ColourPop came out with some metals, yay!!! I have reviewed this brand before and have always loved their products since I was introduced to them by Kathleen Lights. If you want to see a few other reviews on their products I have done, check out here and here.


They came out with four ‘metallic’ lip colours about three weeks ago and I purchased three of the four in Kween, 3 Way, and Man Eater. They’ve been doing a Kylie Jenner type thing and only releasing them in batches, which I absolutely hate. One day I got lucky and had been checking my email when they just did their third release, so I was able to grab them before they sold out!ย Let’s get to it.

On My Lips

These do appear to dry down completely matte, and the formula seems to be extremely similar (if not the exact same formula) toย their other liquid lipsticks. These have a beautiful sheen to them which is achieved mostly with glitter. If you swatch these, be ready to have glitter all over your hands. However they don’t appear glittery on the lips at all. This formula is a bit lighter than their other products and you definitely have to have two or three coats to get that really deep pigmented look. The wear is very comfortable on these, but they do not last all day long like their ultra mattes. Something to consider if you don’t like reapplying lipstick.


(From left to right: Kween, Man Eater, 3 Way)


This one is the true red of the three, which makes it one of the most wearable. I could definitely see this as a nice topper to a red lipstick for a costume party or Christmas party. Fall where you at?

3 Way

This one is another red but with more of a plum sheen to it, and definitely my favorite of the three. It’s really really beautiful on the lips and completely wearable. Again, perfect for fall.

Man Eater

This one I didn’t like too much and it’s the least wearable of the three I bought. It’s more of a light brown/gold colour and I knew that it probably wouldn’t look too great on me, but I still wanted to buy it and try something unique. I could image this working really well for costume makeup though.


Final Thoughts

These metallics are super fun and great to add to your collection. For me, they sort of stop there. I don’t think the colours are super wearable and they definitely draw attention. For the girl that is nodding her head yes to all these things, then these are totally for you! I prefer a more monochromatic look with subtle pinks and nudes. I still love the way these swatch and I can’t stop staring at them. The Formula is ColourPop quality and super easy to worth with, which I love. If I am sounding a little on the fence, that’s because I am. I just can’t decide! I’ll definitely be wearing them more this week to see if they grow on me.

Would I Purchase Again?

As of now, I don’t think I would purchase these again. Maybe if they came out with some that were a little more wearable and had a little less glitter/sheen, I would consider purchasing. I also don’t like how they are releasing them in batches.

Have you tried the ColourPop metals yet? Let me know your thoughts!

P.S. ColourPop now ships internationally for all my readers who’ve been waiting for this!


ColourPop Cosmetics


  1. I’m glad the glitter doesn’t really show too much on the lips but I agree with you that I would just prefer it more if it wasn’t there at all. I like 3 way and these colors are definitely making me excited for Fall. Summer isn’t exactly my season.


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    1. I totally understand! I kind of felt that way too haha. I think I am a little too old to wear these colours. They are so fun though I couldn’t help but buy them.

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  2. It’s a shame that they aren’t long-lasting but I love the Kween and 3-way shades!!

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  3. When the Kylie metallic lip creams came out I was hoping for dupes! I’d want to try Colourpop. I wish I can find a good online seller here in the Philippines! xD


    1. I think ColourPop ships to the Philippines now! Those dang Kylie lip kits are so hard to get a hold of haha.

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    1. Definitely should have done some photos! A few people have asked haha. I might post some to my insta :). Thanks for stopping by Deasy!

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  4. 3 Way is probably my favourite shade too, going by your swatches! I love that the brand brought out metals, and even more than they ship internationally!

    1. Yes! I actually think they are dropping more metals today or sometime soon. Just saw on their insta they came out with lighter colours!!

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    1. Thank you Stella! They really are great if you’re looking for something bold and different. They came out with a few new shades today too!

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