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Yesterday morning I packed up my laptop, coat and scarf, and I was off to downtown Chandler to try one of the newest coffee shops to hit the scene. Naturally, I had to see what all the fuss was about! I must say I had the loveliest time visiting Peixoto Coffee. From the smiles and beautifully smelling beans roasting in the back, to the lovely interior and breakfast options from small businesses around the valley. This place is an absolute gem, and I get it now!


The first thing I do at every coffee shop is let the barista know I’ll be walking around like an idiot taking photos for a blog. Okay, I omit the idiot part. “MUST SEEM CONFIDENT, EMILY.” I’ve never had anyone turn me down, and I don’t expect I ever will. But I do think it’s nice to let them know and ask them if they mind. And hey, you might even get a few questions asked about your blog. Marketing points!

The Baristas here were super nice; everyone who I made eye contact with saying, “hello.” I ordered a cappuccino (as I always do) and an empanada-looking thing that was stuffed with sausage, bacon, spinach, and a few other things. To me, the cappuccino is the make or break coffee drink. If you can’t make a good cappuccino, then more than likely you have no business making coffee. That sounds a little harsh, but you’ll notice every review I post will most likely include a taste of the cappuccino. It has to be on point. I’ve been disappointed by far too many shops who serve a ‘latte’ and then drop some foam on top. Eeeeek! That was not the case here…



I was very impressed by my cappuccino. The consistency and the ratio of ‘espresso to milk to foam’, was perfectly how I like it. Nice and creamy. The interior was even more lovely! Possibly the best part. I understand why lots of people flock here to chat and enjoy a cup of coffee, because the atmosphere and interior are quite warm and inviting. There is a lovely bar top where you can sit and watch the espresso being made and the latte art being poured. The interior decor harbors a very New York vibe with lots of brick, wood, and black accents. There are a few older antique chairs, mixed with a nice long wood table to congregate at. You know, TALK TO EACH OTHER. I like this because it encourages you to meet new people, especially if the place is packed and you really have no choice but to sit next to someone you don’t know.




I arrived around 8:30 am and proceeded to get some work done from my laptop after I walked around taking everything in. About 30 minutes later, I noticed it starting to get louder. I looked around, and I hadn’t noticed at first, but there were so many people now! The place was very lively. However it’s large enough to not feel cramped and to still get work done above the noise.

Time passed very fast, and suddenly I looked at my Macbook and realized it was time to go. When I left I was exited with a goodbye from one of the Baristas, to which I replied “thank you!” . Maybe it’s the Parisian in me, but I absolutely think it’s necessary to always leave a shop or restaurant by saying thank you. Even if you didn’t buy anything.

Today I am back home writing this from my dim office, missing my own little nook and hot cappuccino at Peixoto Coffee. I cannot wait to return.

What’s your ‘make or break’ coffee drink to order? Leave me a comment below. Suggestions for other reviews are welcomed!

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Peixoto Coffee (pronounced: pay-SHOW-tow)


    1. That’s definitely in my top five! I like that everywhere you go they taste slightly different too, depending on the chai they use. I prefer a sweeter chai.

    1. Oh wow, you’re welcome! What a coincidence that is! I should have a few more coffee shops reviews by then too. But Peixoto is truly charming. Definitely check it out. 😉

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