How Caroline Hirons Changed My Skin Care Habits

This should admittedly really be titled: Things I Stopped Doing Because Caroline Hirons Said To. But the SEO gods pretty much own my soul at this point. So you’re not getting that title. If you’ve ever visited Caroline Hiron’s website, you know she is the queen of skin care. She has a cult following and truly gives the soundest advice when it comes to your face. After discovering her a few years ago, I had become obsessed with reading every new thing she posted about skin care. It wasn’t until this year that I actually started taking her advice on what not to do to your skin. So today I wanted to share with you how Caroline Hirons changed my skin care habits.

It is worth mentioning that all the things I am listing are more or less things I’ve completely stopped doing, things I was doing incorrectly, and junk that I was putting on my face (or things I wasn’t using on my face that I should have been). Basically, I’ve made every mistake in the book for my skin type. Live and learn, I guess?

Disclaimer: Not everything is unanimously believed in skin care. So if something works for you, then great! This isn’t to say you should stop doing anything that’s working for you. Everyone is different, but these tips have immensely helped my skin.


Don’t Face Directly Towards The Shower Head | Source

To be honest I never really face the shower when I wash my hair/body anyway, but I do know lots of people that do. You should definitely avoid facing the shower especially when shampooing your hair because of all the surfactants in the shampoo. Surfactants are compounds that cause your products to lather and foam. They are extremely alkaline, and having them running down your face will cause a breeding ground for acne. Now, if I accidentally splash some shampoo on my face, I make sure to wash it off immediately.

Washing My Face in The Shower With Body Wash/Body Soap | Source

I used to do this ALL. THE. TIME. It saddens me to think about it now! I think my pre-cleanse was an Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash on a bath sponge. It literally makes no sense. I’d wash my face with something so crappy and then proceed to put all these expensive products on my skin. The same rules apply here. Don’t let those surfactants touch your face! Invest in a good cleanser and use it in the shower if you must. Bar soap won’t cut it. Since I’ve stopped doing this I’ve noticed my skin has a lot less acne.

I Got Rid of My ‘Foaming Acne Cleansers’ | Source

Big Brands love tricking us. Luckily you are about to be educated! I was so shocked when Mrs. Hirons revealed that foaming anything is a load of rubbish and should not touch your face, especially if you are acne prone. Funny thing is, these huge companies generally market the foaming solutions to people with acne, and instead of helping it could actually be causing your break outs. I know what you’re thinking, again with the surfactants?! Yes, they really really suck. After I got rid of my foaming cleansers I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin (I was even using a Shiseido one!).


I Stopped Complaining About the Price | Source

With skin care you really do get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean go out and buy the most expensive skin care you can find. Learning to read skin care labels has changed my life. I now know what should be found in a good anti-aging moisturizer, or a good cleanser for my skin type. Do a little research and buy quality products that have good ingredients in them that make sense. Caroline put it perfectly when she said to you should be willing to spend as much on skin care as what you would spend on a good handbag or pair of shoes. Besides, you can get a new handbag, you can’t get a new face at 50. Just sayin’.

Not Wearing Sunscreen | Source

I’ll bust out my best mom voice for this one: “You must wear sunscreen.” I used to be so bad with wearing sunscreen on my face, and if I did I would just wear the generic brands that weren’t really meant for my face. Once I discovered how passionate Caroline Hirons was about sunscreen, I immediately started using it. Sunscreen is the best preventative to aging. That was something I never really thought about before. Now I have a nice ‘city SPF’ that I use if I know I am going to have some sun exposure for the day. Sunscreen is especially important to wear if you are using any retinol products as well.

Being Afraid of The Word ‘Oil’ | Source

I would say this one is probably the biggest thing that Caroline convinced me to stop doing. I would avoid oils like they were a Nickelback concert. Literally. I always assumed since I had oily and acne prone skin that oils would make it much worse. I would only use moisturizers that said ‘oil free’ and ‘matte’, and how I hate myself for doing that. Oils, balms, and moisturizers have changed my life and have made my acne prone skin a million times better. Let’s all say this together: oil will not break me out. Foaming cleansers and cheap mineral oil on the other hand will. Read the labels and get yourself a nice oil or oil based moisturizer. Your skin will love it.

Sidenote: I know this can be a huge step for ladies with oily and acne prone skin, so shoot me a message or leave me a comment if you’re still having doubts. I wouldn’t mind discussing it with you or sharing some of the products I use!

Not Reading the Ingredients in Anti-Aging Products | Source

This one is more about being an informed consumer. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on skin care, make sure you read the ingredients. I touched on this a bit earlier too. Currently anti-aging is all the rage so this one is really important, as you don’t want to get ripped off by great packaging and marketing. In general, you should be looking for these ingredients: SPF, Vitamin A, Glycolic/Lactic/Salicylic Acids, Vitamin C and E, and Vitamin B3.


Clearly I used to make a lot of skin care blunders. Thankfully by being a religious follower of Mrs. Hirons, I have learned to form better skin care habits and have completely gotten rid of the skin care myths I had. I really hope some of these things help you, and everything I mentioned I learned straight from Caroline’s website.

How much has my skin changed really? Well, A LOT. I don’t have breakouts like I used to (I get a pimple here and there now) and I sometimes go months without even getting one blemish. My hyper pigmentation has greatly improved and my skin just looks better overall. Investing in my skin care routine as well as not being afraid to use products with oil in them, have both helped my skin the most. Also, avoiding those nasty foaming washes (basically anything labeled ‘acne wash’).

Is there anything I’ve listed here that you were most surprised by? Leave me a comment below and let’s discuss! Who else read’s Caroline’s website?


  1. Foaming Cleanser’s?!. Is this only apply to Acne foaming cleansers or all of them? What do you think of Philosophy Purity Made simple. That is what I use and love it. Can you recommend another.

