7 Travel Blogging Tips

Most of us are travel bloggers these days. I don’t mean this in the traditional sense of a ‘travel blogger’ (like me, for instance), but that we are all blogging on the go. Chances are if you run a blog, your life doesn’t stop for it. That means blogging also takes up your time on trips and vacations too. Sometimes maintaining a blog can be insanely hard to do when you’re having fun traveling. So today I am going to share with you 7 travel blogging tips!

This year I had two major dips in traffic. One month in April and one month in July my traffic was significantly lower than all my other months. The reason? I was in Europe for two weeks in April and in Mexico for a week in July. It might not seem like much, but this time away literally caused my traffic to dip. I know first hand that it isn’t easy setting aside time for blogging when you are having fun abroad. As a travel blogger I’ve definitely made mistakes, but I’ve learned a lot from them.

7 travel blogging tips

1. Set Aside Dedicated Time to Blog

First thing’s first and, well, obvious. You must set aside dedicated time to blog. This was probably the biggest mistake I made on my trip in April. I thought “well I’ll just blog when I have the time to at the end of the day.” Oh how wrong I was. Do you know how hard it is to blog at the end of the day when  you’ve been walking for 8 hours, dealing with a time difference, and stressing over food and language barriers? You are absolutely spent and the last thing you’ll want to do is open up your laptop at 9pm.

Setting aside dedicated time to blog can mean either setting aside time first thing in the morning or towards the end of the day, but more on this later. If you know you have a blog post to write for the day then I suggest setting aside a block of time and always over estimating. If it generally takes you an hour to write a post, then make sure you have a few hours of solid time to get it done. It can be ten times harder to write while in ‘vacation mode’.

2. Pick an Hour That Works Best For You, Not Your Travel Schedule

Schedule your blogging time around what works best for your writing, and not what works best for your travel schedule. If you work your blogging around your traveling, you won’t be as motivated to write. Ask yourself, “when do I most enjoy writing?” For me, I most enjoy writing in the early mornings. My creative juices are just flowing at that time. It’s really really challenging for me to write in the afternoon or at night. So therefore, I try to set aside time in the early mornings when I am traveling. Usually I’ll grab a latte down the street at the local cafe and bring it back to my apartment and blog.

If you write best in the evening/night, then you’ll want to set aside time in the evening on your tip to blog. Say you are traveling for a week. Then two nights (depending on how many times you post during the week) come home early from sightseeing and dedicate that time to blogging. You can get up early those days and have fun in the morning and afternoon instead. Another option, though my least favorite, is to blog in the middle of the day and only allow yourself back out again once you’ve finished a post. I know a lot of people that are motivated this way. I am pretty self motivated, so this isn’t my favorite option, but it could definitely help some of you out!

7 travel blogging tips

3. Avoid Deep Blogging

Avoiding harder topics and deep blogging has really made a difference for me while traveling. Instead of busting out with a full guide of Paris while on vacation (in Paris), save that for when you get home and you have the time to put in to that post. Writing easier posts while you’re away gives your audience some solid content, and you still get to keep your sanity. For instance, I have a section where I write a travel diary that describes my time where ever I am. It’s a fun way to connect with your audience while traveling and very easy to write. So think about smaller posts you can make while on the go, and save the ‘deep blogging’ for when you’re home.

4. Use Air Time

Writing while you are flying to and from your destination(s) can be a really great use of time! You don’t need internet to write and you can always transfer a word doc over to WordPress. It’s a good idea to write down a few post ideas for your blog before you take off. Narrow down which ones you’ll want to write while you fly, and pop open your laptop upon cruising altitude (see how much I fly?). This can also help you calm some nerves for anyone that’s afraid of flying. It will put your focus on a task instead of having your mind wander off in to all the possibilities of jet setting death. If you get nauseous, try some nausea medication that will allow you to write.

5. Blog From a Mobile Device

Did you know WordPress has an app for your mobile device now? You can literally blog straight from your phone! There are also a few other ways like publishing via email. That’s right. WordPress will also allow you to send an email in order to publish a blog post on your website (the option is found in your admin settings). Are you a vlogger? YouTube and WordPress now allow you to embed your YouTube video in to your post simply by pasting the YouTube URL straight in to your blog editor. Let’s hear a round of applause for technology!

