5 women who will inspire you beyond travel

As a travel blogger, it’s not often I get to write about my fellow female travelers. After all, this blog is a place to share my journey with the world. But there are so many incredible women who inspire me on a daily basis within the travel community, and not just through pretty Instagram photos, but with their perseverance, courage, and kind hearts. From a million followers to 1,000, here are the 5 women who will inspire you beyond travel.

Martinique Lewis - 5 women who will inspire you beyond travel

1. Martinique Lewis

This woman. How do I even describe her in a few short paragraphs? She is determined to change the narrative in the travel industry by advocating for more representation of black travelers.

I discovered Marty through my business account @vorjou, and I was so happy to come across someone who was spreading the word about diversity in travel. It’s something the industry has grossly neglected and there’s no doubt in my mind that one day the industry will be a reflection of every color and every body type because of her efforts.

Marty is constantly creating some freaking amazing travel content on her Instagram and is involved in several side projects. You can find her at @marty_sandiego.

Brook Saward - 5 women who will inspire you beyond travel

2. Brooke Saward

Brook will always hold a special place in my heart for inspiration because she was the first travel blog that ever caught my eye. In fact, she was the reason I became a travel blogger.

Known more famously by her blog name, World of Wanderlust, Brooke has visited what feels like every single country possible. She writes about everything from solo travel to comparing the best macarons in Paris. What I love most about Brook is her constant knack for inspiring you to get out into the world, whether it’s through an Instagram caption or a well thought out blog post. In my mind, she will always be the OG travel blogger.

You can find Brook on Instagram at @worldwanderlust. Though I highly recommend getting lost in her blog.

Riana Singh - 5 women who will inspire you beyond travel

3. Riana Singh

When I first saw Riana posting photos of her Nikes, I knew I had to give her a follow. As a fellow traveler, I loved that we both always found room for a pair of Nikes in our shots. It’s a vibe.

Not long after, I realized there was much more to Riana than snapping photos of LA, drinking coffee, and wearing Nikes. As an advocate for mentorship and diversity and inclusion in business, Riana will open your eyes to major issues that exist for women at work. Never afraid to elicit real and raw conversation surrounding the hardships women face, she teaches us that we are not alone and we have a voice.

Riana founded the Boss Women Collective, a community that aims to connect women in real life through intimate experiences. You can find her on Instagram at @rianasingh_.

Lisa-Marie - 5 women who will inspire you beyond travel

4. Lisa-Marie

Lisa-Marie calls their duo (her and Tim) an ‘esthetically emotional couple’. I can’t remember how I discovered her, but after experiencing Italy from her point of view, I am dying to take two weeks off work and roam my way through Italy (pun intended).

Obsessed with light, she captures the world through her artistic soul. She will literally have you trying to capture the sun bouncing off buildings. Lisa-Marie and Tim are constantly on-the-go. From Milan to New York to Bali, her adventures are far from cliche and her stories are so incredibly unique and genuine. I almost feel guilty about sharing her here because I consider her view of the world sacred at this point. If you are sick of seeing the same vapid travel photos, you will be incredibly inspired by this woman.

You can find Lisa-Marie (and Tim) on Instagram under the shared account of @jimsandkittys.

Kyle Quay - 5 women who will inspire you beyond travel

5. Kyla Quay

If you’ve ever wanted to experience what life is like as a flight attendant, then look no further. Kyle documents her travels as a flight attendant on her Instagram.

I randomly met Kyla at a coffee shop when she was fresh out of flight attendant school. I probably annoyed the hell out of her asking a million questions! But to be honest, it had always been a dream of mine to travel the world as a flight attendant. She will honestly inspire you to live out your dream of traveling. I believe her words were “why not?!” That’s good enough for me!

You can find Kyla on Instagram at @kylaquay. Check out her AA Training highlight! It’s an inside look into the process of becoming an FA.

What women inspire you beyond travel?


  1. I always love reading up on what other women are doing for some inspo. I haven’t heard of these women before but I love that Riana is from LA! She takes LA living to the next level. Thanks for sharing these amazing women!!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  2. It’s so fab that you are sharing the love for your fellow travel bloggers Emily! I’m on a travel ban at the moment as we’re trying to save for a new house/wedding but I definitely can’t resist checking out all these fab ladies!

    Musings & More

  3. Can’t wait to check out their accounts! It’s always interesting (and inspiring) to see how other women travel, where they travel, and so on. Thank you for sharing, Emily!

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

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