rooms, and they are all unique. Each room is decorated differently, but they all still have that ‘Anthro-Chip and Joanna’ vibe. Dogs are allowed in the four rooms on the bottom floor, which we really appreciated. You can view each room here on their website, and book the one you like the most! I’d recommend room #3 (wink wink).

I would definitely stay here again, as I think it is worth every penny. Can I use my own discount code? Does it work like that? Oh yes, you heard right. I have a discount code for you! If you are interested in staying at this beautiful place in Strawberry, Arizona, use the code #coat&coffee at checkout to receive 15% off your booking.

Book A Room Here

Do make sure you book at least two nights. One night is not enough in my opinion. We left the next morning wishing we had just one more night. Seriously. This is such a great deal for a little weekend getaway, and I am so happy I can give you guys a little discount. Definitely don’t pass this up!

Thank you to The Strawberry Inn for having us! I am officially a customer for life.


The Strawberry Inn


    1. Haha I’ll trade you then! I hate it when it’s this hot already. The decor was definitely the highlight! πŸ˜‰

  1. This sounds like such a lovely place, and I absolutely love Fixer Upper/Chip + Joanna, so now I really want to go there just so I could spend a night in the room πŸ˜€ Did you ever find out what brand of sheets they used? I could definitely use some new sheets for my bed!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    1. I didn’t! She said they were from amazon and she just searched something like “best rated sheets.” I still need to give that a go haha. But seriously, it was the most comfortable bed ever!!

  2. I like how you put it ‘holding on like most hotels do’ and I couldn’t agree more. Lots of hotels desperately need the upgrades but end up looking ‘tired’ and icky. Sounds like you guys had a brilliant stay, Emily!

  3. The Strawberry Inn looks utterly divine – how nice for you to be able to take a break somewhere that doesn’t require a plane to get there! πŸ˜› I love that the rooms are all individual, it makes the trip feel even more special, doesn’t it?

    Musings & More

    1. Yes, definitely! I love the idea of unique rooms. I’d definitely rather take a break by flying somewhere, but I guess that’s just the travel blogger in me! Haha. πŸ˜‰

  4. I can totally relate to appreciating that ‘so clean and fresh’ feeling of hotel rooms. This place looks completely perfect; you always find and share THE most amazing and inspiring interiors on your blog.

    1. Thank you Gabrielle! I LOVE that feeling haha. And I’m glad you like the interiors I share. I only try to go to places I know I will love! πŸ˜‰

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