10 Ways to Deal With Wanderlust Now

Whether you’ve been gifted with the wanderlust gene, or you just feel the urge to travel a few times a year, Wanderlust will for sure kick you in the butt at some point in your life. Take a look at me. I’ll spend hours planning trips in my head and awaiting my next adventure. Or maybe it seems like I’m always on an adventure! The truth is I cannot always travel, and by now you’ve probably wondered what I do when I can’t escape the feeling of wanderlust. Note: I don’t actually think anyone has ever wondered this about me.

Sometimes wanderlust can get very intolerable, and as much as we’d like to just hop on a plane somewhere, it’s usually unrealistic for most. Therefore, I’ve come up with 10 ways to deal with your wanderlust now. No flying involved! Here are my favorite ways to cope:


1. Make a Spotify Playlist

I find that going back in time to previous trips can really help to cure wanderlust. What I like to do is make playlists on Spotify of songs that remind me of certain trips I took in the past. I have a London playlist, a New York playlist, a France playlist, and, well, you get the idea. If you’re too busy to make a playlist, then try browsing some of the international music. Some mornings if I am feeling extra wanderlusty (made a word up) I will play French cafe music and it always calms my desire to travel.

2. Listen to Another Language

Along the same lines as creating a playlist, it can also be helpful to listen to some other languages. Listening to another language can give you that feeling of being away from home, without ever having to leave. It can also transport you to any country you’ve been longing to visit. I often listen to a few Russian language CD’s I have, and that way I can also practice learning the language more. Spotify also has a bunch of different languages you can listen to for free!

3. Create a Travel Wall

Take your mind off your wanderlust by creating a travel wall either full of photos from your previous travels, or full of inspiration of the places you want to go! Or, even do a little of both. Right now I am working on making a three shelf waterfall with all of my favorite travel photos. It’s a fun little project, and being able to showcase these photos takes me back to the places I’ve been and keeps me from focusing on where I haven’t been. Likewise, putting up some travel inspiration can get you motivated to keep working towards your next trip!


4. Visit an Ethnic Grocery Store

I love going to ethnic grocery stores when I can’t travel. I always look for goodies that I miss when I’m not overseas. It can be fun to try new things from other cultures, or grab things that were staples when you were in another country. This definitely helps to keep the wanderlust at bay. Think of it as your go to meal when you’re homesick, only opposite. This time you’re ‘awaysick’. My favorites are Polish candies, Asian tea, and strozzapreti pasta.

5. Make a Meal of It

What better time to bust out Julia Child’s cookbook, or that old school Italian cookbook your mom gave you that you never used? Nothing cures the wanderlust blues like a good foreign meal and glass of wine. Couple this with 1, 2, and 4, and I’ll be dammed if you don’t wake up still thinking you’re in Paris.

6. Read a Travel Book

This one is a super easy and proven way to deal with Wanderlust. I always keep a good travel book handy in case I want to be transported elsewhere for an hour or two. Some nights I will put on some French music, pour a glass of wine, and curl up in bed with a good travel book. Here is a list of a bunch of great travel books! I have read a lot of these myself and they definitely make you forget about your wanderlust.


7. Take an Espresso Break

You know how much Europeans love their espresso. Next time you want to hit up Starbucks, opt for a homemade espresso instead. Transport yourself to the cafe scenes of Paris, Italy, and Spain. You can also search Pinterest for some interesting coffee drinks served in every country. Portugal has some fantastically unique coffee drinks. Not in to espresso? It’s tea time! Turn the air down low, curl up in a blanket, and brew some proper English tea.

8. Follow International Bloggers

This has to definitely be one of my favorite ways I deal with wanderlust. I love following bloggers who travel a ton, that way I can see all their snaps from their travels! Following bloggers on Snapchat is a great way to get to see other countries in real time without having to be there. Fashion month just got finished up, and I already feel like I’ve been to New York, London, Milan, and Paris! All by just following my favorite bloggers.

9. YouTube Travel Vlogs

I totally give you permission to creep on people’s travel vlogs. I do it all the time! As with Snapchat, a lot of vloggers will post their travels to YouTube, and they are so fun to watch. If I am feeling wanderlusty over a particular country, I will actually search that country in YouTube and watch other people’s travels. Watching these videos are a great way to endure your own wanderlust. Once you watch enough, YouTube will keep selecting more for you, and there you go… the perfect wanderlust cure!


10. Check Out Other Neighborhoods

Most cities have pockets of areas where certain ethic groups have settled. In San Francisco there is Little Italy (though no one calls it that) and Little Russia, to name a few. New York has the same few pockets. It might be worth it to take a trip to these areas in your own city and try some of the food and immerse yourself in that culture. You do have to leave your house for this one (drat), but it’s a nice way to get out of the house and continue your wanderlusting elsewhere.

