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Continuing on with my obsession of all things lip related, this week I tried Kylie Cosmetic’s Lip Kits (formerly LipKip By Kylie). I think I actually tried them on Saturday, but haven’t had the chance to sit down and write a full review until now. These weren’t too terribly hard to get a hold of, as it seems she’s doing more and more releases (yay!). Obviously very lucky to have a job that allows me to be aimlessly online all day long waiting for stuff that I probably don’t need. THANK YOU JOB.



The box that your lip kit ships in is branding gold. They’re not your typical FedEx boxes. They have her signature black drip on the outside, and when you open it it has ‘KYLIE’ written on the inside. The packaging of the lip kit itself is super cute and it definitely fits her personality. I don’t think I’ve seen better packaging as a whole in a while. It’s a great attention to detail!

Moving on to swatches! I had seen a video where a girl did some swatches on her hand and then attempted to run them under water, put soap on them, and then scrub the crap outta them. Naturally, I had to try it for myself since you can never be too sure what’s real on YouTube these days. Let me tell you, these DO NOT COME OFF. I even scrubbed pretty dang hard with water, soap, and a paper towel. The hype is real kids. The only thing that will get these babies off is makeup remover.

Note: I am not entirely sure if makeup remover is safe to use on your lips, but what the hey… #livealittle

I was definitely impressed how these liquid lipsticks seem to stand up to water and rubbing. Though I have to say it’s almost not a full positive these are so hard to get off. While you know you’re getting a long lasting lipstick, when I say these are hard to get off, I mean it. It’s kind of annoying to know you’ll always have to have makeup remover handy. So just be aware of that.



I tested out Posie and 22, which were the ones that I purchased. First impressions were “WOW, these are stunning.” BUT, do they pass the all day wear test? I wore 22 all day on Saturday from around 11am to 7pm. I did use some moisturizing balm underneath because the matte tends to dry my lips out a bit. I ended up reapplying a few times throughout the day, and most noticeably after food. However, I do believe it was due to the balm I put on underneath. Before I went out to eat around 3:30 I was shocked to see the colour was still perfectly intact! I think if I hadn’t of worn the balm it wouldn’t have came off while eating. But who knows. An experiment for another day.

Also, coffee almost always takes my lipstick off and gives me that espresso-chocolatey build up around my lips that’s suuuuper attractive. So I think it’s important to point out that I drank a whole 20 oz iced mocha before lunch, and it didn’t take it off at all.

I think my favorite part about the Lip Kits is that they are, well, a ‘lip kit’. Meaning they come with a lip liner too. It makes it so easy to put on the liquid lipstick and the liners are nice and creamy. I like the idea that they are made for each other so you don’t have to worry about finding the right pencil for your lipstick. Such a great idea. I think more companies should start offering them as a duo.


So, main takeaways here? These products have a gorgeous pigmented colour, maybe my favorite colours of anything I own. I wouldn’t say they last all day, but show me a liquid lipstick that even lasts through eating. Do they last a long time? Yes. The packaging is great, and for the price of $29 you get a lipstick and a liner which is one of my favorite things about her kits. I think ColourPop’s Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks are a great inexpensive dupe for the Lip Kit. They probably wear only a few hours less, and their colours are stunning as well.

Definitely grab a few of these in the next restock! Who knows when they’ll be available in stores like Sephora (if ever). They are totally worth stalking Kylie’s app for.

Have you tried these yet? What colours to you own or do you want to try? They’re all so gorgeous looking!


Kylie Cosmetics



  1. I’ve heard all the hype around her lip kits, but have never actually read a review. While I’m not the biggest fan of that family in general, it seems like this genuinely is a great product and it was created with the customer’s needs in mind. I really like that. And plus, the shades are gorgeous!

  2. I’ve been curious the moment I’ve heard that Kylie’s going to have a lip line, but dang medium income earner, my budget is far beyond the price. But reading your review, I can’t really wait to have one! I’ll be saving…hard!

    1. They are a little pricey for sure. But you do get the liner and lipstick, which I really love. So if you think about it that’s $15 each. But then that dang shipping cost! Ugh haha.

    1. Yes they are definitely worth it with the liner! Since they are a little pricey. I believe shipping internationally is around $15 if you’re wondering. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you! I’ve heard the newer ones have terrible formulas though! You’ll have to let me know what you think. When I published this I had the older formula right before they changed it. A lot of people seem to be frustrated by it. ๐Ÿ™

      So just a heads up! Really hope you like them though!!

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