My 5 Weirdest Travel Habits Revealed

When you travel enough you start to develop certain ‘traditions’. Really, that’s a nice way of putting it. It’s more like super weird habits that you can’t shake. I started thinking about the few weird habits that I have and wondered if other people were like me. So today I’m revealing my 5 weirdest travel habits. But I want to hear yours too! Let me know in the comments if you share similar habits or do other weird things. Here are my 5 weirdest travel habits revealed:

I always visit a McDonald’s

This one is probably the weirdest tradition of them all, but anytime I travel to a new city I have to eat McDonald’s at least once. Would you ever catch me at a McDonald’s in the states? Hell no. In fact, the last time I had it was on my last trip. I never eat it in America, but for some reason, I absolutely crave it in other countries. Can someone explain this to me? I’ve also noticed that I crave burgers in general when I travel, so maybe it’s a comfort thing. Either way, I always stop at a McDonald’s or two for a quick bite whilst sightseeing.

My 5 Weirdest Travel Habits Revealed

I collect business cards and room cards

I’m not quite sure when this started or why this started, but it did. Whenever I go into a restaurant or coffee shop in another country, I make sure to take one of their business cards. I have an entire collection of them! I also started doing the same thing with hotel key cards. Hopefully someday I can get a huge 30×40 frame and put them all together. The first time I grabbed a few, it was just so that I could remember the places I visited. But now, it’s more purposeful and I hope to collect hundreds!

I have to go to a flea market

This tradition started because I was so tired of cheap trinkets that were lame and just piled up in a box in my closet. I wanted a way to get something historic and meaningful, so I started researching flea markets in other countries. Now, whenever I travel to another country I try to go to one of their flea markets. This is one of those things that a lot of people might not think about, but it’s an amazing shopping experience! Definitely more of a new tradition of mine and also an obsession. Once you’ve been to a flea market in Europe, you’ll make sure it’s always on your list!

My 5 Weirdest Travel Habits Revealed

I need to experience one thing alone

Anytime I am on vacation, I always need to do one thing by myself. I find that my independent personality always craves an activity where I’m by myself while traveling. Usually, I will take a walk and explore a little or stop in at a coffee shop that I jotted down from the previous day. I’ve also been known to get a solo run in. I know it’s important to be social when you’re on a vacation with your family or friends, or even with your significant other. But no matter who I’m with, I always need one thing to do by myself.

I always bring my own pillowcase

Does anyone else do this? I love the feeling of my own pillowcase when I travel. It’s not even a germaphobe thing. Bringing my own pillowcase on vacation helps me feel more comfortable like I’m sleeping in my bed at home, and less homesick. It’s something that smells familiar to me as I fall asleep. This is definitely a habit I would recommend for anyone who gets homesick or has trouble sleeping in new beds. It’s been a lifesaver for me.

Now that I’ve spilled a few of my weirdest travel habits, it’s your turn!

What weird habits/ traditions do you have?


  1. I can probably answer why you eat at McDonalds in other countries because I do the same thing. My kids always look for Maccas whenever we travel because they know what the food tastes like. But for me I want to see which country has the best tasting big Mac and so far I think is the one in New Zealand. Maybe it’s got to do with the meat but that was 8 years ago, I’ve been to different McDonalds in other parts of the world after that. But we’re going again to NZ in July hopefully, I will see if it really is better than the others. Another weird habit for me is I collect the hotel’s coaster if they have. Nice to know these things about you, it is relatable and enjoyable to read. Have an awesome week!

  2. Haha oh I love those facts babe! Makes you super sympathetic! I always try to go on a flea market or a local market. It’s so inspiring how every culture is different!
    Haha and yes to that pillowcase – I can relate!
    xx, Carmen –

    1. Haha yes! I love getting vintage stuff. It always makes my mind wonder what the story behind it was. Who had this before me? etc…

  3. Ahhh I relate to this post so much! I seem to have McDonalds almost everywhere I go, and I also arrive back in my hometown with a bazillion business cards from cafes and hotels and other little spots – who needs photographs lol?

