I found BEING on Instagram like I do most smaller companies. They claim to have “minimalist, impact free, and socially responsible” skin care products. It’s easy to see the love and thoughtfulness that goes in to their brand, when they can promise this list to their customers:

100% natural
100% GMO-free
No preservatives
No artificial additives
No parabens
No synthetic fragrances or dyes
No soy-based ingredients
No sodium laurel sulfate
Reusable glass containers
Recycled packaging, which includes shredded junk mail!
Work w/ fair-trade certified suppliers

100% vegan
Work only w/ suppliers that don’t test on animals
Testing is done on willing husband, family and friends, never on animals!

While I don’t normally go for vegan and all natural products it’s certainly not a deterrent for me, so I thought I’d give them a shot! I ordered all their complexion clays to try:

Sana Terra


Lava Terra


Refina Terra


Calma Terra


Pura Terra


Out of the five, I gave three a try: Sana Terra, Lava Terra, and Calma Terra.

The Sana Terra is a green looking Cambrian blue complexion clay. It has a minty scent and is applied on the face by adding water to the clay to get your own desired consistency. This clay was the smoothest of the three when I applied it. That being said it was also the hardest to scrub off. I love the way this one felt. It instantly made my skin softer and brighter.


The Lava Terra is an Australian black complexion clay, that quite literally looks like super tiny lava rocks! So of course I was most intrigued by this one. This clay has a smell of rosemary and black licorice, but neither were overpowering. I’d say Lava is the ‘chunkiest’ of the three and the tiny rocks don’t fully dissolve. However it is the easiest to scrub off of the three. This one also left my skin feeling softer and brighter.


The Calma Terra is a French pink complexion clay, but looks a little more like terracotta after the water is added. The smell on this one is more earthy with hints of alfalfa or hay (we used to have a rabbit which we always fed alfalfa to, and it totally reminded me of that as weird as that sounds). This clay seemed less smoother than the Santa Terra, but not rocky like the Lava Terra. It also acted similar to the Lava and Santa by smoothing and brightening my skin.



I didn’t see much difference between the clays personally. However I did still like them. I would definitely use one of these clays on a monthly basis if I was doing a home spa day or something. I am a huge fan of the ingredients used for these, which you can check out on their website.

I’m not sure it’s necessary to have all five of these. I’d say two are a good purchase and nice to keep around for those days your skin is absolutely dragging. You can check out all BEING’s clay masks here. They also have a few other products including a bunch of bath salts!

Have you ever used a clay mask before? What are your favorites?!

BEING For Skin and Soul


  1. I love skincare that is simple and uses natural ingredients. I also love that they don’t test on animals. I haven’t tried too many clay masques before, but theses all sound really nice! I suppose if you didn’t notice much of a difference between, maybe they have similar effects? Love the packaging of these products too!


    1. They’re supposed to each have slightly different effects, but I think the effects work after time. I did them all at once so I didn’t get the benefit of time. But I did notice after each my skin was brighter and softer. 🙂

      I agree, their packaging is so cute!

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