Alright so I haven’t done this before on my blog, but today I am doing a full brand reivew on Glossier! Obviously I didn’t purchase every single product from this brand (I’d be seriously broke), but I did get to test out four products for you guys. Lately I’ve been thinking it’s more beneficial to do full brand reviews rather than a few products at a time.

What do you guys think? I think it cuts down on everyone’s time and reviews aren’t as scattered. Most importantly you don’t have to skim through blog posts to find different products. You’d essentially just look for ‘Glossier’ and all the products would be there. Let me know your thoughts on full brand reivews!

Okay, now back to the action… I purchased two products that people have been raaaaving about, one product that was recommended, and one product because if I purchased it I got free shipping (heh). For this brand review I chose:

1. Boy Brow (rave)

2. Blam Dotcom (rave)

3. Mega Greens Galaxy Pack (recommended)

4. Milky Jelly Cleanser (free shipping)

I really wanted to try their lip tints but every tint was sold out. I had also heard great things about the concealer, but again my shade was sold out. Had they been in stock I would have bought those two things as well.


Boy Brow

This product was definitely worth the hype. I kid you not, this is my new holy grail brow product (yes that’s right, brow ‘product’, not gel). I was so surprised by the quality of this brow gel compared to other products. First, I think it’s imperative to have a smaller brush. I find that brow brushes that are too big and mascara-like tend to be harder to catch the actual hair and not end up on your skin. Eight times out of ten I will end up with Anastasia brow gel on my skin. The brushes are just too big. I LOVE the wand and brush on this. It is literally the perfect size, and it will travel really well.

The second thing that surprised me was how freaking well this held my eyebrow shape. The shape stayed in place all day long and didn’t dry down rock hard. For me it isn’t a huge deal if eyebrow gel dries hard to the touch, but a nice added bonus of the Boy Brow is that it doesn’t dry down hard at all. Your eyebrows still feel like actual hair and are quite pillow like. It might have something to do with the mousy consistency of this. I find that ABH brow gel is more of a liquid. I am only comparing these to ABH because in my opinion she makes the best eyebrow line. But move aside Anastasia! Boy Brow is here and it’s what perfection is made of.

I could go on and on about this one product in particular, but I won’t. If you have more questions, leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to answer! For instance, I wouldn’t recommend this for every brow.


Balm Dotcom

This is another product I cannot say enough good things about. Until this guy, Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask was my go to. But I’ve entered this one in to the mix and my lips are loving it! It is the perfect consistency you’d want for a moisturizing blam, and it completely cures your most chapped lips overnight. I am definitely a lip biter, so I am constantly using the Balm Dotcom and my Agave Lip Mask over night to repair my lips. This is completely unscented which I also love. It’s super moisturizing the minute it hips your lips, it’s crazy! Almost as if you can feel it soaking in. While this is marketed as a skin salve, I think most people use this on their lips. They also recently came out with flavored ones in rose, cherry, mint, and coconut.

My one and only gripe about this product was that only 3/4 of the tube was full. You can see below in the photo where I’ve marked the start of the product with my finger (also, sorry for flipping you off). A lot of the top part was just air, which I was a little disappointed in.



Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

I bought this off a recommendation from someone on Instagram, and I love it! This mask is used to detoxify the skin and contains lots of good (and yummy) stuff including parsley, spinach, avocado, and orange peel. I did a take of my face before, put the mask on and let it sit for 20 minutes as instructed, and then I did a take after, and my face looked drastically clearer and cleaner. My pores weren’t as pronounced either. The mask itself is a light green and doesn’t have much of a smell. I think this would be really good for sensitive skin as everything is natural and there aren’t any perfumes or harsh chemicals.



Milky Jelly Cleanser

The only negative I really have was with this guy. For me, it wasn’t my favorite cleanser I’ve ever used. I watched a video on the Glossier website of the founder applying this to her face for makeup removal and as a cleanser. I was shocked at how well it removed eye makeup, so I tested it both ways. I will say this removes eye makeup extremely well and doesn’t sting your eyes. You can completely open your eyes during the middle of the removal process like it’s nothing. So let me first say, I LOVE THIS for removing makeup (especially for the eye area). However, after using this as a cleanser for a week night and day, I was not a fan of this component.

I had major problems with the texture of this and the way it melted in to the skin. This did not lather for me at all as a cleanser. I followed the instructions and even tried different techniques but could not get any foam to form. Instead when I rubbed this in to my face it almost felt like it disappeared and melted in to my face, which then made me wonder if it took all my day’s dirt and oil with it too. After I cleansed I took a cotton pad and my Pixi Glow Tonic to my face as always, and I would often notice the cotton pad looked a little dirty. Overall I just didn’t feel like this really cleaned my face. I think the problem is with the consistency of the jelly. Some people might like this, but I definitely prefer more of a lather and squeaky clean feeling. I almost felt like this just soaked in to my face and chilled there even after I rinsed. I also noticed more acne than usual with this.

I am going to continue to use this for makeup removal before I shower because it works fabulous on dry skin! But I was not a fan of this for a ‘cleanser’ and I feel like it would be better marketed as a makeup removal jelly only. If you are still wanting to try this out, it has a faint rose scent, is not harsh on the skin, and you can find the video of the makeup removal and cleansing process here.


Altogether I am very happy with Glossier and I loved the products I received. I will definitely be purchasing from them again. The way I’ve reviewed these four products goes in the order I was most impressed by. A big fat YES I would recommend all these products, even the milky jelly cleanser because everyone is different. In my mind I am contemplating whether or not to stock up on the Boy Brow. If the zombie apocalypse happens, at least I will have great brows.

One of my favorite things about Glossier is the packaging and branding. Glossier wants you to feel like you are buying a lifestyle, specifically a natural-looking one. I think their branding is so on point and it was really fun to receive my order online. Total I spent around $50 for four products. I had a 20% off coupon code and I got free shipping for purchasing the cleanser. Also included in my package was a sample of their moisturizing primer. So as far as value, I would give them an A+!

Let me know your thoughts on Glossier and any favorite products you have!



Bite Beauty

Pixi Beauty


    1. Yeah, and I mean if you don’t mind it doesn’t foam, then you might like it. But even then I just felt like it sat there and the product was gone in like two seconds. I think it’s just a preference thing. Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Thank you! You should definitely check them out. I think they are my new favorite brand. Bye bye money!! Haha.

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  1. I have been really curious about Glossier’s products, especially the Milk Jelly Cleanser and had only previously heard wonderful things. Thank you for an honest review…it doesn’t sound like the best product for my skin, I need to know I’m actually getting everything off my face when I clean it!

    1. Yeah same! I hated that so much. All the other products I am LOVING though. I am really impressed by them.

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    1. Same! Their packaging is so minimalistic and cute. Their brand really supports having fun too. I mean, they send you stickers!! Haha

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