Playa Del Carmen – 7.4.16

Welcome to my Travel Diary! These posts were not intended to be perfectly punctuated. There may be spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and some down right ridiculousness. 

Happy Fourth everyone! Today I am typing from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, aka ‘Paradise’. I’ve finally found some down time to write a travel diary. Tonight is our last night here and I am so sad! My boyfriend and I haven’t taken a vacation together in a minute, and this was definitely much needed. I will never forget our time here. So many laughs, so many memories made, and so much sunshine. And LOTS of wine.

We had some really great weather. Today was the first day a storm hit and it was really amazing to watch. Since Mexico is getting in to their hurricane season, I was worried we might hit some bad weather, but we managed to have mostly bright and sunny days.

I did manage to relax on this trip, though my love for large cities continues as my ideal choice for a vacation. I relaxed so much in fact that I completely left my Ray Bans at dinner one night, something I would never ever do if I was actually thinking straight. Blame it on the vacation? Goodbye sweet sunglasses!

Tonight we’ll have one last dinner out and enjoy the ocean breeze off the gulf. I am so not looking forward to the flight back. Our flight in was absolutely awful. I made a huge mistake by booking Spirit Airlines. I had no idea they had such awful reviews, and for good reason. As someone who travels quite a bit, I am ashamed I made such a rookie mistake. How did I not even look up the airline for reviews? We went through Expedia so we really didn’t have a choice. But still. Hopefully our flight home is much smoother.

I think I’ve probably taken 400 photos (that’s about 100 photos per day), and have lots of video to look through. While I will definitely miss vacay mode, I can’t wait to get home to my office and computer, and share our trip with you!

Viva la Mexico!


p.s. I will hopefully catch up on all comments when I’m home. Sorry for the delay in response!


  1. Awee, it’s lovely to hear that you had a great time! Sorry to hear about your sunglasses, and I would definitely urge you to read airline reviews before booking (as a person with flight anxiety, it’s on top of my list when going on holiday!)

    Pop over to my blog!


    1. For sure! It was through Expedia, so unfortunately I didn’t have a choice in airline. But had I known how bad they were, I would have gladly booked separate things and payed more money than bundling. Oh well. Live and learn! Thanks Sarah!

  2. It sounds like it has been a fabulously memorable vacation! I’ve been tempted to book Spirit before but have heard such questionable things I can never quite pull the trigger. I feel the same way about WOW Airlines…I want them to be great but am too apprehensive to actually fly them. Looking forward to more pictures!

    1. They weren’t super bad, but just seemed really incompetent. We waited to check bags and get our boarding passes for an hour and a half with literally four people ahead of us only! It was insane. I haven’t flown WOW yet, but they sound similar.

  3. Taking 400+ photos is so easily done when away. Especially somewhere so idyllic! Shame about the sunglasses. That has to be (one of) my biggest fear, leaving something behind. Even something as ridiculous as a pen! That happened last week, I thought I dropped it as I left my car and had major separation anxiety. I also felt like I’d “done wrong” to the pen too. Irrational, I know but thankfully he was waiting for me on my car seat LOOOOL! Anyhoo I can’t wait to see more of these photos though!


    1. Me too! I NEVER leave things behind and I can never relax, so I was joking with my boyfriend that because he ‘made’ me relax I wasn’t tense enough to remember my sunnies! Haha. I totally get what you are saying too. I feel like I let my sunglasses down. Hey, at least they are living the life in Cancun now. πŸ˜‰

      This kind of thinking reminds me of when you were a kid and you believed that your toys and stuffed animals came to life when you left. We just have awesome imaginations as adults! It keeps life fun. Hope you are having a great week Sonia!

    1. Haha thanks Shireen! For the most part I stayed offline. It’s crazy how it’s such a part of our lives! Good advice for my next vacation ;). Spirit is a low budget airline and I don’t believe they fly everywhere yet, so I don’t think a lot of people have heard of them.

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