Even though winter is coming to a close and spring is in the air, I couldn’t help but be drawn to Butter London’s Lippy Liquid Lipstick in Ruby Murray: a beautiful deep dark red. For a contrast, I also purchased their liquid lipstick in Yummy Mummy which happens to be the cutest name ever!

I honestly wouldn’t consider these to be a liquid lipstick, or at least not what I’m used to seeing labeled as a liquid lipstick from cosmetic companies these days. These seem more like a lip gloss to me. The good news is, they aren’t sticky at all and actually sit very nicely on the lips.


First Impressions

Amazing colour and packaging. I swatched both of these on my hands in Ulta and I about died with how beautiful the colour looked. The packaging is perfectly feminine while still being simple. I was surprised how small these puppies were. Something to consider is that you don’t really get a lot of product. I’d say these are about 3/4 the size of a regular liquid lipstick. On the bonus side this makes them compact and good for travel!

On my lips

Both of these colours are really beautiful on the lips. There are some slight annoyances though. For one, I find with Ruby Murray you really have to apply coat after coat in order to build up the beautiful deep red colour. Which means, you can go through this product REALLY FAST. Not sure how I feel about that. Once you have it on, the red does not last very long. I needed to re-apply to keep the deep red colour within 20 minutes. No joke. I wasn’t eating or drinking anything so this was a big disappointment. With Yummy Mummy I found that wasn’t the case, probably because of its much lighter shade.

Other than that, they are not heavy and they sit really nicely on the lips. The applicator is easy to use and they are mostly fragrance free. Just be prepared to re-apply the darker shade a lot. I did find that after I had blotted Ruby Murray down (I didn’t want to wear it the rest of the day), it left a really beautiful lip stain on my lips all day long! So that’s another great way to wear this. In fact, I think I will mostly wear it as a lip stain. Try it out!



Final Thoughts

For $18 I really wasn’t too impressed with these. I feel like this is one of those products where they put all their energy in to making an amazing colour, but little in to thinking about the wear of it. So unfortunate when this happens really… Based on how much you have to use and the price, I can’t really recommend these. At least the darker shades anyway. I don’t seem to have that problem with Yummy Mummy, but I also haven’t tried to wear it all day yet. So maybe give these a go and choose a lighter colour!

Would I Purchase Again?

I do not think I would purchase these again. Sorry Butter! Really lovely colours, but need a better formula for the price.

Hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment below if you’ve purchased these. Any other Butter London products that you love? Let me know!


Butter London

Elf Cosmetics


  1. You make me feel so lazy with all of these cosmetics posts! I always just stick to my basic makeup routine, but I need to get out of that and try new products and colors and change up my look here and there!

    I agree that $18 is pretty steep, though, since you have to use so much to get that pretty red color!

    Lovely photos!


    1. Haha you make me feel so lazy with traveling! We can just swap blogs for the day ;). For me lips are my favorite way to add something new to your routine. I feel like it’s not as much of a commitment as finding a new foundation or eyebrow tint!

      Author Reply
    1. Spring is always good for mixing things up! Especially since the colours are generally lighter so it’s no a drastic change from bare lips. I think I have the opposite problem and own wayyy too many lip products. 😉

      Author Reply
  2. I only tried Butter London’s nail polishes and was curious about those lip glosses. The colors are so nice but 18$ is a bit expensive for the quality though. But maybe light colors could work well as lip stain?
    Love, Naomi

    1. I totally agree! I think the light colours work decently as they are, but the darker colours will work great for a lip stain. Still not in love though haha. Thanks for stopping by!

      Author Reply
    1. The quality isn’t really there. Not my favorite formula. But you’re right, very very pretty colours! 🙂

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