Essence Bakery Café – Phoenix, AZ

After some much convincing of my boyfriend to try somewhere new this morning, we ended up at Essence Bakery Café. I had been here only one other time and found the interior to be reminiscent of an Australian café. Think lots of light wood and grey tones; the inside very open and light.



While Essence Bakery doesn’t claim to be the spot for the best latte, they do have a small coffee bar and make the basic coffee shop beverages. Since I madly wanted to go here for some breakfast, I thought I could also take this opportunity to review their coffee. As expected, you’ll want to come here for the food.

I did have the opportunity to try the cappuccino and their daily brew. Both were subpar. While not the worst coffee I’ve ever had, it definitely wasn’t close to the best. The cappuccino wasn’t creamy but instead slightly watery, with what you could tell had too much air in the foaming process. A huge disappointment considering I even ordered it to be made with whole milk (they don’t do 2%).



But to highlight a few amazing qualities about this place, they have the nicest French owners who you will often see on a visit, chatting it up with guests while they sip their coffee and enjoy their meals.  The French food is some of the best I’ve had outside Paris. The pastries have the perfect flake and glaze of oven baked sweetness. My favorite are their ‘French scrambled eggs’ which contain chives and dijon mustard (sounds odd, but basically THE BEST THING EVER).


So bottom line, if you visit here just stick to their delicious breakfast menu and daily brew. I did see a couple order some Americanos which looked very good. But can’t give any review on that for obvious reasons. For another time!

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Essence Bakery Café


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