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Currently, I am typing from Boston Logan International Airport, during what might be the longest layover of all time. Ah the perks of off-season travel! I booked a huge layover because I knew I was airline hopping, and, it was one of the only flights that would work. At the time it also sounded like a decent idea. I’ll just hang out in Boston for the day, which has always been one of my most favorite U.S. cities. Right now, not such a great idea. I am glued to this airport bench. Let’s be honest, what I am really glued to is this single outlet. For once in my life, I don’t want to venture out anywhere.

I do have a lot of work to get done today, including a few trips I am currently planning for people. I thought I’d get in a quick travel diary while I was at it! I have my Dunkin Donuts iced hazelnut coffee, a blanket, and my laptop. So I am all set! Very Bostonian of me…

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Note: I no longer have my freaking coffee, because during the middle of writing this I decided to take a bathroom break, and I my coffee went a splat on the bathroom floor. Literally, face first, everywhere. Sad. And so typical…

My flight takes off around 9pm, and I will head in to Reykjavik, Iceland. From there it’s my final destination: Copenhagen, Denmark! Checking the weather has gotten me really excited because despite the cold, it actually looks like it’s going to be quite sunny. Just a week ago or so it was raining like crazy. I am staying at Wakeup Copenhagen, but more on them later…

After I spend around four days in Copenhagen, I will head off to Berlin for three days. I can’t wait to stay at the Bikini Berlin! They were kind enough to sponsor me, and I honestly think you guys are going to go nuts over this place. I was really excited for Wakeup Copenhagen’s offer too, because they are a great budget option, that’s still amazingly stylish and modern. After my three days in Berlin, I will then head back to CPH for a day and fly out the next.

I can’t believe how insanely busy I am going to be. It doesn’t really feel like vacation, but I’m going to try and slow it down. There is just always so much to see and so little time. Did I mention I am a huge WW2 buff as well? I seriously can’t wait to touch down in Berlin. Though I won’t have time to see all the Nazi sites unfortunately. I really really really wanted to get to Tempelhof Airport for some Nazi history, but they won’t be giving an English tour when I am there.

I will be using Instagram and Stories (do we capitalize this now? heh) for most of my content, so follow along there. I have pre-written content for next week, and I plan on doing a few travel diaries like this, so I hope you guys like them! Other than that, this is a real bloggers trip. I will be attempting a vlog, taking lots of photos, using Instagram stories, and the works. Hopefully you guys don’t mind coming along! Okay, only like 1,907,567 hours to go…

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  1. You take care and have fun, Emily! You will still blog about your trip, right? (Was that too demanding? lol). I’ll try to catch you up on Instagram stories. I wish to see the rest of the world in the future. Currently, my husband and I are doing it one step at a time starting with ASEAN countries. Our work schedule (plus my new business) is eating up so much of our time.

    Well, can’t wait to see the sites you’ll be visiting. 🙂


    1. Haha I will definitely still be blogging! Woot! Not too demanding at all lol. I am really making an effort to keep my blog up on this trip, though it’s definitely not easy. Can’t believe we weren’t friends on Insta already! Glad we are now. 🙂

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