Dublin Day 1

8:00 am

We arrived in Dublin! We had two flights, one from Phoenix to Philly and one from Philly to Dublin (the jet lag is so real as I write this). As the plane pulled in we started to see a ton of snow and huge gusts of wind. We weren’t exactly prepared for snow on this trip, but according to the news, the rest of the Uk wasn’t either. So there’s that.

9:15 am

Trudged through snow to get our Uber and froze our arses off, according to two Phoenicians.

10:00 am

We arrived at our hotel, The Dean. We were a little on the early side to get into our room, so we had breakfast at Sophie’s, the restaurant at the top of The Dean. I got the eggs benny and it was sooo delicious! The front desk then came to find us and let us know our room was ready, which we weren’t expecting so early. But I’ve never turned down an early room!

11:30 am

Took photos of The Dean and our room, and yelled at my boyfriend several times for attempting to ‘get comfortable’ (blogger probs). Our room is really really stunning you guys! And I’m pretty sure I took a million photos! I cannot wait to edit them and talk about my experience at The Dean. More to come on that later.

1:00 pm

Boyfriend passes out, and I take a much needed shower. I face masked, edited some photos, and admired the snow a little as it fell. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten so see snow, so it’s been quite nice to watch it fall. Plus, I got some really cool photographs out of it.

4:00 pm

Somewhere between 1pm and now, I’ve done a bunch of random stuff that includes mostly trying to keep myself awake. First rule of jet lag: you need to stay awake and get on their time zone immediately. As I’m tpying this, I’ve been up for almost 24 hours, and boy is it brutal. But I’m not giving in! I’ve learned my lesson too many times before…

4:02 pm

Thinking about having another Nespresso.

We have dinner reservations tonight at 6pm at Sophie’s. The food actually looks really amazing and they have a few good gin drinks I am dying to try. We wanted to take it easy tonight since we are off to London at like 7:00 am tomorrow morning. Yup, straight from Dublin to London. Pleassse let the snow stay here in Dublin.

xoxo Emily


  1. Can’t wait for your Dublin, photos! I thought I’ll see at least one photo in this post… But you really had to tease us! Haha! Hope you enjoy your stay in Dublin. I can’t wait to plan a trip to Europe with my husband. But for now, I would rely on your writeups and photos to satisfy the “wanderlust” in me. 🙂


    1. Haha I am all about the tease! JK, I just didn’t have the time to upload any photos. I try to make the diary posts as simple as possible. 😉

    1. Thank you so much Susie! I definitely force myself to stay awake too because I cannot nap and then sleep later either.

  2. Oh man I love Dublin, but I bet it would be super annoying to have to take two flights from America rather than a 50 minute one from Gatwick. Glad you loved it though, and I love how whilst he passed out you go for the facemask haha, sounds exactly like the sort of thing I would do.

    Wandering Everywhere

    1. Haha it’s crazy annoying! I always say how envious I am of people that live in Europe. The flights are so short and so cheap!

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