How Good is La Colombe’s Draft Latte?

By now you might have seen La Colombe’s Draft Latte popping up everywhere. Naturally being coffee curious, I picked one up at Trader Joe’s. I couldn’t even make it to the check out line without three people commenting on how delicious they were! Shortly after I decided to order them online and to give them all a try. So, how good is La Colombe’s Draft Latte?

It’s real good.

Here’s the run down of all their variety pack flavors, which you can purchase online.

Basic Information

Lactose-free, naturally sweetened with cane sugar, and contains a frothy layer of silky foam. I even poured one in a glass to test the foam claim! The result was an amazing Instagram photo. They range from 120-140 calories per can.

The Draft Latte

This is the original draft latte, which is equivalent to drinking 1 1/2 cups of coffee. If you’re thinking that sounds strong, then you’ll probably want to stick to this one. This one is actually my least favorite, because it is a little on the weaker side (though coffee practically flows through my veins now). Still, the flavor and texture is very good. If you’re not a fan of those sugary Starbuck’s fraps, then you’ll love this!

The Triple Draft Latte

This one is slightly stronger and equals drinking about 2 1/4 cups of coffee (yasss). I think this one is my favorite of the bunch! It wakes you up right away and it doesn’t taste overly like espresso. I find a lot of canned coffee tastes very bitter and strong. This one is just divine! The ratio of milk to espresso tastes like you’re drinking the real thing.

The Vanilla Draft Latte

The vanilla one is pretty delicious if you’re looking for a little flavor. It has the most calories at 140, and I honestly think the mocha is a little better at only 130 calories. The vanilla is pretty hidden and not very strong, so I’d recommend just going with the triple draft latte. Along with the original draft latte, I’d probably purchase this one the least. Though it’s still very very good.

The Mocha Draft Latte

Out of the flavored draft lattes, this one is one of the best! For the holidays they also have a peppermint mocha, which is absolute heaven! But that one won’t be around for too much longer. The mocha has a great chocolatey taste, that doesn’t make you feel like you’ll die from diabetes. I know I cannot stand it when mochas have too much chocolate!

Which La Colombe Draft Latte do you have your eye on?



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