In July we hit Playa Del Carmen for a much needed relaxing getaway! I was absolutely blown away by Mexico’s lush jungles and beautiful beaches. As most of you know, we stayed at the Blue Diamond Riviera Maya Resort and it was a fantastic five days with plenty of sunshine, relaxation, and food.

Check out my official blog post first if you haven’t yet: A Mexican Summer at Blue Diamond. There you’ll find our trip recap and lots of photos of our gorgeous stay.

For a more visual journey, ย enjoyย this video I compiled (finally) of the resort’sย beautiful surroundings and our adventures in Playa Del Carmen!

Coat + Coffee YouTube Channel


  1. Oh my gosh, could it have been more gorgeous and picturesque? I love the vlog Emily…I think it’s always so fun to see glimpses into bloggers lives in the form of vlogs. It always makes me feel like I know and understand someone a bit better. How cute is that critter at the 3 minute mark?!

    1. It’s a coati mundi I believe! They are indeed cute and friendly. Though their teeth are a little vicious looking haha.

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  2. Okay, your scruffy man is adorable! And your vacation looks like a dream come true, which you totally deserve ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What in the hell was that adorable little creature?!

    More videos please and thank ya.

    1. Haha thanks Lauren! My boyfriend is happy to be famous now (jk jk). I think the animal is called a coati mundi. We called him ‘Coaty’ for short. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Hope you have a great trip Rina! It’s so beautiful there. I literally had eggs benedict every single morning hahaha.

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