Ocotillo Coffee Bar – Phoenix, AZ

Edit 1/4/19: Unfortunately since I wrote this Ocotillio Coffee Bar has closed down.

If you live in Phoenix or have been through the area, then you’ve most likely dined at Ocotillo Restaurant. What a lot of people miss is their adorable little coffee bar. I’ve been to Ocotillo Coffee Bar now a handful of times, and it is definitely one of my favorites for a midday coffee break during the work week. I can always count on Ocotillo as a no fuss coffee shop with open seating. I thought it was about time I gave them a good write up!

Ocotillo Coffee Bar is located in downtown Phoenix near the famous Coronado District. This means cute bungalow style homes, that frankly, don’t look like they belong in Arizona at all. Ocotillo Restaurant is quite big. There is a huge courtyard in the middle between the restaurant and the coffee bar, which makes it super unique! The design is absolutely brilliant and perfect for enjoying winter and spring outside.

Ocotillo Coffee Bar - Phoenix, AZ

Ocotillo Coffee Bar - Phoenix, AZ

Ocotillo Coffee Bar - Phoenix, AZ

The coffee bar is a decent size, and has ample seating inside and outside. On one side there is a wall of windows which lets in a lot of natural light. Perfect for shooting. On the other side of the coffee bar is a large open inside/outside marble bar top. I prefer to sit at the marble bar top because you can see everything that goes on behind the counter, and it’s also shaded. So no need to worry about burning in the Phoenix sun! One of my favorite parts is that you can also order from the restaurant’s brunch menu at the coffee bar. Which I always do, naturally.

The design is very minimal and modern. The entire building reminds me of one of those storage containers that people make homes out of. I am not actually sure if it is though, or if they were just going for a rustic minimal vibe. The bar stools and inside bar are all very basic. I love that the inside bar top is a crisp white, which makes for some great photos. The other bar top that I mentioned is marble, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s quite spacious as well. Other than that, most everything is pretty basic and clean.  Though I guess marble is becoming the basic standard these days as well.

Ocotillo Coffee Bar - Phoenix, AZ

Ocotillo Coffee Bar - Phoenix, AZ

Ocotillo Coffee Bar - Phoenix, AZ

Every time I come here the baristas are super friendly and always willing to have a good laugh. The people who work at Ocotillo genuinely seem to enjoy it, which always makes for a great experience. I have had their lattes as well as one of their seasonal flavored lattes, and I was thoroughly impressed. The flavored lattes aren’t super strong or syrupy, which I appreciate. They serve Sightglass coffee which I double appreciate, as it’s one of my favorites from living in San Francisco. I typically order some avocado toast that is very simply prepared, yet to die for. Also, if you love bacon, then order a side of it here. They give you like 8 slices! Just sayin’…

Ocotillo Coffee Bar - Phoenix, AZ

Ocotillo Coffee Bar - Phoenix, AZ

Ocotillo Coffee Bar - Phoenix, AZ

The only negative thing I have to say is that during the week I think they close around 2pm in the afternoon. This totally bums me out because I usually like to have my afternoon coffee around 2pm. Okay, that sounded really pretentious! But, I do like to get out of the office and have an afternoon coffee. Ocotillo is definitely the perfect spot for that, but their hours are a little inconvenient. They do open at 7am though, so if you’re an early riser you’ll enjoy this place. Definitely check their hours before you go! Their site is a little confusing, so it may appear they are open later, but they close around 2 or 3pm. Their website says 3pm, but they’ve closed at 2pm before when I was there.

Ocotillo Coffee Bar is definitely a downtown favorite. I love their minimal design and no fuss experience. Everything is always consistent, and I know I can always count on a good photo or two here. I mean if you don’t take a photo, did you even go?

What’s your favorite part about Ocotillo Coffee Bar?


Ocotillo Coffee Bar


  1. Another dreamy café – you find the best places! I adore the clean, minimal decor; you’ve captured the fresh ambience perfectly.


  2. I love going to places where the people genuinely look and feel like they love working there, it makes a huge difference! I wish I can have coffee at 2pm but I am a chronic insomniac and would be bouncing off the wall till midnight. LOL!

    1. Yes! I totally agree! Coffee literally has no affect on me sleeping anymore haha. You could just be like me and drink coffee until it has no effect on you. Hahaha.

  3. I absolutely love this interior! I’m definitely more of the early riser type, so I could see this being a perfect place for me (minus the whole “I’m not in Phoenix” bit) haha. It sounds like the baristas are awesome, too… baristas that are grumpy or obnoxious coffee snobs (the bad kind) can really ruin a coffee place for me!

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  4. I love these types of posts, they’re so helpful! Not sure when I’ll visit Phoenix, but this coffee bar would definitely be on my list of places to go to 🙂 I love the minimal vibe and how bright it is – like you said, perfect for photos!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    1. Yay! I have a lot of other places I’ve written about too. So if you just search for ‘coffee’ on my blog, I am sure you’ll find some other good ones!

  5. I haven’t been to Phoenix yet, so I’m majorly missing out. 🙁 I really hope one of my trips this year involves Arizona, because I think the desert vibes are so pretty. Plus, I would love to do some night-time photography of the starry skies. This coffee place definitely sounds like it would fit in well in one of the hip neighborhoods here in NYC. It has a very downtown-chic aesthetic. I love how light and airy everything looks! The photos came out beautiful.

    Style Tomes

    1. Thank you Nataliya! Phoenix is definitely a great visit for outdoor photography and the night skies. You’ll love it!

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