Now I am totally going to ruin all the fun by saying: do be careful while blogging from a mobile device. It’s insanely easy to make mistakes with all the auto correct and formatting that might be different on your mobile device. Don’t let things get sloppy or sacrifice formatting for urgency. I would only suggest posting from your phone if you absolutely have to, but it’s definitely something that could help you stay on top of your blog while traveling.

7 travel blogging tips

6. Manage Your Social Presence Well

So by now we know my thoughts on blogging and traveling. Just because your life stops on vacation, doesn’t mean your blog should. This is the same for your social presence. In fact, it’s probably even more important to be active on social media if you’re traveling. That’s where your readers are going to get the best sense of what you’ve been up to, and the content that is possibly lacking from deeper blog posts (as mentioned above). Do set aside time to manage your social presence every day and share your trip with everyone via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect. This is probably pretty easy since we share everything with everyone now anyway.

For example, my biggest social presence is probably Instagram. It’s no secret that it’s my favorite platform to engage my readers and share my life on. In April while I was in Europe, I had a strict posting schedule for Instagram, which you can also read about here in my post: 9 Tips on How to Take Amazing Travel Photos for Instagram. I made sure to post three times a day since I knew I’d have tons of content to share, which is almost always the case when we travel. I posted once in the early morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night. Then before I went to bed I decided on my next photo for the morning. Finally, Instagram now has the option to save drafts! Praise baby Jesus. It’s easier than ever now to manage your social presence.

7. Write Content Before You Jet Set

Last but not least, you can resort to the good ol’ pre-written content. I don’t typically like to pre-write content myself, but I thought I would include this because I know lots of you do. For me, this is a last resort if you really really really just don’t want to blog while on your globetrotting adventures. And I totally get it, it’s hard! Pre-writing your content can really be useful to those who aren’t good liars to their future selves (I am a great liar to my future self, sorry Emily). With WordPress and most other major blogging platforms, you can schedule out your content to go live on a specific date and time. This allows you to sacrifice your time before your vacation and get it all out the way. Definitely a great option for those bloggers that know they just won’t write on the go.

I hope these 7 tips help you to keep blogging on your next travel adventure! Don’t lose traffic because you didn’t maintain  your blog or your social presence. It’s very easy to see a traffic decrease if you’re skipping out on blog posts. Most importantly though, have fun and don’t obsess over the numbers too much. These tips are meant to help you, but not to over take the time you need to yourself while vacationing. Happy blogging travelers!

Do you have any tips on blogging while on the go? Leave your best tips below for everyone to read!


    1. Thanks Stella! I totally agree. I could always work on my social presence too! Usually I am pretty excited to share photos, but I fail at Snapchat and Twitter haha.

    1. Definitely a good idea Laura! I am a huge procrastinator and work best under an ‘organized’ pressure haha. But I know a lot of people prefer scheduling their content out. Whatever works right?

  1. These are all such great tips and even though I don’t travel much, which of course I wish I did, I still feel they’re relevant to me, too! I love the one on scheduling your fun around the time you feel most inspired to write and not the opposite, it really does make such a difference in your mood and quality of content. Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have the best week ahead!



    1. Thank you Jalisa! I totally intended this for everyone who even travels the slightest. I know my blog used to always suffer even if I would take a weekend trip. Hopefully this helps! πŸ™‚

    1. It totally happens! Literally the exact same thing happened to me. Just wasn’t as motivated to write. I was so exhausted every day! Haha.

    1. Haha I was waiting for someone to say that! You are too funny. I agree that I definitely put a little less time in. I think we all do. Sometimes you just need a break and I am all for that!

