10 real reasons not to travel

Let me just start off by saying that this wasn’t easy for me to write. A travel blogger who preaches travel for all, writing about when not to travel? Is this even real life? Well, sometimes traveling just isn’t in the cards, even for me! As depressing as it sounds, here are 10 real reasons not to travel.

10 real reasons not to travel

When you’re broke

The obvious. Don’t travel when you’re deadass broke. Despite your hard efforts to save more and spend less, sometimes you just don’t have the money. You’re really setting yourself up for an unpredictable adventure, and not in a good way.

When you can’t go in good conscience

Dealing with a family emergency or a friend who needs a little financial help? These things happen. It’s called life. If you can’t take a trip in good conscience because something serious is going on in your life, then it’s best to hold off.

When you can’t afford travel insurance

If right now you’re thinking, “umm, am I supposed to get insurance when I travel?”. Then this is for you. Yes, you should get travel insurance when you leave the country. Anything could happen while you’re away. If you can’t afford $100 for travel insurance so you can save $8k on a hospital visit, then rethink your plans.

When you’ve just made a really large purchase

Just bought a home? Maybe a car? Then it’s probably best to make sure you’re financially stable before you travel again. Large life purchases can really suck the money from you!

10 real reasons not to travel

When you can’t afford daily expenses

Always make sure you can afford the daily living expenses in the country you’re visiting. I use Expatistan to look at the world’s most expensive cities. If you think a $400 plane ticket to Reykjavik sounds cheap, you’re right. But what you save in your flight, you’ll pay for in daily expenses. It’s the 12th most expensive city in the world. Yikes!

When you don’t have enough of a cushion

Please please please make sure you plan for emergencies. Research what you’ll plan to spend, and then make sure that you have the means to double it if necessary. Things happen unpredictably. Do not travel without a money cushion.

When you’re fighting with the person you’re going with

Make-up and say your apologies before you hit the sky. Trust me. Nothing is worse than traveling with someone who you just had a huge fight with.

When you just broke up with the person you’re going with

I’ve done this. It’s awful. Highly recommend to avoid. The thing about traveling in relationships is you can’t predict the future, but that $500 ticket to Paris in 8 months only comes around once a year. If you’re booking with a lover, always make sure you get the insurance.

10 real reasons not to travel

When time isn’t on your side

Generally speaking, there’s never a bad time to travel. You just have to do it. However, there are some instances where the timing just isn’t right. Maybe you’re trying to get pregnant or you’re up for a huge promotion. Best be cautious with your travel plans 8 months from now.

When you just don’t freakin’ want to

I still don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to travel, but it’s totally your life! And if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Don’t let anyone (including me) pressure you into it. Good?

Are you planning to travel in 2019, or planning to keep it simple at home?


  1. Ooh I can’t even imagine travelling with someone I’d broken up with! Getting flight insurance for couple trips is a must now for the rest of my life haha. Also, the last point is so true. I lived with a girl at uni who really had zero desire to see the world and I just didn’t get it at the time. In hindsight I’m like, yeah fair enough, if it doesn’t float your boat then that’s that! I am definitely planning travel in 2019 though, have you got anything in the pipelines?

    1. Ugh it’s the worst! Haha. I actually don’t have anything in the pipeline yet which is crazy! But I am sure something will come up.

  2. This was such a lovely post. I definitely think in the age of Instagram where there are so many curated grids showing a lot of travelling, it puts the pressure where life can’t be great unless you are travelling a lot! I definitely agree with your points that everyone needs to have savings for emergencies and not blow every cent on traveling.


  3. Some wise words here, I love to Travel but agreed it’s not great to travel if you’re struggling too much with money, or going through heart-ache, then again travel can also open your eyes to mend πŸ™‚

    Hope you have a wonderful 2019.

    Lots of love,

    Laura xo

  4. I can just envision you cringing when you sat down to write this post, haha. In all seriousness, this is really fabulous and a great reminder that sometimes it’s okay and even smart NOT to travel. And AMEN about travel insurance!

  5. I’ve seen so many posts about why people should travel, but this is a unique take. These reasons are legitimate and if it is a reason, that’s totally okay. Oh man, travel insurance can add up really quick. I like that you provide some insights behind these reasons. I am always scared of an argument between me and someone I would be traveling with shortly. Thanks for sharing these thoughts!

    Nancy β™₯ exquisitely.me

    1. Travel insurance can add up fast for sure. I always recommend for international, but I usually don’t for domestic.

  6. Your advice is pretty solid, travelling is amazing but it’s not always the right thing to do at certain times. Thank you for sharing and haha you’re definitely talking to me in the paragraph on travel insurance πŸ™‚

    Coco Bella Blog

  7. Ah, loving this post! As much as I would love to go away every single week/month, I know I could simply not afford it and it’s always best to not live outside of your means – it’ll hurt in the long run when you’re crying because you have no money left, lol. I work in travel insurance, so hells yeah to that – some of the claims on that get put through are hella expensive!

    Chynna | https://chynnawebley.com/blog/

  8. Ooh, what a great post. I can imagine it being a tough one to start on, being such an avid traveler yourself, but I think you put out some really spot on points. No matter how much it seems like everyone else is traveling, or that you should be traveling, or WHATEVER, if you’re not in the right space (money/personal life/etc) it’s definitely better to wait. It seems like there is such a fine line between just doing what you have to do to make travel work (again – financially, in your personal life, and so on) with being realistic. Not sure if that makes sense…but regardless, love what you have to say about it!

    Kathryn β€’ simplykk.com

    1. Totally makes sense! I usually put travel first but I am learning to be more responsible as I get into my 30’s haha.

  9. I really enjoyed reading this post, Emily. I love travel too, but sometimes it should not happen. I had two trips booked for the beginning of the year that I had to cancel because I wasn’t ready to travel with a baby. By the way, I REALLY love the changes you made to your page! I really need to make changes to mine. Enjoy the rest of your week! β™₯

    PerlaGiselle | iamperlita.com

    1. Oh no! Such a bummer. I hate it when life gets in the way of our plans, but I guess, that’s just LIFE. And thank you!!

  10. By looking at the title of this blogpost I though there would be a sarcastic twist to the content. Like “1. Because you get to see the world, 2. You meet a lot of great individuals”, but instead you really pointed out some very good reasons why one shouldn’t travel.

    Every year I dream of places I’d like to go, and those places are usually overseas, but now that I bought a snowmobile (a large life purchase, hey) I’m planning to mainly travel in my home country of Norway this year. Why travel overseas when there are so many spectacular places to see at home!? And since I’m going hiking I can save money that way, too!

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