10 Ways to Travel Europe When You Don’t Have Money

Having the money to travel is a constant battle. It’s the number one reason people don’t travel. But what if you could still travel Europe without having much money? Today I am going to show you 10 ways to travel Europe when you don’t have the money. We’ve all been in this boat before (including myself), and these are my very best tips on how to still travel with little money!

10 Ways to Travel Europe When You Don't Have Money


Having flexibility is going to help you so much when trying to travel with little money. Often the best flight deals are around the three month mark from departure. You can also get really good deals from budget airlines within a month of having to leave.

If I’m being real though, most of us don’t have flexibility. I even went back and forth about mentioning this, but if you do have the flexibility with your job or in your life, then definitely take those last minute deals!


If you don’t have the flexibility to travel on short notice, then location is everything when you don’t have money. You need to travel to a country you can afford. Don’t always be fooled by cheap plane tickets either. Tickets to Scandinavian countries are super cheap in terms of price, but they are some of the most expensive cities to live in.

I love using this list from Expatistan, which simply ranks every European country in terms of living costs. What’s the lowest? A lot of Eastern European countries. I suggest starting there! Some of them are insanely underrated too.

Pssst, check out beautiful Prague and Krakow.

10 Ways to Travel Europe When You Don't Have Money


If you can, try to do everything possible to get money back. That means making sure you are writing off as many things as possible. Also make sure you are regularly aware of the types of things that qualify for tax subsidies. I love using some of my tax check in April to book a summer trip. It’s a great option!

Go With a Friend

Traveling with someone else is a fantastic way to get around Europe when you don’t have money. It makes accommodation incredibly cheaper, which can be the second largest expense after airfare.

10 Ways to Travel Europe When You Don't Have Money

Hostels and Self Service Hotels

If you don’t have a friend to travel with, then try booking boutique hostels or self service hotels. These are always super cheap and lots of these places are really upping their game. Now you can get a boutique or luxury hostel experience all to yourself, and it’s still cheaper than a hotel.

Lots of hotels are also going self service, which means no room service or anything extra. These types of hotels are always cheaper.


Workaway is a way to stay in someone’s home, in exchange for your work. There are multiple jobs people in other countries are looking to fill. People look for nannies for their children, or help on their farm. There are endless opportunities to score a free place to stay! It’s also a great way to have an authentic experience and live with the locals.

10 Ways to Travel Europe When You Don't Have Money

House Sitting

Now this one is just a genius option if you don’t have money and love pets. Trusted Housesitters is a house sitting program that let’s you house/pet sit for people going away on trips. So if you’ve ever wanted to visit London but are always tight on cash, then this is basically free accommodation!

It’s most popular in England, but there are a ton of countries to choose from including the US, France, and Australia.


Always wanted to start a diet? Then do it for the plane ticket! Seriously though, watching what you eat can save you some serious cash. I save a ton of money by not eating out during the week, and brining my coffee from home. You don’t necessarily have to go on a diet, but it can be a good start to break those spending habits.

10 Ways to Travel Europe When You Don't Have Money

Sell Things

A lot of us just collect things that we end up never using. You know the things you have in your storage room that never see the light of day anymore? Think about selling some of those things.

You can also make some extra cash for your travels by selling things that you don’t really need. We all have lots of items that we could do without.


The last way to travel Europe when you don’t have money, is by signing up for AirfareAlerts emails. This is a new project I’ve been working on as part of my passion to save you money and help you travel more. Every week I research the best deals on airfare, and then an email pops up in your in box telling you exactly how to book the deal.

Great deals are out there! It just takes a second to find them. If you are interested in receiving 2-3 emails per week of the best flight deals to Europe, then sign up here.

10 Ways to Travel Europe When You Don't Have Money

It is possible to travel Europe and enjoy yourself when you don’t have money. Just remember to plan smart with these tips, and always believe in yourself. There are thousands of people out there traveling with quite literally no money at all. You just have to be persistent and savvy!


  1. Great tips! I’m definitely going to check out Expatistan. I learnt the hard way when going to Oslo earlier this year, we got £30 plane tickets only to find out it was one of the most expensive places whilst we were there, oops!


    1. Haha yes! It’s so crazy there. Expatistan is really good for statistics regarding Europe. I like seeing what things cost there before I travel. They even break down what a meal is or if you want to buy some milk from the grocery store. 🙂

  2. Airfare alerts are awesome and I’ve never heard of Workaway, that sounds super cool! And the eating in rule seems super smart, I really got to do that more. I also found that Berlin was a pretty good place to visit on a budget, food was much cheaper than in other Western European cities!

    Characters & Carry-ons

  3. These are some great tips! I remember learning about self service hotels in one of your posts but I had no idea house sitting was an option too! I will definitely check that out the next time I’m traveling to Europe. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Aw thank you Lyndi! So glad you found me! Hope you have a great time in Europe. I love it so much. Let me know if you need any tips too!

  4. I’m always wishing for someone to tell how I can do it without having a $100milion bank account, haha and my wish just came true! I didn’t know house sitting is a legit thing but I’m going to try that one out!

    yanrula x

    1. Yes! It’s kind of amazing. I like to blog about traveling on the more realistic side. I feel like Instagram and other blogs just assume everyone has tons of money! So I totally get it. 🙂

  5. I really hate when people tell me they can’t afford to travel Europe. Everything you mentioned above hits the nail on the head! It’s not about having a lot of money. People can travel for months if they are smart with their money and know where to spend it. Thank you for shining a light on this topic, what you mentioned are all very helpful tips!

    1. Same here! I try to be a little understanding, because I once thought I couldn’t afford it either. But you just have to really work to make it a priority! Saving here and there can go a long way.

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