1. Yes! It’s so amazing. I know so many people who are going this year, it’s crazy. The plane tickets are so cheap though.

    1. Thank you so much! I am starting to get more comfortable with it that’s for sure. I am changing my style a little bit too. It’s always a process!

    1. Hey Dora! Definitely check out the botanical gardens and the round tower. One of my favorite things was just to sit around in coffee shops and relax. Parks in CPH are also huge, and lots of people enjoy going or hanging outside and having coffee. You’ll love it!

  1. Sometimes no words are needed and I think that’s definitely true in this case! I love how you’ve managed to portray so many aspects of Copenhagen from art to decor to food and of course coffee!

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  2. Holy hell. Your photography in this post pretty much passes the point of being impressive and now I don’t even know how to feel, haha. Utterly perfect travel diary!!


    1. Thank you Sophie! Copenhagen is so close to Berlin too! I think you are based in Berlin, correct? I remember you commenting on some of my Berlin posts. It’s such an easy flight, I loved it!

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