Mykonos Day 1

After we attended our friend’s wedding in Larissa, Greece, it was time to head to Mykonos! Larissa is an inland city just outside the northern city of Thessaloniki. Needless to say, our first day in Mykonos would be quite the doozy, because our original departure time of 11:00 am was moved to 8:00 am.

[striped]3:25 am[/striped]

Wakeup call! We had to get up super early to pack up whatever items we couldn’t pack the night before. We needed to leave for the airport between 4:00 am and 4:30 am (at the latest). The drive to Thessaloniki From Larissa was two hours. We also had to return the rental car, and get to the airport early to check bags and such. Exhausting right?

[striped]5:00 am[/striped]

Driving and contemplating where this level of tiredness ranked as the most exhausted I had ever been. Paris Day 1 2012 still takes the cake, followed by a layover at Boston Logan in 2016. Then this.

[striped]5:20 am[/striped]

Out loud to the whole car: “this is so miserable.”

[striped]6:30 am[/striped]

Made it to drop off our rental car, however Hertz was on Greek time so no one was there yet to take the car. Yes, ‘Greek time’ is a thing, which my perfectionism loathed. We said fuck it and decided to drop off the car at the front of the airport, because we had a plane to catch at 8:00 am, and no one would be there until 7:00 am. We left the keys and a note.

[striped]8:00 am[/striped]

Off to Mykonos!

[striped]9:00 am[/striped]

We arrived in Mykonos after a short puddle jumper. I slept for the entire 50 minute plane ride, which must have been the magical number (I’ve read it’s about 45 minutes for a power nap to avoid being groggy), because I felt alive and refreshed.

[striped]10:00 am[/striped]

Went to our apartment/Airbnb to see if we could check in a little early. The place we stayed was called Anastasia’s Visage, and you can book it here I believe. Unfortunately the other guests were a little too hungover to check out on time, so we headed out to get a quick bite to eat.

[striped]10:30 am[/striped]

Stopped by a small cafe for breakfast. My stomach wasn’t feeling 100%, so I ordered a strawberry smoothie and a slice of toast. I also got an espresso freddo, which has been my newest coffee obsession! It’s seriously so delicious. I discovered it on my last day in Santorini. I believe it’s a few shots of espresso over ice, followed by foam and sugar. You can get it super sweet or not sweet at all. I took mine medium sweet and it was perfect.

[striped]11:00 am[/striped]

We all headed down to the port to check out the famous windmills and see the ocean. Along the way I snapped as many photos as I could. The little alleyways here almost put Santorini to shame. Taking it all in was beautiful. The islands of Greece were a much different landscape than I had ever seen. The architecture and colours intrigued me so much! If you’ve been to any of the islands, did you have this thought as well? It’s so unique from the rest of Europe, right?

[striped]11:45 am[/striped]

It was finally time for a glass of wine! Yiamas! Stopped in at a little touristy spot along the water, and downed a few bottles of white.

[striped]12:30 pm[/striped]

We headed back to our apartment to try and check in, which still took some time. I guess the owner tried to wake the previous guests for like 30 minutes, but they were so hungover they weren’t answering the door. Kind of explains Mykonos perfectly.

[striped]2:00 pm[/striped]

Everyone headed off to the beach, but I was absolutely exhausted. The night before I had only gotten three hours of sleep, and then the previous night about five hours. Knowing we would have many more beach days, I skipped the beach and passed out at the apartment.

[striped]2:40 pm[/striped]

ZzzZzzzz. Dreaming of my next espresso freddo.

[striped]5:50 pm[/striped]

After some good sleep, I finally woke up as everyone was coming back from the beach. We decided to do dinner at Mamalouka, a cute little place someone found off the beaten path, which I highly recommend!

[striped]8:30 pm[/striped]

We met up with everyone for dinner at Mamalouka. The place was sooo freaking cute on the inside. It was the perfect little hideaway in the heart of Mykonos. The food selection was fantastic, and it was mostly seafood. I had been dying for some good seafood since I got to Greece, specifically some octopus. Everything was so delicious, and everyone was so happy to be together eating and drinking. The conversation and mood was amazing.

[striped]10:00 pm[/striped]

After dinner I was craving gelato so bad. So we got some. Always follow your dreams kids!

[striped]11:50 pm[/striped]

After a long long day, it was finally time for some quality sleep.



  1. I can’t imagine getting up that early and doing all those activities AND still going to the beach. I’d probably stay in too, lol. Food in Mykonos sounds delicious though!

  2. Wow that sounds like a crazy stressful start, there’s nothing worse than that feeling of cutting it a little too fine to catch your flights, I don’t blame you for leaving the car there. I hate when they change flight times, it’s happened to me so many times this year and it can often be a little disruptive. At least you made it in the end and you finally got to catch up on some sleep too. Totally loving these travel diaries by the way!


    1. Thanks Samio! Glad you like them. I keep getting flight changes as well! It’s super annoying when you want to plan ahead arrrrg.

      Author Reply
  3. Oh goodness waking up that early to catch a flight is never fun, glad you got to power nap on the plane and the apartment once you checked in! It’s always good to take it easy on the first day so you’ll have energy for the rest of your stay. Hope you have a great time there!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    1. Thanks Jenny! I think my strategy was to take it easy that day haha. Since I knew we’d have plenty more beach days and plenty more good times.

      Author Reply
  4. Ahahaha “Greek time”. I grew up in a very Greek area. I was even close friends with some. There was always a general consensus, that they all admitted mind you (not to get anyone off side here) that Greeks are damn lazy slash very relaxed. I imagine life over there is very much on the slow side. Practically a vacation every day.

    P.S: Can’t believe it was hot for you. Portugal was very, very mild. Which was perfect for me though, I hate the warmth. But since coming back (I have cousins still over there) all I hear about is how cool it still is. And going around the blogsphere today a lot of people are complaining about their lack of summer LOL


    1. Haha yes!! All the people I was with were Greek, and they totally admitted to the laziness. It’s so true. I am way too uptight to ever be Greek hahaha. Santorini was definitely pretty hot. My boyfriend complained about it more. It wasn’t too bad for me. I wish I was in Portugal right now! Hope you had an amazing time. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Author Reply

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