EMA Espresso Bar – Prague, Czech Republic

It’s been a while since my last coffee shop review, and I am happy to bring these back with one of the best in Prage: EMA Espresso Bar. This is also my first international review, woot! Prague had so many great modern coffee shops, and in usual Emily fashion I underestimated the amount of time I would need to visit each one. EMA Espresso was one I knew I wanted to/needed to/longed to visit over all the others on my list.


EMA was only about a mile from where we were staying so we walked there on our second day in Prague. It’s actually kind of situated on an odd little side street with a ton of chain hotels. Definitely not tucked away, but nearly the only restaurant/coffee bar on the street. When I walked in I immediately fell in love with their classic modern use of space. Boxes were for sitting on and placing your coffee on. Ledges and wooden benches were for relaxing and having a chat with someone. There was a large communal table in the center, a bar area by the espresso machine, and a larger bar top running along one of the walls. The space was very minimal with lots of wood, and reminiscent of Australian design. Feel free to Google ‘Australian coffee shops’. #somuchwood




I knew I wanted a cappuccino because IT’SAFREAKINGCAPPUCCINO. A cappuccino is also my go to measure of a good coffee as I’ve said in previous posts. One cappuccino and americano later I was in heaven. By the way, in most coffee shops in Eastern Europe I’ve noticed they let you make your own americano. You’re given three things: a shot (or two) of espresso, hot water, and milk. It’s a do it yourself concept! I haven’t noticed this anywhere else in Western Europe before, though I also know americanos are not as popular as they are here in America. Anyone have any thoughts on this or even seen this before? Let me know!



My cappuccino was finally what I had been craving for the last week in Krakow. Prague and EMA completely nailed it. It was the best cappuccino I’d had in over a week and I was so happy. The pastry I had was also very delicious. Still have no idea what it was! I don’t ask questions, rather I order immediately because FOOD.

We sat for about 30 minutes and chatted about our plans for the day. I watched a lot of people move boxes to sit on and wait for their comrades to show up. Then a woman came over and gently placed a fresh arrangement of flowers on the table that were so beautiful. Newspapers pleasantly and un-annoyingly littered the tables and gave that pop of realness and old world charm.

Over all it seemed like a very lively place with happy baristas and customers. It was very packed when we arrived but cleared out a little as we sat talking. I couldn’t pass up a photo opportunity on the stairs walking down from the WC either. No one seemed to stare too terribly much. The baristas were nice and spoke good English, and the coffee was always brought out to where you were sitting which I thought was lovely.


I would definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting or living in Prague. It really has everything. Amazing coffee, hospitality, happy customers, good lighting, wonderful decor, and more. This coffee shop was just what I needed to start off my days in Prague. I’ll be back!

Any favorite coffee shops you have in Prague?


EMA Espresso Bar


  1. First of all, I absolutely LOVE Prague! Secondly, this coffee shop looks so interesting, I feel like it’d be a wonderful place to rest between sightseeing and catch up with friends. I’ve also never noticed the DIY coffee concept- guess I’ll have to go back to find out 😉

  2. I love reading your coffee shop reviews, you always take such beautiful photos as well. Makes me want to visit and enjoy a delicious cappuccino. Have a nice Sunday!

    Eden | Mint Notion

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