About The Blog

When I was 16, I fell in love with two of life’s best encounters: London and cappuccinos. At 28-years-old, I created Coat and Coffee, a blog dedicated to one of my favorite cities where you always need a coat and a coffee.

Coat and Coffee is focused on curating the very best aspects of traveling, into one digital space. This includes interiors, food, tips, and hidden gems. If it’s abroad, we want to share it!

We also love hard-working millennial women. Coat and Coffee only curates realistic and attainable travel, because chances are, you’re busy with life. There are no 23-year-old millionaire travelers here, and we get that. More than anyone.

Everything we present to our readers is realistic. We want you to be the savviest nine-to-fiver who travels often, eats well, and creates their own way.

A Message to our Readers

Life isn’t always orderly. In fact, my life is usually a balance between working full-time, traveling, gawking over interiors on Pinterest, blogging, and somewhere in there, making time for coffee dates.

Balance is key to surviving your 30’s as a millennial.

But Millennials get a bad rap. Maybe it’s all our ‘side hustles’, because we’re the one generation that truly believes we can do what we love and make money from it.

The truth is, we’re pretty awesome at leading extraordinary lives.

We are the most tolerant generation, the most environmentally conscious generation, and the most empathetic generation. We’re also the most convenience-loving bunch –  Hello iPhone that’s surgically attached to my hand and Google calendar that might literally implode. But also, hello Friday night: a nostalgic record player, a glass of wine, and a good book.

So, I dedicate this blog to working millennials with side hustles doing what they love. We cannot travel 24/7 or buy designer bags every week, even though the world might think so. We live a balanced life of a full-time job, a few vacations every year + weekend getaways, and a designer pair of sunnies when stress or big promotions deem it necessary.

xoxo Emily