    1. Nope. It’s found in many foaming products such as shampoo, bar soap, skin care, etc. Usually read as sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. I think the Purity cleanser is great and I know a lot of people that love it. I have never personally used it, and as long as you like it then you should continue to use it! The sodium lauroamphoacetate it contains is a natural surfactant and is a more mild foaming agent.

  2. I’ll have to bookmark her site. It sounds like I could learn a thing or two. I used to believe that oil was bad for you too. I’m pretty sure I blamed it for so many breakouts when I was younger. Many of the products I use now contain oils and my skin has improved so much. Very informative post. πŸ™‚

  3. Acne has always been a struggle for me. I get them during times of stress. So I could do nothing at all, and BAM, horrible breakouts. Cystic ones at that. Apple Cider Vinegar helps, but it seems like there’s not much I can do because the issue is internal. I stopped caring about price tags on skincare a long time ago though, and love to use products with high quality ingredients!

    1. Same here! Always struggled with it and it’s the worst when I’m stressed out. Using high quality products is the way to go. I’ll never go back to not reading the labels.

  4. This is a brilliant read, Emily! I am thankful that my mum was a beauty fanatic when she was younger so she taught me to have a proper routine ever since I was a very young teen. I have pretty much good skin my whole life and I think a lot has to do with having a good routine since young.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. You’re so lucky! I never really learned anything beauty related until I was older. My mom just wasn’t in to that stuff, so growing up I wasn’t either. Your skin always looks so healthy and glowing! You can definitely tell you’ve been taking care of your skin for a long time. πŸ™‚

  5. I must be living under a rock cause I do not know who Caroline Hiron is.. BUT she sounds amazing!! I am definitely checking her website after this.

    I heard about the shower thing! I used to do it all the time until about two months ago and I notice a huge difference on my skin now!

    These are excellent tips that I will have to start incorporating! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Yes the shower thing really helps! Especially if you break out easily. She is super awesome, so glad to introduce you to her! πŸ˜‰

  6. I have never heard of Caroline Hirons, but I totally agree with a lot of your skin care points.
    Def. don’t shy away from the price and oil is so your best friend πŸ™‚ I pretty much only wear oil on my face!
    Also could not agree more with your mom.. SPF is key <3


    1. Thank you! Definitely check her out. She has some amazing tips and reviews all kinds of products. I love wearing oil on my face and I cannot believe it took me so long!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I was sooooo guilty of that haha. I did if for years! My skin has been a million times better since I stopped washing my face with body wash.

    1. Thanks Rasa! That’s the most important part, I think. It’s hard to get in the habit of checking though and it can be really overwhelming for sure!

  7. Honestly i can not over estimate the importance of sunscreen , as much as i love summer and the warm weather i also love to protect my skin. I love the fact you mentioned the shower tip , i’ll keep that in mind ,thanks so much for sharing and your skin is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! Yes sunscreen is so so important. Now I freak out if I forget it. Like I literally have a break down haha. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  8. Love these tips! Thanks so much for sharing. I love taking good care of my skin and recently since being pregnant I have had to stop using a lot of the products I used prior to pregnancy. I am definitely going to take some of these tips into consideration.

    Blame it on Barneys

    1. Thanks Lauren! And congrats on your pregnancy! If you end up having some hormonal skin issues, I reallyyy like Sunday Riley for their product range. FYI. πŸ˜‰

  9. Though I’ve never heard of Caroline Hirons, I’m happy to hear your skin is feeling good. By comparison to me, I really need a new skincare routine. The dry weather is not helping at all! Haha <3

    xx BASH |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. Thank you! I think with the colder weather I am for sure feeling more moisturizers lately and less on the toners and peels. Hope you find some good stuff for your skin! Murad’s Hydro-Dynamic moisturizer is my favvvvorite, maybe check that one out for your dry skin. πŸ™‚

  10. Great post Emily! I have never heard about Dr. Hiron but I will definitely be checking out her site now. Skincare is so important to me, more so than makeup nowadays. Also, I was very surprised by the ‘don’t face the shower’ fact that you mentioned earlier. I never thought about it this way but of course it makes so much sense. Thank you for mentioning that!

    1. Thanks girl! I totally agree that skin care has become so much more important to me as I get older. Caroline Hirons has sooo many resourceful tips on her site, so definitely check her out!

  11. A good cleanser is a must for having and maintaining a healthy skin. My fiance used to wash his face with shampoo or bath gel and he used to rub it so hard, you wouldn’t believe it haha! Now, he is using my face cleansers and even though they run out really quickly, I am very pleased he is taking care of his skin too!


    1. Nice! I am always asking my boyfriend if he wants me to get him some skin care stuff, but he refuses haha. Bar soap for him it is!!

  12. I loved her blog too when I first got into skincare! She shares so many life changing tips! The not washing your face in the shower was a huge game changer for me. Also reading labels! It seems so obvious but soo many of us don’t do it. I don’t follow her blog anymore cause I think she’s a bit of a shill and a sell out… but she’s still good for conventional skincare wisdom πŸ˜€ At the end of the day she inspired me to do more research in my skincare aaaand that research lead to me trusting her less lol

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. Interesting take Mili! I know she works with a ton of big brands now, however anything she’s ever recommended has been wonderful. I do take everything with a grain of salt though too. Especially from any kind of influencer. You just never know right? Thanks for your honest comment. πŸ™‚

    1. Haha for real! I’ve never actually faced the shower. I don’t like washing myself like that, so I totally get what you’re saying. And yes, definitely try the oils!

  13. Love your comment on “Being Afraid of The Word β€˜Oil’” – I also have this fear! Can you please recommend some oil based cleansers for my acne prone skin?

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