7 Online Shops That Will Elevate Your Interior Style

Style is something that undeniably changes as we age. In college, it was Target. Then as new grads we graduated to IKEA. And finally, after holding down a job for more than a year, it was West Elm. Okay so I’m still shopping at all these places. But, as a millennial who recently turned 30, I started thinking about my favorite finds last year that really elevated my home style (IKEA did not make the cut). From the little indie guys to my favorite big player, here are 7 online shops that will elevate your interior style.

7 Online Shops That Will Elevate Your Interior Style

Cooee Design | Beautiful Swedish ceramics

This small Swedish brand founded in the 50’s has the perfect stylish vase for any interior. If you love the Scandinavian look or modern feel, then you’ll love the addition of a Cooee vase! One of my favorite parts are their unique colors that set the mood for any room. They also carry a few other Swedish staples including cute and well crafted candle holders.

*image from Cooee Design

7 Online Shops That Will Elevate Your Interior Style

Muuto | Minimal Scandinavian design

I think the Muuto dots have been one of my favorite splurges for our home! Other than the infamous (and expensive) ‘dots’, Muuto carries a wide variety of Scandinavian-inspired accessories. Think of Muuto as the king of minimal design. If you’re looking to add to you’re home with the ‘less is more’ mentality, then you’ll love Muuto.

*image from Muuto

7 Online Shops That Will Elevate Your Interior Style

CB2 | Modern and affordable

CB2 is a larger home decor shop that’s nestled under the umbrella of Crate and Barrel. However, it couldn’t be more different. CB2 focuses on modern furniture and home accessories, but for an affordable price. I think nearly all of my dining area is from CB2. They also do unique collaborations with designers, to create custom one-of-a-kind pieces.

*image from CB2

7 Online Shops That Will Elevate Your Interior Style

Super Marché | Vintage treasures from Southern France

A blogger turned antique curator, SF Girl recently opened an amazing online shop full of her Parisian flea market finds! I am a little jealous I didn’t think of this, but even more jealous of the amazing pieces of furniture she finds. Her shop is the perfect place to find that beautiful antique that tells a story for your guests, which is one of my favorite parts about interior design.

*image from Super Marché

7 Online Shops That Will Elevate Your Interior Style

One King’s Lane | An eclectic offering

One King’s Lane has a little something for everyone. From Apadana rugs to white elegance and modern touches, this large decor company also offers design services. They also have an insanely beautiful Instagram full of inspiration for any style! What I love most about One King’s Lane is how versatile they can be. You just never know what piece you’ll find to elevate your home with.

*image from One King’s Lane

7 Online Shops That Will Elevate Your Interior Style

The Citizenry | Globally inspired boho

This smaller home decor shop is inspired by global artists and has a boho feel. The Citizenry is full of beautifully hand crafted accessories including pillows, blankets, rugs, and baskets. My favorite items are their gorgeous boho baskets. The prices may make you a little dizzy (don’t say I didn’t warn you), but they partner with local artists all over the world to sell pieces with integrity and authenticity.

*image from The Citizenry

7 Online Shops That Will Elevate Your Interior Style

EBTH | The premier estate sale marketplace

Everything but the House (EBTH) has been one of my favorite finds! It’s an online estate sale website that literally sells ‘everything but the house’. Hell, you might even find a house on there, who knows. Most of the bidding starts at only $1. I recommend checking out their art category and rummaging through their vintage paintings. Perfect to elevate a guest room or bathroom.

*image from EBTH

What’s been your favorite home decor or interior shop lately?


  1. Oh man, I can’t wait until I actually move out and HAVE MONEY so that I can splurge on all these amazing shops. Right now, my rom is legit a converted office cubic and I’m saving up for enough to buy fairy lights. But I love interior design and I can’t wait until I can go crazy on my own home. It’s so smart, the go the indie route. Who says everything needs to be from ikea?


    1. Yes, I totally agree! I actually think IKEA is a great way to grab some of the basics. And then I love CB2 for their affordability and stylish pieces! I would start with them for sure. 😉

    1. Haha oh I am too! Just have to throw in a little humour. 😉 I would recommend CB2! They really elevate your style, and their prices are so great. Hopefully you like modern though.

  2. When we first moved into our house two years ago, it was all about filling it with affordable furniture. Now I’m excited to start gathering pieces that will stand the test of time! I’m in love with One Kings Lane! Thank you for introducing me to them!

    Musings & More

    1. You’re welcome! I totally understand that process of wanting to find the cheapest stuff, and then making that transition later.

  3. Ooo I’m always looking for great places to shop for home decor goods so thank you for sharing this list! Usually I just visit my local HomeGoods to see what I can find, and occasionally I’ll visit Target for their cute decor pieces, but it’s nice to be able to expand my options 😀 I also like Joss & Main, for me they’re a more affordable alternative to One King’s Lane!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  4. Oh wow – I love all these selections and love posts like this! I always look out for things to add to my home and always feel an update is needed every few months so thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great start to 2018 and can’t wait to see more posts from you!

    Layla xx


  5. I know exactly what you mean about style changing as you get older. I’m roughly the same age as you and was all over Ikea and Target-like stores but that’s all changing. Now I’m cool with spending a little more to get something more stylish that will last the test of time. One of my current favourite online shops is HUH. I’ve got a number of styling accessories from them – well worth checking out. Looking forward to adding your recommendations to my list of shopping favourites 🙂

    1. Yes, exactly! Cb2 is perfect for that too! I still shop at those places but I am all for getting better quality things that will last forever. Things that aren’t just trends, but really interesting pieces!

  6. Those beautiful Swedish ceramics are to die for! Absolutely gorgeous, they’d really add a little something extra to your typical home. I adore your style, all these little bits add such a large amount of chic and style to any room, and can really bring a place to life. I want to start investing more on my current interior, so when the time comes I’ll definitely be checking back here (:

    Little Moon Elephant

  7. I can’t remember if I’ve already commented (I came back to subscribe to your email newsletter lol), but my favourites out of all of these has got to be the Swedish ceramics, as they’re exactly what I need to add to my place right now. These ones are gorgeous, and I would definitely like to get a few of these for myself.

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Aw thank you Amy-Anne! I saw that! Those Cooee ceramics are TO DIE FOR. They’re not overly expensive either. Though shipping might cost you! :p

  8. Ahhh I love such modern minimalist home decor, but sometimes I feel I might get bored with functional oriented decor. I am yet to figure out my style if I may be honest and I guess that will only happen when I have money & move out haha. But I do love checking out decor ideas and dream how my apartment would look like 😀
    Hope this week has been good to you!

    1. Yes! Anthro is sooo good for home stuff. They end up sometimes being a little too country chic for me, but I’ve been able to find some cute boho items there.

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