5 tips for raising a child who loves to travel

I was definitely a child traveler. Always on the go, my parents kept us busy with road trips and international excursions for which I am forever grateful. Raising little travelers can be quite tricky, especially because traveling with kids can be such an interesting adventure; one any parent would gladly pass on (I don’t blame them). So, here are 5 tips for raising a child who loves to travel! It’s easier than you think.

Start them young

It really is a magical experience when a child embarks on their first trip. Their curiosity becomes endless and they begin to understand just how big the world is. Start your children young so they are accustomed to long flights, new people, and odd food. But also don’t be afraid to fall back on chicken fingers! Exepctations vs reality…

Reminisce with them

Go ahead and bust out the old photos of you at the top of the Eiffel Tower. The more experiences and adventures you have to share, the more curious they’ll become. Bond with your children through stories and photos of your own adventures. Even better, try and recreate some of those photos on your next family trip together!

Let them pack

While packing may be the bane of adult existence (not as bad as un-packing though, amiright?), children will get excited over the responsibility! Make your children a list of items to pack and let them add those items to their suitcase. It will instill in them some healthy responsibility and anticipation for the journey ahead.

Buy them a guidebook

While guidebooks are sort of a thing of the past, any educational tool will work. Buying them guidebooks of the places you’re visiting will get them excited about your destination and have their head spinning with ideas and facts. I will never forget my first guidebook to London! I read it cover to cover.

Let them plan

Now that they know about the place they are visiting, let them pick a sightseeing activity for the day. By giving them the freedom to pick, you will make them feel independent and allow them to experience one of the best parts about traveling: the planning.

So, are you raising a little traveler? Leave your best tips below!


  1. This is such a great post! I was a child traveler as well and have fond memories of fun family trips. So I can really relate to all these tips especially the one about starting young to help them get used to long flights or road trips. My first international flight was when I was 3 months old!

  2. I was a child traveller too mainly because my parents both have family overseas! I definitely think that those family holidays are the reason I grew up to be so obsessed with travel. So I hope when I have kids I can inspire them to travel too 🙂

    Jenny | Local Leo

    1. Same here! I am so glad I had that kind of childhood where we were always busy and exploring. It definitely shaped me as a person. 🙂

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