6 Reasons to Never Become a Travel Blogger

Ahh the life of a travel blogger. They travel around the world for free, take a photo here and there, and eat out every day without gaining an ounce of weight. Okay, maybe people don’t really believe all that. After all, I’ve been pretty forward with you guys in the past about how this role is exhausting and not always what it seems. Here are 6 reasons to never become a travel blogger.

6 Reasons to Never Become a Travel Blogger

We’re constantly creating content

Our jobs as travel bloggers is to create content for our audiences, and we never get a break. ‘Vacation’ is all about coordinating outfits, restaurants, and unique things to do. Creating content is an exhausting task that takes a lot of pre-planning before you set off on a trip and usually takes all day to shoot.

The reality is, If I am out somewhere I am constantly thinking of getting the best photograph, shooting footage, and, on top of that, trying to remember to post to social media. Rarely do I get the chance to just enjoy something. I’m either letting my food get cold or I’m missing out on being in the moment because I’m trying to capture the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it! I love creating for my audience, but it takes a very motivated and passionate individual, that’s for sure…

We wake up f*cking early

Going out drinking the night before and sleeping in until a blissful hour doesn’t exist in our books. Being a travel blogger takes waking up before anyone else so you can capture the content that you need. Often times I will spend only 24 or 48 hours in a single city on a two-week excursion. Therefore, I have to also take super early morning flights (6:00 am) in order to make the most out of my days. There’s not a lot of sleep in travel blogging, at all.

The biggest part of why we’re not sleeping? Jet lag. I get it. Jet lag might seem like an easy trade-off for traveling the world. I think it is too! Definitely. But, have you ever been jet lagged but needed to take a million photos or get work done for a client? It’s an awful combination. An Instagram takeover with bloodshot eyes is so sexy.

6 Reasons to Never Become a Travel Blogger

We spend our own money (and a lot of it)

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about travel blogging. A lot of us still spend our own money for places that we really want to visit. Now I know I am far from a huge travel influencer, but based on my knowledge and friends within the industry, a lot of bigger travel bloggers still pay for their own trips. Flights are one of the hardest things to get for free (even as a huge travel blogger), so you can bet that 80% of the time the flight was paid for out-of-pocket. And flights are not cheap by any means.

As a travel blogger, I know I am not going to fit every niche. While I try to secure sponsorships and discounted prices when I travel, it’s not always the case that it works out. Sometimes people just aren’t interested in your trip to Jordan. Therefore, you end up paying for most things yourself. On the contrary, sometimes I get a good amount of my trip paid for and I cannot complain.

We’re not eating out at every meal

The hardest part about traveling the world is sticking to a schedule and trying to remain healthy. While I travel a lot less than most travel bloggers, I still find it difficult to remain on schedule when I do travel for a few weeks. That being said, I almost always gain a few pounds while away. So how do we do the impossible and stay decently healthy and keep our pre-trip figures? We make hard choices.

You see, everything we share are highlight reels. You don’t get to see all the times I have an apple as a snack or a small breakfast to make way for the huge lunch I’m about to eat and document. It’s super hard to pass up eating out for every meal, but it does keep those little pounds from creeping in. I get how frustrating it can seem to see travel bloggers eat so much food and never gain a pound. I can assure you that we’re making hard choices to keep the weight off.

6 Reasons to Never Become a Travel Blogger

We have to be visible

If you’re camera shy like me, it can be difficult to be a travel blogger. People really want to see you and be able to relate to you, and experience your adventures as you’re experiencing them. Now, it’s not impossible to be a travel blogger who doesn’t like the camera. For me, I am fine with video, but not as much with being photographed. Obviously I consider myself a successful travel blogger, so it is possible! But it’s a lot harder to be successful if you want to stay invisible. Just taking photos of pretty things doesn’t cut it, unless you’re really really good at it.

We have to choose our travel buddies carefully

A lot of people don’t understand what it takes to be a travel blogger. For us, every tip is a day in at the office, and there’s going to be a lot of people that don’t understand that. We have to choose our travel partners carefully and make sure we travel with people who are willing to stop several times for a photo, and overall just be patient with us. That’s why you’ll most likely find us traveling alone or with other content creators who value the creative process and are creating something of their own.

The bonus to traveling with us? Everything is planned out for you. It’s really like traveling with a personal guide who’s done everything! My boyfriend hates to plan, so it’s the perfect trade-off. He helps me shoot content and I tell him where we’re going.