    Have a great weekend!
    Amy; Wandering Everywhere

  4. Yes to the McDonalds haha. I never eat there at home either but when abroad it’s kind of like a safe haven with guaranteed wifi! I love the idea of making sure to visit a flea market. I never buy souvenirs (except a magnet for my fridge and I’m also a sucker for bowls idk) but maybe I’ll be able to find something meaningful on my next trip too. Really enjoyed this post 🙂

    Jenny | Local Leo

  5. I collect matchbooks from everywhere I travel and I have zero idea why. I NEVER use matches, they just sit and collect dust…why?!

    P.S. When I first moved to France after high school graduation I went through a phase where I would ONLY eat McDonald’s because I was so homesick for American food. Horrible, horrible, horrible!

  6. We always go to McD’s when travelling too because different countries have different offerings on top of the regular menus. Malaysia McD’s have fried chicken, chicken congee and different burgers like Prosperity burger during Chinese New Year and GCB (Great Chicken Burger) certain time of the year. xx

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  7. I loved reading this girly!! I’ve never thought of doing any of these things before, but I kind of want to start. I like to take my makeup off completely on planes to do my skincare routine. That way my skin isn’t dying when I get off!! But I’m totally that crazy person that will fully put a sheet mask on mid-flight haha!



    1. Haha same here! Mostly I try to not wear makeup on the plane. It makes it so much easier. I cannot image a 9 hour flight with makeup, yuck.

    1. It’s neat to see how different fast food is in every country, specifically McDonald’s. They always serve something different!

  8. OMG, I also try out at least one fast food joint in other countries I go to. It kind of also tells you something about the place’s culture since their offerings are different from my country. Jollibee, a known fast food franchise here in the Philippines (and a big competition to McDonald’s here), has branches in other countries and I’ve tried the one in Ho Chi Minh. They’ve got healthier fast food there. All meals come with vegetables! Haha!

    I actually can’t think of any weird travel habits I have. I do collect the toiletries like shampoo, lotions, and stuff in the hotel. But I think almost everyone already does that, eh? xD


  9. Actually, I go to McDonald’s as well, haha. I don’t know why I do it but there is always a trip to McD when travelling. Also, I always bring my mini pillow or a blanket with me wherever I go. I usually don’t end up using it but it somehow makes me feel more homey. Maybe that’s why I don’t get homesick much, haha? Who knows 😀

    -Leta |

    1. Haha I do too! I haven’t done that in a while, but when I first started traveling I did. I still have old boarding passes!

  10. Oh! I actually understand why you would want to bring your own pillowcase. I sometimes bring my own pillow and blanket when I travel for hygienic purposes and of course to make sure that I’ll have my own stuff just in case the place where I’ll be staying doesn’t have blankets (usually in private resorts). Experiencing something alone would be interesting, but I don’t know how to commute and I’m a fragile flower so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that in the future. I can’t imagine myself traveling alone because I easily get lost and I’m not that mindful.

    1. It’s definitely for hygienic purposes too haha. If I feel dirty or something has a weird smell, I cannot sleep. Traveling alone totally isn’t for everyone! It’s always better if you know that, rather than finding it out. Much safer!

  11. You’re so cute!! I thought the first 2 were interesting. I feel that McDonald’s has better quality food in most European cities, so I understand why you would want to stop by lol. I’ve never heard of anyone that collects business cards or hotel cards! You do you, girl! Lol. I really like that you added experiencing something on your own. I feel that is so important and I hope to continue doing that during my travels even after I have my baby. Thank you for sharing! Loved this read very much <3

    -PerlaGiselle |

    P.S. I will be hosting a giftcard giveaway on my Instagram page soon! Let’s follow each other!

  12. I try to go to a McD’s or Starbucks for the reason of they have menus that are catered to the locals aka things they don’t have in the States! FYI: In Thailand, their McD serves Pad Thai and Thai Tea Boba. Indonesia, we have fried chicken and rice (I’m indonesian), in Milan, I remember seeing a pasta dish.

    I collect business cards and hotel cards too!

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