The Kid Friendly Coffee Shop Your Family Needs

I have to admit, I never thought I’d do a write up on a kid friendly coffee shop. So many of my friends are starting families and have little new ones (possibly too little), so I’m glad that I can share this gem with them! Last weekend I visited The Teapot, which is a family friendly coffee shop that actually encourages you to bring along your little ones. They have snacks and drinks for kids as well as a full outside play area.



I came here with a friend on Saturday and much to my surprise there were kids everywhere. I knew this place had an outside play area and other things for kids, but had no idea it was next level family status. We actually felt slightly odd being two childless 28-year-olds just sipping coffee in the corner. If you are parents, this is definitely a great spot to meet other parents as it was packed on a Saturday.

The interior is super cute. It is an old converted house in the Roosevelt district downtown. It has subway tiles, hardwood floors, and modern updates. There is a kid’s corner inside, and outside there is full sized play area with a house and slide. Off to the sides are tables for the parents to relax and enjoy their coffee while their kids play.





I would not recommend this place to the serious coffee drinker. I ordered an iced hazelnut latte and a shot of espresso. I’m not really sure what coffee they are serving, but both drinks were just okay. Nothing really super special about them. Regardless, the baristas were super nice and happy and so were all the parents. They have a small ‘cappuccino’ drink for the kids, which I believe is just foamed milk (but don’t quote me on that).



I really wanted to post this for all my mommy friends to check out. It seems like a neat place to bring your kids and have some grown up coffee chats time while they play. After reading their Yelp, I did learn that they do charge a $2 play fee for the kiddos now, which I think is unfortunate. I think if you’re a paying customer you should be able to play for free, which can easily be stated somewhere. Maybe a sign on the backdoor that says ‘Paying Customers Only’. I don’t think people would mind that too much, and I think the $2 is a little steep considering you could just grab a coffee to go and take your kids to a park down the street. So just be aware of that.



Overall I found this old home converted in to a coffee shop to be quite lovely inside. It’s great for Instagramming and has wonderful lighting because there are so many windows in the front. They just opened in March, so they might have a few kinks to work out for now, but definitely check this place out if you’re a parent. The kids and parents seemed to really enjoy this spot! Cheers to parents getting their caffeine on.


The Teapot


  1. How cute is the house converted to a coffee place? As a parent of a two year old, I appreciate kid friendly places but frankly, whether the place is kid friendly or not, it also needs parents common sense. You can’t expect to bring a 2-3 year old to a fine dining restaurant and then gets mad when other diners frown when your child throws a major tantrum. People pay a lot of money for the experience. I’ve also seen parents that continue to chat away while their kids scream bloody murder and it makes me so mad. There’s a time and place for everything or at least take your child out of the place and comfort him.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I definitely agree. I am not a parent yet so I don’t know how hard it is to always be keeping a child in check haha, but it seems no easy task. Of course some of the situations parents put their kids in I think it just asking for disaster! Like when I see toddlers or newborns in rated R movies. That just gets me every time, like whyyyy??? Thanks for the comment Shireen and hope you had a great weekend!

  2. But what a gorgeous coffee shop, it is like you went inside of a house but to buy coffee!

    Have a nice day gorgeous 🙂

    My Vogue Style |

    1. Yeah! So great to parents since you don’t really get that time anymore to hang out with friends or other parents.

  3. This sounds like an amazing concept, I don’t know why there aren’t more popping up around the globe. Shame about the coffee and having to pay for kids to use equipment and such. Wouldn’t that be a deterrent? Anyhoo that baby cappuccino we have something similar (or the same thing) on our side of the world which is just frothy milk. We call it a “babychino” and it is very, very popular!


    1. Yeah I would totally think this concept would be more popular! I think it’s crappy they charge people, and when I found that out I was a little disappointed. They say it’s to keep up the toys and play areas maintained for the kids, which I can kind of understand. But still… That’s awesome there are ‘babychinos’ in Australia haha. Australia has to have some of the most amazing coffee shops. I hope I can get there one day!

  4. This is such a cute option! I like how they have things to keep their kids occupied so that the grownups can have their own time. I definitely would not see from their photos that this place is kid-friendly, the designs are so modern and beautiful. Would love to see this for myself!

    Characters & Carry-ons

    1. Yeah! That’s actually how I wondered in there. At first I had no idea it was a ‘kids’ place because of the photos and decor. When I had already made plans to go, I realized it was catered towards families.

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