Is the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask all Hype? Or really good?

I decided to try one of the most hyped skin care products of the year. It’s rare for me, because I tend to get a little wary when a popular influencer turns out some fancy product with great packaging. Since influencers have so many connections, a product may get a lot of hype and have really stellar reviews, even though it’s not that great. I wanted to see for myself how good Marianna Hewitt’s first skin care product actually was. So, is the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask all hype? Or really good?

Spoiler: It’s really good, but with a few hesitations. So keep reading…

I honestly didn’t want to like this as much as I did. Hearing all the rave reviews and watching the constant shared testimonials from the Summer Fridays Instagram account made me question if the mask could really be that good. Now I am over here like, “why is it so good?!”

Is the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask all Hype?

Product and packaging

The name of this product is super cute, and I have to explain why. ‘Summer Fridays’ is a thing in the advertising industry; an industry I spent the last seven years in. Basically, the idea is that for June and July you and your team members can alternate taking a Friday off. It’s a nice way of getting a day off in the summer for a small weekend trip, without having to use your vacation hours. Typically you only let one person go at a time, that way someone can cover for you. It works out really well in ad agencies because the summer months are typically super slow!

The packaging really needs no words. It’s cute, it’s a pastel blue, and it’s minimal. It’s literally everything that people want in an Instagram photo. I didn’t have any issues with the packaging as far as it effecting the product.


I freaking love how this mask applies. The texture is really incredible. It’s super creamy and not too thick, but not too thin either. It’s the perfect middle ground consistency for layering. You can use a light layer or a thick layer for extra moisture. Overall, I was really impressed with the texture and consistency of this mask, which makes it feel super high end.


Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag mask definitely passes the test. I tried really hard to remain unbiased despite all the testimonials and reviews I had read over the last few days. And even though this mask is super hyped, it’s well deserved.

I first applied this mask to my under eye area, and left it on for about 10-15 minutes. I tried removing it with water which I didn’t particularly like since the texture is more like a moisturizer than a mask. Lesson learned. My second application went really well. Instead I removed it with a towel like suggested, and that was perfect.

My skin was instantly brighter and my fine lines had significantly diminished. This mask was like drinking a cup of water after my Monday boxing class. Skin was hydrated and happy. I actually couldn’t believe how visible the results were. Super impressive!

And yes, I could actually see myself using this on an airplane. If I’m being honest, I really have never understood the whole ‘pre-flight skincare routine’. It sounds awful! Having your products exposed on the plane, messy hands, mirror in one hand, crap in the other, etc… I have never understood the appeal, until now. I used this on my most recent flight to Ireland, and it I got on with it perfectly.

Is the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask all Hype?

Is it a repurchase?

I would 100% repurchase this product. I do think $48 is a little steep if you are using globs of this on your face. For me, I will probably go heavy if I’m using this for an eye mask, and light if I am using it as a face mask. I could see this running out pretty quickly. Other than that, take my money!

And the hesitations I was talking about?

There are a few things I have to mention. First, this product works best when used as a mask, in my opinion. This is somewhat unfortunate because you have to get a pretty thick layer to achieve a mask, thus using more product. Second, I used this endlessly while traveling in Dublin, to the point where I used it about once a day, every day. My experience was that it appeared less effective the more I used it. Now, that could be because maybe my skin didn’t really need the extra moisture. But I do just want to point this out as a ‘hesitation’. Do keep an eye on your usage and make sure it’s consistently effective. I found it seemed less effective after multiple uses.

Are you going to try Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag Mask?


    1. I think you’re right! I was overdoing it a little. I have definitely backed off. When I was traveling it just seemed like my skin was constantly dry though, so I thought it would work, but it wasn’t effective day after day.

  1. I recently heard about the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask! Love the packaging! It looks really fresh without being pounded with the whole “summer” vibe. glad you really liked the product overall! I always think of skincare being an investment – as long as you’re not breaking the bank. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. It is a bit much, but I am using it only about once or twice a week now, and it seems to be lasting okay!

  2. Ok I LOVE the idea of Summer Fridays! I’ve never heard of anything like that before! My place of work definitely needs to take note! It’s a shame the product is as expensive as it is as I’d love to give it a go!

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  3. My answer is yes! Because you review, so detailed and honest, totally convinced me to try this product! I do always ask myself how bloggers can put so many products on their face while they are on the plane. I feel almost embarrassed to keep few of my stuff with me.. but I guess travelling in business or first class helps too to keep your privacy lol! xx

  4. Did you try this as a make-up primer too? I’ve heard mixed reviews on doubling up and using SF’s as a face mask AND primer. Would love to hear your opinion1

    1. Hey Alexa! In my opinion, it works better as a face mask or for overnight moisturizer. The reason I say that is because if you’re too touchy with it, like you’re really rubbing it in and mixing other products with it, it does tend to pill up a little (dries out and starts forming little balls of the product). That was my experience. So For me, I like it better as a face mask for something before bed.

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