Krakow 4.12.16

Welcome to my Travel Diary! These posts were not intended to be perfectly punctuated. There may be spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and some down right ridiculousness. 

A short update. We’ve been in Krakow since Monday afternoon and we’ve had some obstacles! Aside from all the flying that made me very nauseous and gave me the absolute worst 30 hour headache, my mom got an infection in her eye and we had to stop at the doctor.

This morning my mom woke up with her eye completely swollen, and it just so happens to have been the morning we were meeting up with the Polish researches here in Krakow for breakfast. Luckily, they were able to help find us an urgent care doctor to get a prescription. I have no idea how we would have done it without them! I am so grateful. Our Polish is not very good at all and I only know the basics to get by.

Everything ended up working out okay (yay!), and my headache is finally gone. It has been quite an adjustment here. Everything is very hard to read and my eating schedule has been off. So between those two things I’ve been feeling hungry all the time and super thirsty. We finally know what waters are ‘mineral’ vs ‘still’, which was a challenge in itself because all the still waters here say mineral, even though they are not. Apparently no one drinks the tap water here?

Tomorrow we leave for Dobrzechow where we are looking for our ancestor’s graves. I am so excited to visit the town my family is from and learn more about it! It will be neat to just walk around and take it all in. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home. It has to be the biggest disappointment of my entire life. I can’t believe I did that! I have absolutely no camera and I was planning on filming our whole ancestral journey tomorrow. I am just trying not to think about it. It’s the only way I am coping. Ughhhhh. Positive vibes/words appreciated.

Just a short update of our 48 hours here so far. Getting up very early tomorrow to leave for Dobrzechow, so that’s all for now! I will update in the next few days.

Goonight! XO


  1. UGH! I feel your pain on the camera. Did you at least bring an iphone? But maybe this will give you and mum some quality time to discover your family together. You can always go back and film the next go around ­čÖé

    Hope your travels get better! Also have to mention my great-grandparents (dad’s side- Mezerowski/Mierzejewski) immigrated from Poland as well <3

    1. I do have my iPhone at least! Thank goodness haha. I’ve seen that name a few places here. It might even be a street name somewhere if I remember! Poland <3.

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