A Millennial Airline Has Launched. Meet Joon.

You guys know I am a huge advocate for all things millennial, and apparently, so is Air France! Air France recently launched a boutique airline that specifically caters to millennials called Joon. Now, we can die happy with overpriced champagne, access to YouTube, and organic fruit.

Joon is not only recognized as a low-cost carrier though. Air France considers the airline a lifestyle brand that’s focused on incredible design and offering the newest in technology.

About Joon

So what’s different about millennial travel? Well, lots of things. Here’s what sets Joon apart:

  • Passengers (business or premium class) are welcomed with a glass of champagne or fruit juice.
  • They serve craft beer and signature cocktails, both with roots in France.
  • In-flight entertainment offers shows like Viceland, and in-flight streaming shows series and YouTube channels.
  • You can rent a VR headset. Yes, really.
  • Joon flight attendants wear casual outfits made from 60% recycled plastic, and classic white trainers.
  • They serve organic food and organic coffee.
Joon Business Class

Business class is no joke. The seats fold into beds and they each come with a personal reading light attached to the chair. Finally, the days of going blind from someone’s overhead light are over. Watch movies on a 15.6-inch touchscreen and noise reduction audio set. And lastly, don’t forget about your welcome kit: socks, slippers, a shoe bag, and wellbeing accessories, which include Clarins gel fondant, Vallebelle pillow mist, an eye mask, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and earplugs.

Joon Premium Economy

Premium economy features seats with a generous recline, amazing legroom (99cm compared to the average 70cm), adjustable footrests, and 13.3-inch HD touchscreens. Everyone gets a complimentary meal (including economy) and you can also pay to upgrade your meal or add a la carte items to your meal. Every meal is gourmet and is designed by a French chef. Can you say fancy?


Joon currently flies to European destinations including Oslo, Rome, Naples, Istanbul, Berlin, Barcelona, Porto, and Lisbon, with plans to begin serving Bergen, Norway and Budapest, Hungary in October 2018.

I searched for a flight myself from LAX to CDG just to see the pricing. I was actually surprised with how well priced their premium economy was. However, the economy seating didn’t seem that special to me, so I would recommend the premium economy. Business class was a little too pricey for me, though still do-able.

Would you consider taking a trip with Joon?




  1. With so many airlines out there, it’s pretty cool that a boutique airline launched! Oh man, a glass of champagne already won me over! I like how the flight attendants are wearing eco-friendly clothes. Hope the airline will be a big success! Love how there are so many destinations too! I’m kind of scared of airplanes as it is so definitely want to wait for a reputation to be established before trying it out 🙂


    1. That makes sense if you have a fear! There are a few boutique airlines popping up lately, and it’s so neat to see!

  2. I saw your Instagram story about Joon and was excited for this post. I just checked Chicago to Paris (since that will soon be our closest large airport and they have non-stop flight at a competitive rate so a huge thank you to Air France. This is awesome!

  3. I’ll admit that I’ve never heard of Joon but you’ve definitely sold it to me! I’m really impressed with all the little touches – you can tell they’ve really thought about everything!

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  4. This is pretty cool and about time! So many airlines have failed to move with the times, so I’m sure Joon has a pretty good chance of making it work with their offering 🙂

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