5 Nostalgic Travel Trends to Say Goodbye to

Millennials love nostalgia. We’ve actually been defined as the most ‘nostalgic’ bunch out of all the other generations. Maybe it’s because we still grew up playing outside on the block, but were the first generation to have mandatory computer classes (the Oregon Trail anyone?). Either way, we miss stuff. Here are 5 nostalgic travel trends to say goodbye to.

5 Nostalgic Travel Trends to Say Goodbye to
(Actual disposable camera photo circa 2004)

Read more about my traveling childhood here.

Disposable Cameras

Who doesn’t remember traveling with these? I’ll admit, sometimes I’ll throw one in my suitcase just for fun. But then I always forget to get it developed, which is probably why these don’t exist anymore. We want instantly accessible photos.

I don’t mind this trend has disappeared, but I’ll never forget the laughter of taking those god-awful accidental and out-of-focus photos of someone’s back end. It was always up in the air with film, and I kind of miss that.

Traveler’s Checks

Oh boy. This is a trend I am glad to say goodbye to. If I ever overhear these two words together in a conversation, I am glad to step in and give a slap on the wrist. Kidding of course, that would be assault.

Traveler’s checks were definitely hot back in the day. I remember my family purchasing them around 2004, which was probably still a little outdated for that year. Dear traveler’s checks, we are happy to see you go!

5 Nostalgic Travel Trends to Say Goodbye to

Different Currencies in Europe

This one has to be the hardest memory to swallow. Remember the joy of going to another country and collecting their currency? Now most European countries have made way for the Euro. Luckily some European countries still have and use their own currency.

I remember in 2004 when I took my first international trip to London, they still had the British pound as their main currency. I still have coins from that trip, and it’s so nostalgic for me.

Travel Brochures

I have a love/hate nostalgia with travel brochures. I can’t really decide. On one hand, I love the smell of paper and holding something physical. But on the other hand, I love not looking like a tourist. With so much information available to us today at the tap of a screen, it’s easy to realize why travel brochures are now non-existent.

The amount of information we have online that we can search and find, will never be able to be contained in a single travel brochure. #RIP

5 Nostalgic Travel Trends to Say Goodbye to

City Maps

Along with travel brochures, maps are also gone. The only time we buy a city map is to frame it and put it up in our home, which is a little ironic. In fact, we don’t even buy them. We print them online.

City maps definitely got a bad rap throughout the years because it made you very easily targetable as a tourist. Maps are bulky, and you could never get them to fold right! Just me?

What travel trends do you find yourself missing the most?


  1. Disagree on the city maps. I always have a paper map, showing my route marked out in advance. I want to know where I’m going before I get there. And you can fold them in any way that you want to, leaving your route on top. Fits easily into a pocket, and is easy to pull out, look at, and put back into your pocket.

    Sure, you will look like a tourist if you are staring at a map. That’s why it is better to mark the map beforehand, fold as required, and then be able to quickly look at the map. Realistically, you cannot quickly look at a small iPhone screen (especially if you are in bright sunlight), and not look like a tourist.

    I love Google Maps as much as the next person, but for traveling, I would not be without a paper map in hand (or pocket).

    1. Thanks for the input Fred! It’s definitely a generational thing I think. You hardly see any millennials using these, but I do see older generations still carrying them. They would for sure come in handy too in the case of an emergency! We rely a lot on technology.

  2. Film camera is a “trend” I still continue! Although I bring my proper SLR camera rather than disposable. I definitely agree with the maps (YES WHY IS IT IMPOSSIBLE TO FOLD THEM BACK!) and guides but I feel there are some people (generally older people) who I still see carrying them around.

    nat // dignifiable

    1. A film camera or a disposable camera? I know lots of people that still use film, for more artistic shots. But I haven’t seen anyone in years with an actual disposable one. I used to carry them around on trips for fun, but even that seems like a long time ago. I would be shocked to see one now!

