I had a very ambitious list of coffee shops to hit while I was in Prague. As you heard in EMA’s review, I really underestimated my time and only was able to get two coffee shops in. Yes, only two!! EMA Espresso I was through the roof for and I KNEW I had to hit that one. I Need Coffee!, only about half the size of EMA and located in New Town, was also on my list but wasn’t that high of a priority. I simply chose this one as my next stop because it was close to our apartment. AND I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID.



I cannot say enough good things about this place! From the wonderful coffee to the very kind baristas, I Need Coffee had quite the comforting feel to it. I think we visited this on our last full day in Prague before we headed out exploring for the day. I have to admit, I chose this coffee shop because it seemed cute and it was the closest in proximity to us. I didn’t think much about it before hand like I did EMA. I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in greeted with two baristas and the littlest of spaces.

This place may be small, but it’s minimal layout and design is everything. There are only a handful of bar stools and places to sit and they all outline the other walls of the shop. I get the idea that most people take their coffee here to go and don’t stay around too long to chat. The middle of the shop is left wide open, so lots of room for people to stand in line and wait for a coffee on their morning commute.



Again, this coffee shop is very reminiscent of Aussie design. What is my thing lately with Aussie inspired shops?! Whatever it is, I can’t get enough of them. This shop has lots of light wood everywhere and my favorite, so much light! The windows are quite big and the sunshine just pierces through the windows. On a cold Prague day it can really warm you. Be sure to take lots of photos because the lighting is wonderful! This is seriously the perfect Instagram location.



I ordered a cappuccino (my ride or die), and I was really really impressed. I started to compare it to EMA and quite quickly came to the conclusion that the art was a little better here. Since the cappuccinos themselves tasted almost identical, I actually gave the trophy to I Need Coffee for edging them out with the cap art. And to think I only sort of wanted to go here!

The Baristas were extremely nice and welcoming, even though we were foreigners. They spoke pretty good English and asked us if we wanted anything else as we were packing up, which I thought was really polite of them. My mom actually did order an Americano to go but I forgot to ask her how it was. I also had a small almond cookie and it was delicious. When you’re on vacation, you can eat cookies for breakfast…



Overall, even though this place was rather tiny, it made quite the impression on me. I’d give these guys an edge over EMA in the coffee department, but EMA still takes the cake for their atmosphere. It does depend on what you prefer though. If you ever visit Prague I highly recommend stopping by one of these shops. Not only will you get a great coffee at I Need Coffee, but you’ll be greeted with big hospitality and a little space that will absolutely steal your heart.


I Need Coffee! (they do not have a website so I will link their FB)

EMA Espresso Bar


  1. Super cute coffee shop!! Ahh I really regret not taking the time to just enjoy even a coffee shop while I was in Prague last year… just rushing everywhere and trying to see all the tourist sights! However I did have some delicious food as usual haha. Really kind of them to ask you when you were packing up and cool that you were with your mom!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    1. I can totally relate! There were many more coffee shops I wanted to hit. Usually I get so busy trying to see all the sights, but I had heard Prague was really a city to just get lost in. So this time around I really tried to not plan everything out and just played it by ear. That’s also why I created a 24 Hour Guide to Prague. I really believe most things you can see in a day! Anywho, hopefully you get back there someday! They have so many wonderful coffee places. And don’t even get me started on the food…

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    1. Thanks Mercy! No shame in mochas, I LOVE A GOOD ICED MOCHA. Actually that was the first coffee drink I ever had! I definitely order those from time to time. So good on a hot summer’s day.

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