There you have it! 10 great ways to deal with wanderlust now. Now that we have that out of the way, where are you dying to travel to the most? It also helps if we collaboratively talk about our travel woes (duh). So leave a comment below and tell me what destination you can’t stop thinking about!


  1. I love watching travel blogs/vlogs and it does helps to curb my wander lust a little. I wish I could go back to Bali, I had some of the most amazing time there. And going to an ethnic store is what I do every week because it’s the only way I could get what I need for me to cook Asian dishes. Haha!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I’ve never been to Bali but it always looks so beautiful! Asian grocery stores are the best. They always carry the things I need for Asian meals. Have a great weekend Shireen! And happy cooking… πŸ˜‰

  2. These are all such great suggestions! As you know, I’m frequently hit with wanderlust and always have a trip I’m looking forward to. These are great ideas for tiding me over until that next plane flight!

    1. Thanks Kasie! That’s awesome you’re taking another trip at the end of the year. I am so jealous! I’ve always wanted to travel for the holidays. Definitely doing it right. πŸ˜‰

  3. This is a unique blogpost about things to do when you want to travel but you can’t! Lovely tips, definitely helping with my never-ending wanderlust.

  4. I love this post so much, hun! I love travelling more than anything, I think that there are so many beautiful places in the world to see, I’d love to explore them all. πŸ™‚ Obviously, though, one can only do so much travelling, mostly because of financial and time constraints, for me. Me and my boyfriend still make a point to go abroad once a year though, this year we went to Morocco and next year it’s going to be Portugal! x x I’m really loving all your tips and ideas, watching travel vlogs is something I definitely enjoy, especially if it’s a place I’m planning on visiting – it makes me all the more excited for it! I’d love to start a travel wall, too. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing these, hope you’re having a fab weekend! x x


    1. Thanks Kay! And omg I am so excited you are going to Portugal!!! It is my favorite country. If you need any tips let me know. I also wrote an editorial on things I love about Portugal (if you just search Portugal on my blog). Not trying to plug myself haha, I just love Portugal and I hope you guys have the best time!!

  5. I’m definitely very similar to you! My boyfriend and I love travelling and were really fortunate to go on a lot of great trips this year, the problem is we would LOVE to continue at that rate! Your suggestions are brilliant though, I especially love the idea of creating a photo wall. πŸ™‚

    Musings & More

    1. Thanks Emily! Sometimes it’s hard to keep up. I find if I really make it a goal and a priority to travel, then it happens!

  6. What a great post and ideas Emily!! I am on such a wanderlust right now! I think I will take your advice starting from a visit to an ethnic grocery store that I spotted two days ago, and make something ethnic for lunch!
    Hope you are doing great and hope you get to travel really soon!

  7. Great tips on how to quell the wanderlust feeling – I especially love the reading a book one. Sometimes immersing yourself is the best way to do it. Learning another language can be extremely useful as well – years ago I wanted to learn Norwegian so I downloaded a norwegian radio app and used to listen to that all the time!
    (still can’t really speak it… but it was fun haha)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. I used to do the same thing! I would download Russian and French radio apps and just listen haha. It really does help! Glad you liked the post Lindsey. πŸ™‚

  8. I love your suggestion of creating a playlist for the tracks that you listened to while travelling – some songs are definitely capable of reminding me of specific moments in time on trips! I’ll definitely be doing this πŸ™‚


    1. Yay! It’s actually my best tip I think. It really brings you back. Like when you hear a song from your childhood or high school years and you get so nostalgic!! πŸ™‚

  9. Looking at past travel photos is something I like to do to shake off wanderlust, though it can sometimes make it stronger! I love reading travels blogs that have amazing photography also, Italy is next on my travel wishlist!

    1. Ugh I’ve been dying to go to Italy too! I just want to eat all the food! Especially Northern Italy, it has become so popular. Thanks for stopping by Maya!

  10. Such a cool list. I usually do a day trip, try a new restaurant or area around the city (easier when you’re new to a city as I am) or hit a resort spa. In Canada, if you work on salary, your company usually has medical coverage, but unlike the US, almost all medical plans include massage therapy, so it was like killing two birds with one stone – using medical coverage from work to work out all the knots and problems from sitting at a desk too long and relaxing at a getaway spot for the day. πŸ™‚ I still like to do this, but it’s quite pricey when you don’t have that kind of coverage anymore. I don’t have a physical travel board to pin on as you do, but I love making a list of destinations to visit. πŸ™‚ I hope you go on a really cool adventure soon. Have a beautiful week!