  2. Love this blog topic babe! It can truly be difficult to blog while on vacation because, well, you’re on vacation! Not only do you want to take a break from your 9-5 job you kinda wanna break from it all together. But I’m so with you. My last vacation to Mexico was the first time I blogged on vacation (and kept up with Instagram) and I actually really enjoyed it! I was able to write by the pool and I felt really inspired. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was all the outfit photos I had to take before the sun would set. Sometimes it would be a race against time because I would spend most of my day makeup-less and in a bikini but would need to get gussied up for the evening. I think a good reminder to myself is not to take on too many assignments so I can really enjoy my vacation. It will be interesting to plan it all this upcoming year because my blogging demands are continuing to increase! Thanks again for sharing babe!

    xoxo Rina

    1. I hear ya! I think blogging on a tropical vacation is much more difficult haha. And then of course being a fashion blogger must be even more challenging. I think if I were one I’d have to pre-write my posts if I went somewhere tropical. I think it just depends on the vacation. Typically I prefer traveling to big cities in Europe, but for Mexico I definitely prefer to deplug and relax more. Though I’d probably still work on my blog haha. It’s always a good thing when your blogging demands increase! Woot!

  3. I have always relied on pre-scheduling content when traveling. As much as IΒ΄d love to stay up to date and blog “live”, I travel with two small children, so there is barely any time for myself, let alone time I can dedicate to blogging. That made a major impact when we did our 2 months road trip through New Zealand, but at least afterwards I knew who read my blog because they loved it and who was just there “commenting back”.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Definitely a great idea with little ones. And I’m sure with a large family you really need your vacations to BE vacations haha. That’s a good point about everyone truly loving your post vs commenting back. I’d never thought about that before! Makes a lot of sense…

  4. I really struggled when I travelled at th start of th year. I went away thinking I’d be blogging as I explored and yet it never panned out as so. It actually took me nearly all year. Can you believe that! Next trip I’ll be making time for sure. I’ll also ensure I use air time too. That was something I never did. Why though? Why th hell didn’t I!


    1. lol this literally happens to me every time too. I always have high hopes for myself and blogging. It’s just so hard to do when you’re excited about exploring a new country! Air time can definitely come in handy, though sometimes it’s difficult to write.

  5. Such a fab, informative and helpful post, my darling! πŸ™‚ I had a couple of longer breaks this year as well, but thankfully I didn’t notice my traffic dropping that much. At least, it was quite easy to get it back to ‘normal’ afterwards, if that makes sense. The annoying thing for me with travel blogging is that I DON’T want to be blogging when I’m on holiday, haha! Whenever I go on a little holiday, I like to just switch off completely… That means no social media, no blogging, and just enjoying life & my holiday. Is that weird? πŸ˜› Anyway, I find that having pre-written posts is a good solution! Although personally I do believe that it’s okay to just take a little break from blogging from time to time (unless it’s your full-time job, of course), and so I don’t worry about it too much if I can’t make my schedule every time. This is a truly helpful post hun!! Thank you so much for sharing. πŸ™‚ xoxo


    1. That’s great your traffic stayed the same! Mine totallyyyy dipped haha. And I do completely agree with you. I knew some people would mention that they take trips for the purpose of relaxing and not working, and I definitely have those trips too. It’s not weird! Thanks for your comment Kay!

  6. Dedicating specific time to blogging when travelling is a very good idea, as otherwise nothing ever gets done – as like you’ve said, after hours and hours of exploring, you just want to rest!


  7. Really nice tips! I would add “make sure you stay at a place where there is WiFi” πŸ˜€ During my stay in the Phillipines last week, I had a really hard time with the WiFi and I could not post the blogpost I wanted too because I simply had no internet :/
    Thank you a lot for your last comment on my blog πŸ™‚
    Sending much love!

    Rosa Larissa Klara

    conscious lifestyle of mine

    1. Haha yes Larissa! Omg I didn’t even think of that. Wifi is definitely necessary, unless you are on one of those work-free vacations. Which is very rare for me. Hope you are having a great week!

    1. Same here! I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes and I always pay when I am not as active on social. Thanks for the comment Andrea!

  8. Great ideas! Using air time is definitely something that has worked for me. Since it’s impossible for me to sleep, and most of the time I don’t purchase wifi, it’s surprisingly productive up there, haha. Of course, there are trips where I decide to just shut it all down and relax, but if I’m looking to keep up traffic and posting these will be my go-to tips for sure.

