5 Things to Know Before your Greek Summer

The Greek islands are known for stunning blue waters, 7:00 am bed times, and possibly the best place to spend your summer. Recently back from my own holiday in Mykonos and Santorini, I wanted to share with you 5 things to know before your Greek summer. If you’ve ever been to Greece, then you know things can be, uhh, interesting…

You’re Not Allowed to Flush

Okay, you can flush, just not your TP! The simple explanation? The sewage pipes in Greece are only 2 inches in diameter. So any time you plan on wiping (which I hope is always), be prepared to save your toilet paper for the trash can that’s usually next to the toilet.

There are signs marked everywhere for tourists not to flush their toilet paper. I know it seems a little odd and somewhat gross at first, especially if it’s, well, you know. But respect their wishes, and don’t flush your TP.

They Only Drink Bottled Water

Island life in Greece comes with many challenges. One of them being that all their tap water comes from desalinization plants, and therefore it’s not good to drink. You will be offered bottled water everywhere you go. So do not ask for tap water, unless you like salty water.

The locals don’t drink the tap water either. So don’t worry, its one of the few countries you can actually drink bottled water and not look like a tourist.

5 Things to Know Before your Greek Summer

‘Greek Time’

Greek time, how I do not miss you. Yes, ‘Greek time’ is a real thing, and if you are the least bit obsessive about getting stuff done, then good luck. Greece definitely runs on its own time. Nothing leaves early or gets done on time, and things are usually kind of unorganized.

My advice? Just embrace it and go with the flow. As someone who defines being late as being on time, several large breaths were needed throughout my Greek summer. I still love you Greece.

Island Airports are Possibly the Worst Thing Ever

If you’re flying to any of the islands for your Greek holiday, be prepared for nothing to run on time (case in point made above), and a hot and crowded scene. July and August are the most popular months to visit the islands. So just imagine the influx of people these poor tiny airports receive.

The small airports make for really hot temperatures (no air conditioning), and a sardine-like experience. Also, take a tip from me and try and avoid the restrooms. Though some are nicer than others.

5 Things to Know Before your Greek Summer

The Mighty Greek Flag

Oh, how I miss seeing the Greek flag on the daily. The Greeks are damn proud to be Greek, and it’s reflected everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a country with more of its own flags flying proudly through the wind. You’ll see Greek flags everywhere on your holiday, and begin to wonder why your own country doesn’t have more flags.

Thank you Greece, for giving us the best summers, and always keeping us guessing with your charm. Where’s your next holiday?

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  1. This is an awesome post! I haven’t made it tn Greece yet and this post is perfect example of all the things u never find out until u visit a place yourself !

    I’ve seen so many pictures from Greece and so many of my friends have visited the islands but never once did I know the above particularly the not flushing part! Absolutely amazed right now and can’t stop laughing !


  2. funnily enough, my parents don’t flush their tp either – we had a plumbing problem and it was easily fixed by reducing the amount of tp we flushed so we just usually don’t anymore.

    alternatively, i feel like canadians are so proud to be canadian! they have things like “canada way,” “king street,” “queen street,” and plastered on their mcdonald’s trucks are “chicken grown in canada!” – basically anything that they can brag about being canadian, they’ll do it haha. I just love it, really. my canadian friends also take canada day *very* seriously.

    becky @ star violet

    1. You are totally right! The funny thing is that all the people I went to Greece with were Greek, but they all lived in Canada! Haha. They are definitely proud to be Greek and Canadian. 😉

  3. Wow I am so glad to have read this post! Greece looks so beautiful, there had to be some sort of downside. Well, not that these facts are downsides, but they’re definitely way different than life in America! Thank you so much for the heads up! I hope to remember these tips, in case we decide to honeymoon in Greece!


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