Have you ever considered becoming a travel blogger?


  1. I feel like travel bloggers and then fashion/lifestyle bloggers have it hardest in regards to creating content. Mostly because you physically have to leave your house to create content while us beauty bloggers focus on products (and an occasional selfie) but creating content is so much more manageable and we can create it from the comfort of our own home.


    1. I actually never really thought about that, but you’re right!! I think that’s probably why the travel blogging market isn’t super oversaturated as say beauty is. Interesting thought!

  2. I can totally understand this post! Being a travel blogger can definitely be difficult…there are definitely pros and cons. Though I do find being able to visit new places and sharing those experiences on our blog to be quite rewarding. 🙂


    1. I totally agree with you, which is why I do it! It’s just so hard sometimes to keep taking vacations and not actually get a vacation haha. But I do love sharing everything. 🙂

  3. Travel buddies are so important like you say! There’s no point in travelling as a blogger if your buddy won’t stop and take photos.
    It does always look fun to travel, but I can imagine the early mornings can get hard, I woke up extra early in turkey for a photoshoot in the sun rise on the beach.. in the freezing cold water. I’m glad that I did it now, but at the time i managed to mess up or the next day or so with no energy


    1. Thanks so much Tyler! It’s rewarding, but a lot of people don’t realize all the work that goes into it!

  4. I have so much respect for all bloggers – it takes a lot of work to create content and even though you’re out exploring, you have to think about how to turn your experience into something people can understand by reading the blog post. Oh man, I get those 6am flights!! How do you sleep!! It’s great that you have a lot of the costs paid for.

    Oh man, I can’t imagine how much exercise is needed for travel bloggers to keep in shape! I’m jealous of people who can eat a lot and don’t need to worry about exercising or gaining weight @__@. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about being a travel blogger. I mean that’s the same about work travel – people thought I’d be exploring the city and such.. NoooOOoooo – I was stuck in a conference room all day and it’d be dark by the time I leave XD.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  5. I like this post as you highlight why it’s hard to do travel blogging, although I’m more of a lifestyle blogger I do travel too and make the most out of it for my content. One thing that registers me is to find a travel buddy which I haven’t yet, I always travel with my husband who always complains that I take too many photos. We just got back from New Zealand and I’m glad my niece came along to take most of my photos, maybe she can be my travel buddy.


  6. This was so interesting to read. Thanks for sharing insight of what it takes to be a travel blogger.
    I love travelling , only thing I hate about it is that I always gain weight while I’m away. haha.
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear.

    Nina’s Style Blog

  7. As a travel blogger, I agree and relate to every word in this post, Emily. Being a travel blogger is a very challenging job, but an extremely rewarding one. So happy I’ve stumbled upon your post. Keep up the awesome work!

  8. I think for a lot of people, the whole concept of being a travel blogger is one you’d think: ‘Well, what’s NOT to like?’ so this is an incredibly thought-provoking post which a lot of aspirational bloggers could do with reading! There is just so much you don’t realise goes on behind the scenes! I’m definitely the same as you – I really struggle with having to be in front of the camera at times!

    Musings & More

  9. I think for a lot of people, the whole concept of being a travel blogger is one you’d think: ‘Well, what’s NOT to like?’ so this is an incredibly thought-provoking post which a lot of aspirational bloggers could do with reading! There is just so much you don’t realise goes on behind the scenes! I’m definitely the same as you – I really struggle with having to be in front of the camera at times!

    Musings & More

    1. Yes, I totally agree! I definitely do think it’s worth it, BUT, I also wanted to show how hard it is when everyone thinks it’s so easy haha.

  10. Makes complete sense. It’s a little sad when you think about it, but you’re audience (me) are grateful for the content you create!

  11. What a great post! I laughed about getting up f*cking early, I do this EVERY time, but you know, I also complain about it every time… haha… I say “I’ll never do this crap again”, and then procede to go ahead and do it the next time. 🙂 But early is better, you get more time in your day!
    When I am traveling with my kids, they get so frustrated at me for taking photos of EVERYTHING… But hey… I pay their way, they need to get over it 🙂
    Loved this post!

  12. This is a great post! Although I am not a travel blogger I can still totally relate, as a style blogger those early morning wake-up calls to catch flights or to beat everyone to certain destinations so you can get the perfect shots uninterruptedly is so real and very tiresome at times! x
    Diana | http://www.cettedame.com

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