How to Return to Work After Summer Vacation

Summer has officially left us. Bring on the chilly weather, chunky knit sweaters, pumpkin patches, and every other basic autumn necessity you can think of. Though the memories will live on, it’s unfortunately time to leave our summer vacations behind. Today, I am going to try and make it a little less painful for us all, with some tips on how to return to work after summer vacation.

How to Return to Work After Summer Vacation

Ditch the meetings

No matter how hard your coworkers try and convince you, don’t attend any meetings your first day back. At this point you’re probably feeling guilty you’ve been gone for so long, and you want to appease everyone. Fight the urge and make it known that you are catching up on work.

Go through your inbox as soon as you get home

Set aside some time after your vacation to go through your inbox. Most people like to leave a day or two to recover from jet lag. Use that day to go through your inbox and get organized for the week ahead! You’ll feel 100% better about returning to work on Monday.

How to Return to Work After Summer Vacation

Prioritize your first day back

Make a priority list of what you need to get done and what you can put off. Keeping a list is a great way of staying organized. I like to formulate my list at the same time I am going through my inbox, that way I can be reminded of what’s high priority upon my return.

Start planning for the next chapter

Whatever lingo your company many use, there’s no double that the last three months of the year are crucial. Ditch your summer vacation mode and start planning for the holidays. Writing out your personal and professional goals is a great way to feel refreshed!

How to Return to Work After Summer Vacation

Get back on your routine

If you’re like the majority of people who are trying to live healthy lifestyles, then chances are you have a ‘routine’ you like to follow. A summer vacation sort of throws that off. Make sure you have a plan to slowly get back into your daily routine. Don’t forget those veggies!

Take it easy and don’t stress

Seriously. You just got back from fricken vacation. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and allow yourself a little downtime to dream up your next big vacation. Wink wink.

Did you take a summer vacation this year? What tips do you have for getting back in to ‘work mode’?


  1. It’s always a nightmare for me to return back to the office after my summer vacation, but I try to take it easy but the first week back is always hard.


  2. I have to say planning the next chapter is what makes it easier for me.
    I just returned two weeks ago from a month away and I have already booked my next trip flights.
    I have lots of points – so this is the only way you get your flights when you want them. Booking so early.
    But it means you have something to look forward to.
    Great post.
    Set to Glow

  3. I definitely follow a few of these already as it is the WORST to go back to work to an inbox full of emails! I like to get into work a bit earlier than everyone so I can sit in the quiet and rattle through those emails without being disturbed!

    Musings & More

    1. Yes! Same here! If I am back from vacation, I like to be in super early that Monday. It’s so nice to be in silence and just pound out emails.

  4. I especially love the last one! I think we put way too much pressure on ourselves to jump right back in and be 100% back at it. Going easy will help you feel less anxious about it, and it’ll also help to keep you from getting sick (like I did). I think the same thing goes for working out after you’re on vacation. I also like no attending meetings on the first day back! Let that post-vacation bliss last as long as possible!

    Susie |

  5. I find that having a day to get back into life before going back to work really helps but it’s not always feasible. And then easing myself back into work but throwing myself back into my personal routine with the gym and my blog really help. And also planning our next trip so that I can daydream about it haha

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