So you sat around at home all summer and now you’re dying to get out of the house, or, in this case, the country. Well, there’s still hope! I scoured the internet for some great last-minute ‘summer’ destinations to begin your much-needed getaway, and found a few really great deals. I included flights from Los Angeles, New York, and Phoenix since it’s my home base. Here are the best last-minute summer destinations to book now.

Last-Minute Summer Destinations to Book Now



When: Late September
Phoenix – $550 | New York – $380 | LA – $480

Paris has some insanely good flight deals right now! Most of the flights I’ve seen are about $500 less than they typically run. Do not pass this up people! Imagine sitting in a Parisian cafe sipping a cappuccino and letting a warm croissant melt in your mouth, while you people watch and plan your visit to the Louvre. Dreams can come true.


When: Mid/Late September
Phoenix – $550 | New York – $400 | LA – $530

Amsterdam comes in second with some killer prices for mid-September. $550 from Phoenix and LA is a pretty good deal considering it should still be decently warm out. All the tourists will be gone and you’ll be able to enjoy your waffles and canal cruise in peace. What more could you ask for?!

Last-Minute Summer Destinations to Book Now


Hong Kong

When: Late September
Phoenix – $700 | New York – $750 | LA – $530

“Whoa, Emily, why are you talking about Asia?” Yeah, you know these prices must be good if I’m mentioning Asia – a continent I rarely discuss. Hong Kong is still on my list though and it can easily be on yours! And, you can tick it off your list this September for a rare $700 from Phoenix. I see a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland in your near future, accompanied with lots of dim sum.


When: Late September
Phoenix – $530 | New York – $500 | LA – $400

If you’ve dreamed about visiting the Great Wall, then this is definitely your chance. Flights are typically cheaper running out of LA, but in Phoenix, you won’t find a better price for late September. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, you can apply for Airbnb’s Great Wall of China sleepover contest. If you’re a self-proclaimed unlucky human like myself, then you’re better off just buying the ticket. You’re sure to have an amazing time in the Chinese capital.

Will you beΒ buying one of these plane tickets? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Wow! These are some exceptional travel destinations and perfect summer places, Emily. Beijing seems perfect to explore in late September. Thanks for so many options and for whetting my appetite!


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