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This weekend I finally got to check out Kream Coffee in the Uptown district of Phoenix. I had known about these guys for a few months or so, and during that time they were transitioning to their brand new location and having a soft opening. Their grand opening was last Friday which I couldn’t make it to, but I did stop by Saturday afternoon for a much needed coffee break between errands and cleaning.


Kream Coffee is located inside the cutest little design shop called For The People. It’s the kind of shop that gets you every time with their cute stationary and to-die-for candle scents. You don’t need stationary, you don’t need candles, but it gets you… EVERY. DAMN. TIME.  But enough about my personal issues, on to Kream Coffee…

When I arrived this place was very lively and there must have been four or five orders before mine. The shop is quite small since it’s situated in the corner of For The People. Maybe a solid 200 square feet of space is dedicated for Kream Coffee, so it’s snug if it gets busy. What impressed me most about Kream even before I went was the list of roasters they carry that I was always particularly fond of, including Presta and Ritual Coffee Roasters.


The shop itself definitely caught my eye on Instagram, and I was mostly excited to snag a few photos while I was there. It has a nice modern design with miniature hexagon tiles and a nice logo front and center. Outside their walk-up window consists of wood and marble touches. One of my favorite parts is their early morning walk-up window where you can also enjoy a cup of coffee on the marble bar that is outside. Perfect for the upcoming Phoenix winter! Also this area gets faaaan freaking tastic lighting for photographing. I was quite a happy camper.




As far as I know this coffee shop is a one barista job. The space is quite small and while a second person could probably also pour, quite often I’ve only seen one person behind the counter. The barista we had was super friendly and talkative which is always a plus. I noticed a few people such as families stop by for coffee as well, and were treated very nicely even though they may not have been the most coffee savvy people. Nothing is better than a non-pretentious coffee shop. The menu is simple and small, and the serious coffee drinker would love this place! Though there are a few flavor options as well.




I had the latte and my friend had a cafe mocha, both of which were exceptional. I did overhear the barista recommend the cold brew, so that’s next on my list! Typically I prefer white cups and saucers at coffee shops, but I noticed these guys have teal-ish ones instead. Not sure if they are all teal or if I just got served one, but it was a nice change for photos. Though I still prefer all white in the long haul.

If you are ever in the area, definitely check out Kream Coffee. They have a lot of potential for more pop up locations (fingers crossed), or even their own location. Though, I am quite happy with finding some solitude in their little corner of a shop.


Kream Coffee

For The People

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  1. There are so many nice and trendy spots to visit in Arizona. You always photograph the places so beautifully, you really have an eye for photography. Your photos always look so crisp and white. Do use a specific photo editing app? I’m not a huge coffee drinker, I actually don’t drink any warm drinks at all. If I need caffeine I go for the Frapps from Starbucks with lots and lots of caramel as I don’t particularly like the taste of coffee lol.

    1. Oh thanks Rina! You are too nice. I actually just use Lightroom and have a few presets I work with. I like my blacks to be very black and whites to be very white haha. Lower saturation too. πŸ™‚

      That’s so funny about the Fraps! Every now and then I totally crave one, usually when I am on vacation somewhere and calories don’t count. ;p

    1. Yay! Love my fellow devout coffee drinkers. My boyfriend doesn’t drink it at all. Can’t believe it’s lasted this long! Hahaha jk of course… #coffeelife

  2. For the People sounds like a shop that I would get sucked into, too!! Also, loving your descriptive details about Kream Coffee… sounds like an intimate place… and your photos are amazing! I always love how yours look!!

    All the Cute

    1. Thanks Miriam! Same thing. It’s one of those little trinket shops where you find odd things that you never needed until that moment lol.

    1. They do! I was kind of fond of them because I hadn’t seen them before. But if I went back more and more, I’d prefer something white at some point. It’s more my style. And I’m being super picky haha. Oh boy…

  3. Definitely an amazing spot for coffee and Instagram. How cute! I was in Arizona for about 1-2 days when I we drove through on our cross country road trip, and there are definitely some nice cafΓ©s there. πŸ™‚ Will keep this in mind if I go back.


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