3 Fall Inspired Drinks from Starbucks

Let’s just start by acknowledging that it’s everyone’s favorite time of year. Okay, so maybe it’s a season only worshiped by chunky knit-wearing, pumpkin spice-loving, Instagram-obsessed millennials. So in that case, it’s my favorite time of year: fall. As soon as a leaf hits the ground I am ready for all the fall inspired drinks I can get my hands on. With Starbucks being everyone’s go-to and readily available throughout the world, I decided to poll my Instagram followers on what their favorite drinks were and then pick the most popular to try. Turns out, my followers have great taste! Here are 3 fall inspired drinks from Starbucks.

3 Fall Inspired Drinks from Starbucks

Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew (Iced)

I know. The name is absolutely painfully long. But, this is now officially one of my favorite Starbucks drinks of all time! For those of you that want a little taste of fall without the sugar rush, then this is your new go-to. I am not a huge fan of overly sugary drinks (which is why you won’t see the PSL make an appearance here), so this was a great option for me. It tastes like salty creamy deliciousness. I really cannot describe it, but at only 230 calories for a grande, you bet it’s my new weekend drink for the next few months!

Full nutrition here

3 Fall Inspired Drinks from Starbucks

Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte (Iced or Hot)

A lot of my followers recommended this one! I am definitely a fan of Starbuck’s chai latte, so I decided to give this one a go. It’s definitely on the sweet side, but I could see myself enjoying it with half the pumpkin spice syrup, which is what I am going to get next time. Since I am not a fan of the PSL, I am always looking for other yummy ways to enjoy a bit of pumpkin in my drink. This is perfect for people who want another level of flavor with the chai, but still want something fall inspired. The grande is 310 calories.

Full nutrition here

3 Fall Inspired Drinks from Starbucks

2 pump white mocha with 2 pumps sugar free cinnamon dolce (Hot)

This drink is a recipe of my own making that I’ve been getting for years! I was introduced to this while I worked at Barnes and Noble in college. Basically, it’s a while chocolate mocha with only half the white chocolate (2 pumps as opposed to 4) and 2 pumps of sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup. It kind of tastes like a cinnamon bun! You can get whatever milk you prefer. Usually I go with 2% milk or almond milk depending on how good I want to be. This drink is somewhere around 220 calories for a grande if you get it with almond milk. It’s a much healthier/lighter option and still tastes really good.

Do you have any tasty fall inspired drinks of your own? Leave them below in the comments!



  1. I normally just go for a fudge hot chocolate, boring choice I know! I’m just not a huge fan of coffee/getting drinks on the go, but I do want to try the pumpkin spice latte soon x

    Velvet Blush

    1. I love getting coffee to-go during the week. But as for the weekends, I love slowing down and enjoying it. The PSL is good, but too sugary for me!

  2. Looks yum! I’ve tasted my first pumpkin spice latte last year in Las Vegas Starbucks. It’s back here too in Australia but they associate it with Halloween because obviously it’s not Autumn here but Spring. I would like to try the 2 pump white mocha but it’s not available, only chocolate mocha which I wonder if it’s the same.


    1. Right! That makes sense! I have never tried it with normal chocolate. That actually sounds like something I might try now! Haha

  3. I love this blog post! I’ve been enjoying a lot of PSL recently but I really want to try more drinks from Starbucks. Pumpkin Spiced Chai Tea Latte sounds amazing to me, I’ll need to buy that one the next time I get coffee cravings πŸ™‚

    – Leta | The Nerdy Me

  4. I honestly always thought of the PSL being the only “fall drink” in Starbucks. I’m not a big fan of Starbucks coffee, but what I do love is chestnut praline latte that comes out during the winter. THAT I am looking forward to especially because I’ll finally be able to drink caffeine by the time it comes out πŸ˜€ I am a huge fan of your pictures btw πŸ™‚ Have a lovely day!

    -PerlaGiselle | iamperlita.com

  5. I have seriously never wished I actually liked something more than I do with the Starbucks and Costa Coffee autumn/winter drinks! I just can’t get on board with them as much as I want to! They are just SO sickly sweet that I just can’t enjoy them. I do love how much they have become part of the season though!

    Musings & More

    1. Aw haha. Honestly, the few I posted here (Salted Cream & White Mocha) are not super sweet at all. I am not a fan of really sweet drinks myself, so I always take it down a notch. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Shireen! Pumpkin spice is my least favorite for sure. Usually I get half the syrup and then it’s tolerable.

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