  3. You do realize they still use pounds in the UK? not all countries switched to euros! (And I guess now with Brexit they are glad they didn’t) So hang on to those coins, you can use them next time you visit

    1. Yes, of course! I was merely making the point that a lot of countries are in the process of switching to Euros. You can still use the local currency in a lot of these countries, but the euro is getting to be more widely used. Personally I look at the exchange rate for each. The British pound is usually higher. So case in point, I think that’s why most travelers prefer the euro including myself. And I don’t think I’ll ever use my precious coins! They were from my first international trip to England. 🙂

  4. Aaaah, I really miss film and disposable cameras! My mom loved bringing disposable cameras with her on vacations because they weren’t as bulky as the film camera, haha. Maybe I’ll revisit the old film camera sometime, I hope my parents still have theirs!

    becky @ star violet

    1. Haha yes! I still have three or four sitting somewhere in storage that I never developed! I’d love to see what’s on there. ;p

  5. Lol to this post- traveler’s checks! I remember when I went to London in 2007 and my parents were INSISTENT I get traveler’s checks. We didn’t need ’em them and we certainly don’t now. I was so surprised how easy it was to grab cash out of ATMs while we were in Greece in May- it was all exchanged for you!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Haha it’s always the parents, I swear! It makes me wonder if I’ll be like that as I start to get older haha. You can pretty much use a card anywhere now, which is so freaking awesome. 🙂

  6. lol at disposable cameras. I actually kinda miss the idea of getting them printed and finding out your head was cut off! Those were the days, ha! I totally agree I just went on vacation to Spain and downloaded google maps to help me navigate the city 🙂

    Jessica xo
    the way to my Hart

    1. Haha yes, it was so much fun! I remember when 1 hour development came out and it was the best thing ever, because you didn’t have to wait for days.

  7. I miss the disposable cameras, not because they’re practical but rather they bring back memories of my childhood – I had my cheap disposable camera while my parents had the more expensive one. There’s something so exciting about taking your film to get it developed and then picking them up to see your photos!

    On the other hand I’m so grateful for Google Maps as I can’t navigate a paper map of my life depended on it, so that’s one trend I’m glad is mostly gone!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    1. Haha yes, I totally agree! I think the nostalgia makes us still want them. Google Maps is definitely the only the I use. It helps sooo much.

  8. THE OREGON TRAIL!!! Oh my gosh haha, that just made my day! Disposable cameras were the BEST. It was so fun to see what pictures you ended up with. Those were a big part of high school for us! I also remember collecting all of those travel brochures when I was little. But I am glad the maps are more or less gone. I’m NO good with finding my own way in a city. I need Google to tell me where to go! This was such a fun trip down memory lane!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

    1. Haha yes! I remember using them in HS and brining them to dances and stuff with our friends. So crazy! I couldn’t live without Google Maps. 😉

  9. Ah, the good ol’ disposable cameras. I was cleaning my room out earlier and actually found one that had been tucked away in my room! City maps are my favorite. I try to score the free ones whenever I can, especially if I’m in a new place.

    PS I am loving your blog by the way!

    cabin twenty-four

    1. I like city maps for photos, but beyond that I never seem to use them! Haha. So glad to hear you like my blog! Thank you. 🙂

  10. This past summer I’ve actually been enjoying disposable cameras! It’s been a blast and especially for nights out it’s been great because even if something does happen to it, it wouldn’t be too bad. The only thing that upset me a little, is that only half of the pictures turned out. I then bought a camera from a different company but haven’t used it yet!

    xx, rebecca

    1. I can definitely agree with this Dora! Usually if they have their local currency, I still use and buy euro. It’s just ten times easier and the exchange rate is usually better. 🙂

    1. Yay! Thank you! I think they are making their way back due to all the nostalgia! It’s definitely kind of cool. I really did read somewhere that we are one of the most nostalgic generations. Everything that makes a comeback is because we miss it! Haha. It’s kind of neat.

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