    Kathryn β€’ simplykk.com

    1. Haha I cannot sleep on planes for the life of me either. It sucks! And I totally agree that there are those trips specific for deplugging and relaxing. But I’d say I try and work my blog in to most of them. πŸ™‚

  9. This is such a helpful post ! I also see massive dips in my traffic when I’m away but I do the thing where I say I’ll write at the end of the day when I have tie but when I get there I just want to sleep ! I’m definitely going to start doing what you said and set a dedicated time for blogging ! I think it also helps to plan the posts ahead of time so you just have to write them !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


    1. Yes! Exactly! This post was written for people like us haha. I definitely see dips too and if you wait until the end of the day, you’ll almost never want to write. πŸ™‚

  10. You make a lot of excellent points here! I don’t travel much, but I work a full time job and run my lifestyle and “thoughts” blog. I am always jotting down notes at traffic lights or stopping mid-work to scribble on a post-it when something comes to me. lol

    1. I do the same thing. I am so many random notes in my phone that I’ve written haha! I work a full time job too and it’s definitely hard to keep up.

  11. When I am travelling, I really struggle with blogging. Blogging takes so much time and if I don’t give my 100% to it, I don’t feel like hitting publish. In May I had my wedding in Germany and I was there for 2 weeks, so my blog stats were on the floor. Having some content available for the away time would be great. I might be travelling during Christmas time so I will make sure to have some content ready instead of neglecting the blog completely.

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. I am the same way Ela. If I am not in it 100%, you can definitely tell. It comes off in my writing. Pre-writing posts can be a big help! I am a bit moody there too though in the sense that I prefer to write what I want to write about and when I want to write haha. For me, and we seem similar, I find that making time to blog while on vacation is best. Definitely try to make time when you know you do your best writing as well!

  12. These are such great tips, Em! I honestly go back and forth on whether I am willing to blog on major trips or not. I’m finding that, more and more, I need to use trips as a time to completely decompress from life. The guilt of not putting in the necessary work on my blog definitely gets to me though. I really like your suggestion of carving out a manageable amount of time like an hour each day to devote to blogging. I might just have to incorporate that into my daily routine on this next trip. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Kasie! I totally hear you. I think that’s why I wanted to write this. I get sooo bummed when I have to blog on vacations and I really just want no responsibility and I want to enjoy myself. But, I also want to take care of my blog and make sure my traffic doesn’t dip. So I think you have to give a little sometimes. It just depends! I always regret it on the weekends when I just let my blog go and I don’t even log in haha.

  13. Super helpful and well-written Emily! I think it’s safe to say we all struggle with this. I think the same can be said when having visitors/guest in town because even though you are home you still feel like you are on vacation with them, lol. With all the sight-seeing you have to do, eating out with them, playing tour guide, it is equally as exhausting. Especially being here in Rome, everyone wants to come and see/do everything. I am making it a priority though to make time to still continue to be active during the “down-time” instead of like watching tv for example for the time we are home and not out and about with guests.

    1. That is a good point! I could imagine how that would happen to you all the time. You are now the cool person living in Rome to everyone haha. I’m sure if it were me my friends and family they would be knocking on the door all the time. Playing tour guide is definitely exhausting! I also think a lot of people and especially family, don’t really understand the amount of time and work we put in to our blogs. They probably think we just type some stuff and call it a day haha. Good points!

  14. These are such great tips! I just started my travel blog this year so I’m kind of new to travel blogging and these tips will definitely help me out a lot.

    -Hannah (hannahtravels13.blogspot.com)

  15. Love the tips, thanks so much for sharing. I find a lot of these will work just with being in one place as well! It is so important to plan ahead and actually schedule times to sit down and work on posts or else sometimes they just don’t happen or we have no content to share.

    Thanks for sharing these tips!


    Blame it on Barneys

  16. Loving your tips! It’s so hard to keep posting when you’re having a good time traveling, my problem is that I’m such a sleepy girl, but I love the idea of posting via phone, I will consider that!


    1. Thanks Jen! Yes I think that’s the big problem for most of us, and rightfully so. Who wants to work while on vacation and having fun?? But the blog does call! πŸ˜‰

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