    1. Thanks Miki! That’s lovely about the massage therapy coverage! I feel like us Americans could really use that haha. A lot of our jobs are desk jobs and I know I personally work way over 40 hours a week. It’s so hard sometimes! You should try making a travel wall! It’s actually really fun. I hope you have a great week too Miki!

    1. Haha that makes sense! I think videos on YouTube are my favorite because they are more real and raw. I think sometimes Instagram totally glamorizes traveling! There are so many different kinds of travel.

  11. This blog post is so ingenious! I constantly find myself getting antsy waiting to go on my next trip! I’ve actually started a few things on your list to add some explorative feel to my life as I await the next adventure. The hubby and I have decided to try at least 1 new restaurant downtown per month. We usually make a day out of it and try to explore the area around that restaurant. I love the playlist tip. It’s amazing how music can really set you into nostalgia. I definitely live vicariously through many travel bloggers and vloggers. Who know’s maybe one day we’ll make a living off of travelling/blogging/vlogging πŸ˜‰ #onecandream

    xoxo Rina

    1. Yes!! Maybe one day! Wheat a dream come true haha. The playlist is my favorite tip because it works so well. That’s so great that you guys have a goal of trying a new restaurant. My boyfriend and I need to do something like that. We get stuck at the same places over and over again haha. Thanks Rina!

  12. Such lovely ideas! I love the food one particularly. I actually used to live in Belgium (I’m back home in the UK now) and recently I decided to start reading books by local authors so I don’t forget the language. It definitely reminds me of my time there. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  13. I just cancelled my premium on spotify, you make me wanna renew it again. Can I still play the french cafe playlist without it? also yes wanderlust in within us! which reminds me I need to plan more travels to explore Canada, I just recently moved here and I should enjoy the scenery.

    1. Yes, with a free trial you can! Though not sure that will apply if you already had the premium account. I would love to explore more of Canada! It’s so beautiful there. So nice that’s now your backyard. πŸ˜‰

  14. I have always wanted to build my travel wall, but I’m to lazy for it :/

    Love your ideas, I don’t have an specific playlist for each city but I DO have my playlist per language and it helps a lot to remind good travels.

    Also love to follow travel bloggers, it helps me to decide my next trip β™₯


    1. Same here! Even as a travel blogger I am always on the hunt for my next city. I find following people and making friends with other travel bloggers really helps in the idea department!

  15. We all want to travel! We all want to go visit different cities, countries! We all want to experience different cultures, but as you rightly mentioned, sometimes it is just not possible. Especially not all the times! You have provided such an amazing list for helping that wanderlust feeling! I am all about watching youtube vlogs and checking travel blogs. It makes me feel closer to the place and just experience it in a different way πŸ™‚ Hope you are having a great week love!

    Monika | http://www.palateforstyle.com

    1. Thank you Monika! I am so glad you liked the list. I know it’s totally unrealistic to be traveling constantly for most people. I totally agree that reading travel blogs and checking out YouTube can make you feel like you’re closer to that particular places and experience! Good way of putting it.

  16. I would have never thought about listening to a different language as a way to sort of mentally transport yourself on vacay. That’s a pretty brilliant idea! I love following along with my favorite bloggers as they travel. The actual travel bloggers always have the most incredible trips but I kind of like it better when it’s just a blogger I like that happens to be away. The feeds are a bit more real and a bit less curated. I haven’t been to Europe so that whole big chunk is high on my list but I also have to go to Beirut. My guy is from there but I haven’t seen it yet.


    Violet Roots || Instagram

    1. That’s such a good point and I totally agree. For me as a travel blogger, I think I’m more focused on the architecture and history (and coffee, naturally) for things like Instagram. Some travel bloggers I think go over the top with shots of themselves or too many planned posts. I figured that most people loved that though! So it’s interesting to hear your thoughts on it. Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  17. Even I have wanderlust and I live in Italy! ha. Although Rome is nice, I cant help but to feel jittery being in one place for too long. We went and visited Florence this past weekend, but I also hope to travel a lot more throughout Italy while we are here, there are so many places to see! I am obsessed with watching travel vlogs and the spotify playlist idea is a good one!

    1. I saw! I watched your travel vlog of Florence haha. It seemed so gloomy and rainy, what a bummer. If I lived in another country like you I would definitely venture out and hit other small cities. You only live once! πŸ˜‰

  18. I just came back from a trip and the wanderlust hasn’t hit me yet, but I guess in a few weeks it will. These are such nice tips for dealing with it. We don’t have international neighbourhoods in my city, but this is a good advice. I also play the music that reminds me of a certain place when I feel like travelling the most.

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